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March 15,1938.
Original Filed nec. 21, 1932
7:76 Í
1.„w lH
. i1
PATEN orrlc
' 2,111,335
Roy S. Sanford, New York, N. if., assignor to
Bendix Aviation Corporation, South Bend, Intl.,
a corporation of Delaware
,Original application December 21, 1932, Serial
No. 648,300. Divided and this application
October 12, 1935, Serial No. 44,663
2 Claims.. (Ci. 188-264l
In this embodimen , the drum is formed with
This invention relates to brakes, and isuillus
trated as'embodied in novel brake drums having an annular periphera chamber H4, partlyl filled
means for absorbing part of the heat developed (by removing a plug H6.) with a material hav/
ing a low boiling point and a high latent heat of
during brake application. An object of the in
5 vention is to minimize the temperature attained evaporation, such as sulphur dioxide or ethyl,
by the drum during braking, by absorbingv part chloride. The drum is preferably formed with
heat transmitting ribs lili projecting into the
V'One desirableìconstruction includes a drum annular chamber. Thus a considerable> part oi’
the heat of braking may be absorbed in Vaporiz
formed with an annular peripheral chamber con
ingthe iiuid in chamber lill, thereby minimizing 10
0 taining heat absorbing material. In one embod
iment this material is preferably one having a its effect on the drum and the tires.
low boiling point and a high latent heat -of evap
In Figure 2, the drum 23 is'formed'with an an
oration, so that the latent heat of vaporization
is utilized to absorb braking heat. Such mate
¿rials are sulphur dioxide and ethyl chloride.
This embodiment also illustrates the use of ribs
arranged internally ofthe annular chamber to
nular peripheral chamber |42 _containing air as
the heat absorbing material. The air-- is. sucked
from the exterior of the brake into the chamber
|42, >as the brake cools on after'having been ap
plied, through an inwardly-opening check valve
transmit heat efficiently to the heat absorbing
llt. Whenthe brake is applied, the air absorbs
part of the heat, expands, and part of it is forced
In another embodiment airis utilized as the
heat absorbing material, and a relief valve is ar
ranged to discharge'into the drum against the
-` friction means some of the air as therlslng tem
relief valve |46, carrying with it the heat which
it has absorbed.
While two illustrative embodiments have be'en
described in detail, itis not my intention to limit
perature increases the pressure inside the Àannu
25? lar chamber.- Preferably this drum is provided
with a `check valve opening into the chamber from
the exterior of the drum, to provide for replace
ment of the air as the drum cools.
into lthe interior of the brake dru'm through a
the scope of my invention to those particular em
bodiments, or otherwise than by the terms of the
appended claims. The present application is a
division of Y my application No.- 648,300, ñled De
The above and other objects and features of> cember 21, 1932.
_ .
30 the invention, including various. novel combina-'
tions and arrangements, will be apparent from
l. A'brake drum having an annular peripheral
the following description o! the illustrative em
chamber containing air, and provided with a re
bodiments shown in the accompanying drawing, lief valve and with a check valve opening into v
in which:
said chamber.
2. A brake drum having an annular peripheral 35,
Figures l and 2 are partial radial sections
through two different drums embodying respec ‘ chamber containing air, and provided with a re
tively diiïerent forms oi' my invention.
lief valve opening into the interior of the drum
Figure l shows a rotatable braise drum tt, hav-n and also with a check valve opening into said
ing a support such as a backing plate til at its chamber from the exterior of the drum.
40 open side; and containing friction means such es
shoes lili engageable with the cylindrical braking
nov s; SANFORD.
surface oi’` the drum,
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