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Filed March 50, 1936
_ %TOR
Patented Mar. 15, 1938
UNITED STATES rarest orifice
Edward H. Binns, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Application March 30, 1936, Serial No. l71,617
2 Claims. (Cl. 223-85)
This invention is an improvement in separable Such portion may be in the form of a section of
garment or coat hangers, particularly adapted for
use in connection with an adjustable garment
protector of the general kind disclosed in my
5 companion application ?led February 12, 1936,
Serial No. 63,543.
The objects in view are to provide a hanger
provided with an elongated stem on which the
protector may be mounted for vertical adjust
10 ment, the hanger element being separably con
nected with the stem and protector for removal
or replacement, with the supported garment.
In the drawing, showing one preferred embodi
ment of the invention:
Fig. 1 is a View of the device in front elevation,
showing it in relation to a garment and the cov
ering protector;
Fig. 2 is an edge view of the device, partly brok
en away;
Fig. 3 is a plan view of Fig. 1 with the stem
in section.
The hanger in its entirety comprises the con
ventional yoke 2 of any suitable construction, over
which the garment or garments 3, as a coat,
cloak, dress, suit, etc. is or are draped for normal
support, in the usual manner.
The yoke 2 is provided at itsupper middle por
tion with a hook or eye 4, suitably secured, and
adapted to be engaged by a co-operating open
30 eye or hook 5 at the lower terminal of the elon
gated stem. or shank 6, of wire or the like, as in
As thus mounted the protector may be pushed
up along the stem 6 above the garment and hang
er, as indicated in dotted lines, Fig. 1. Both gar
ment and hanger may then be readily removed
from hook 5, or the garment from the hanger, 10
and then replaced. The lowering of the protector
may then be as easily accomplished.
The retaining function of hook 7 by its resili
ent inwardly extending terminal is of advantage
in preventing accidental removal of the stem from 15
rod 8 by any material degree of upward move
ment, incident to upward lifting of the protector
on the stem.
The advantage and usefulness of the invention
Will be easily understood and appreciated by all
those familiar with the use of coat hangers, es
pecially in connection with the merchandising of
clothing, or its storage. It is especially useful
where a series of hangers are suspended side by
side in a limited space.
At its upper end stem 6 terminates in a sup
porting hook 1 adapted to engage a carrying bar
or rod 8. Hook 1 is extended around in the form
The upper hook terminal provides' for easy
placement or removal and avoids undesired dis
connection. The hook and eye connection, or the
vertical hook and socket connection, between the
lower end of the elongated stem 6 and hanger 2 30
facilitates connection and disconnection in the
manner stated. The elongated stem allows for
vertical movement and arresting support of the
protector, and the entire assemblage of these ele
ments provides a compact and very effective con 35
of an engaging loop terminating in a rounded re
venient means for the purpose intended.
Fig. 1.
CO C;u
sheet rubber or the like, having a slit extending
therethrough and through the protector fabric or
material, for frictional engagement with the
versed eye 9 or the like, forgrasping. The inner
portion of the wire forming the eye 9 is rounded
as shown, leaving a space M3 slightly less in width
4.0 than the diameter of bar 8 to prevent acciden
tal removal therefrom. The hook ‘I being some
what resilient, allows for placement over the bar
as in the usual open hook form, but with outward
and reverse automatic spring action. By with
drawing the terminal 9 of either the rounded or
any other suitable form, the entire stem, with or
without the yoke 2, may be easily removed from
the bar.
The protector H is in the form of an inverted
5 0 open bottom bag or pouch of comparatively shal
low depth, but sufficiently ample in dimensions
laterally to cover the upper shoulder portions of
garment 3 when lowered thereon, as in Fig. 1.
It is provided at its upper middle portion with an
elastic or resilient friction creating element [2.
The protector itself may be made of any suit
able ?exible material, suitably shaped and in
appropriate sizes, and forms a practically com
plete protection for the upper portions of sus
pended garments. I prefer to utilize in its manu
facture suitable ?exible material having the ad
vantages of tranparency, lightness, strength and
The design, shape, proportions, size, or mate
rial of the protector and its associated elements
may be varied to suit varying conditions of use,
and it will be understood that the invention is not
limited to the exact construction disclosed.
What I claim is:
1. In combination with a garment supporting
yoke and a separably connected elongated stem
having an upper terminal bar-engaging hook, a
comparativelyshallow depth open bottom shoul
der-covering garment protector adapted to be
elevated by sliding movement along the stem en
der-covering garment protector adapted to be
tirely above the yoke and its supported garment,
said protector having at its top middle portion a
elevated by sliding movement along the stem en
tirely above the yoke and its supported garment,
said protector having at its top middle portion a
small section of sheet rubber closely connected
small section of resilient material having a trans
verse slit providing opposite edges in frictional
engagement with the stem whereby the protector
is adapted. to be raised, arrested, or lowered on
the stem to vary its position relative to the
hanger and clothing carried thereby.
2. In combination with a garment supporting
yoke and a separably connected elongated stem
having an upper terminal bar-engaging hook, a
comparatively shallow depth open bottom shoul- ~
to the material of the protector, said rubber sheet
and material being transversely slitted providing
opposite edges in frictional and resilient engage
ment with the stem whereby the protector is
adapted to be raised, arrested, ,or lowered on the
stem‘ to vary its ‘position relative to the hanger
and. clothing carried thereby.
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