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Patented Mar. 15, 1938
Frederick Hoelzel, Chicago, Ill., assignor to Falk
Baxter, Inc., a corporation of Illinois
No Drawing.
Application August 1, 1936, .
Serial No. 93,917
4 Claims. (Cl. 167—56)
This invention relates to a laxative, and more
particularly to a laxative in which a mineral
lubricant is combined with a ?brous base.
An object of the invention is to provide a
laxative preparation in which a mineral lubri
cant is retained by a ?brous body and is not dis
placed by contact with Water in the intestinal
A further object is to provide a confection or
the like having lubricating properties.
The value of mineral oil as a laxative or as
an aid in the prevention or relief of constipation
has long been known. It is also known that plain
or simple mineral oil is not satisfactory because
of involuntary leakage and because it fails to
mix readily with the digestive residues. The
oil tends to remain separated and accumulates
To reduce the tendency of leakage, heavy min
eral oils and petroleum jelly have been used,
2 O but such products have not proven satisfactory.
Mineral oil emulsions have also been developed,
but these tend to break down in the digestive
tract. It has also been proposed that mineral oil
be mixed with bran to» form a laxative compound.
However, the bran has a greater a?inity for
water than for oil and in the digestive tract
absorbs water, which in turn displaces the oil,
thus leaving the bran and free mineral oil to
pass separately through the tract. The mineral
3 O oils and jellies which have a lubricating effect
when taken into the digestive tract will be known
throughout the speci?cation and claims as min
mineral oil so as to form an intimate mixture.
The mixture may be ?avored by the addition
of suitable ?avoring, juices, etc, such as desic
Various ?avors and. blends together with sweet
ening materials may be employed.
When mixed with sugar and ?avoring mate
rials, a confection-like product is produced in
which the high percentage of mineral lubricants
will be disguised in appearance and taste while
at the same time the mineral lubricants are held 25
closely by the ?ber by reason of the strong af
?nity therefor of the ?ber. The mineral lubri
developed a’ preparation consisting essentially of
mucilaginous part of psyllium seed and gums, 40
4 O a base of inert material having a high affinity
As a speci?c example of my process and prod
uct, I mix approximately one part, by weight,
of ground and puri?ed kapok ?ber with two
parts of petroleum jelly and three parts of heavy
would mix well with the intestinal residues and
thereby lubricate more uniformly, and that would
not be likely to remain separate or leak, I have
eral lubricants.
mineral lubricants over water, and retains sub
stantial amounts of lubricant in the preparation.
It can also be used advantageously with fruit ,
juices and sugar.
cants in such a preparation; however, will serve
their purpose in the digestive tract without inter
ference by the added fruit juices and sugar, etc.
because such added ingredients are quickly di
gested and the basic combination of kapok ?ber
and mineral lubricants remains.
The laxative value of the mixture may be fur
ther increased by the addition of suitable 35
amounts of cellulosic and hemicellulosic sub
stances which supply added bulk and which have
a great af?nity for water. Such materials are
puri?ed cellulose in various forms, agar, the
In order to have a product which would serve
35 well primarily as a mineral preparation, that
p. on
ground, is particularly adapted for this purpose. 5
It is soft, has a de?nite preferential a?inity for
cated orange or lemon juice together with sugar.
‘ in small pools, etc.
?ake-like, or solid body form which have a great
er af?nity for oil than for mineral lubricants
may be employed as a base, I have found that
puri?ed kapok ?ller, which may or may not be
such as India gum.
for a mineral lubricant added thereto and a great
er affinity for a mineral lubricant than for water.
For a suitable base, I select any material that
will serve as a carrier and distributor of the
It will be understood that while I have set
forth a speci?c example and speci?c types of
?ber and other ingredients, the invention may
be employed obviously in other combinations by 45
mineral lubricant in the digestive tract and that
will remain substantially intimately bound to the
mineral lubricant in passage through the diges
tive tract. In general, the inert material should
one skilled in the art.
have a higher af?nity for the oil or other lubri
therefrom, but the appended claims should be 50
The foregoing detailed description has been
given for clearness of understanding only, and
no unnecessary limitations should be understood
cant than for water, such as, for example, ground
construed as broadly as permissible, in view of
silk, wool, hair, feathers, kapok, and various
parchmentized cellulose and cellulose derivatives
having the above mentioned properties. While
other materials in pulverized, ?brous, granular,
the prior art.
I claim:
1. A laxative comprising a body capable of
being taken into the digestive tract and a min
eral lubricant, said body having a greater ai?nity
for said mineral lubricant than it has for water.
2. A laxative comprising a ?brous body capa
ble of being taken into the digestive tract and
a mineral lubricant absorbed thereby, said ?brous
body having a greater a?inity for said lubricant
than for water.
3. A laxative comprising a ?brous body capable
of being taken into the digestive tract and a
mineral lubricant absorbed thereby, said ?brous
body being soft and having a greater at?nity for
said lubricant than for water.
4. A laxative comprising kapok ?ber and min
eral lubricant absorbed thereby.
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