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March 15, 1938.
2,111,357 ‘
Filed July 15, 1936'
2 Sheets-Sheet l
March 15,1938.
‘Filed- July 15, 1936‘
2 Sheets-Sheet 2 '
Ed ar'd SCo'rnelLJr
ms 2%“;
Patented Mar. 15,’ 1938
Edward S. Cornell, Jr., Larchmont, N. Y., .as
signor to American Radiator Company, New
York, N. Y., a corporation of New Jersey
Application July 15, 1936, Serial No. 90,686
2 Claims. (Cl. 248—58)
Fig. 5 is an elevation of another form of my
My present invention relates to brackets and
more particularly to an improved pipe hanger. invention;
My present; invention is adapted for use as a
pipe hanger, and in which one of the component
.6 parts thereof comprises a member divided into
a number of sections connected together by con
necting links of reduced diameter. Such mem
ber may be made of'indeterminate length divided
. into a plurality of individual sections preferably
ill of substantially equal length. I may produce
from such indeterminate length a member of the
desired length, to ?t any particular position, so
that my improved hanger may be utilized in any
situation. It is particularly adapted for use in
15 hanging pipes from a ceiling or other similar
place where‘ the height of the ceiling or other
similar place above the level of the pipe to be
hung may vary considerably, and in which event
my pipe hanger may be readily and easily adapt
20 ed to ?t the varying distances of the pipe from
the ceiling, along the length of such pipe. Also
with my improved hanger, the number of parts
required to be kept in stock by a plumber or
other artisan is reduced to a minimum, as it is
25 only necessary to keep in stock the usual mem
ber to be fastened to the ceiling or other support,
the usual collar to surround the pipe and a num
ber oflengths of the speci?c member which is
vdivided. into a plurality of substantially equal
Fig. 6 is a side elevation of the structure shown
in Fig. 5, and.
Fig. 'l is a section on the line 1-1! of Fig. 6.
Referring to the drawings, Ill designates a plate
of any desired form, which is adapted to be se
cured to a support, as 'a beam ll of a ceiling‘ or
other portion, of a structure, by a plurality of
screws l2.
The plate l0 as shown in the draw- 4
ings has the central portion provided with a
downwardly extending member [3, such member
being internally threaded.
M designates a collar which surrounds a pipe
it to be supported relative to the beam l l. The ,
collar M is provided with internally threaded lugs
it through which extend set screws ll. The set
screws ll are employed'to engage with the pipe
it and hold the same in adjusted position inthe
collar M, as clearly shown in Fig. 1. Prefer
ably the set screws l'l extend radially of the col
lar Mt. Diametrically opposite the set screws ll,
there is-formed on the collar M an internally ,
threaded tubular member it. For the purposes
of the present construction the diameter of the
threads in the internally threaded member it
is equal and similar to the diameter of the
threads in the internally threaded member it on
the plate 00.
Referring now to Fig. 4, there is shown a rod
30 sections. With such a stock on hand the plumber , or bar of indeterminate length, such bar being
or other artisan is prepared to hang a pipe in composed of a plurality of individual threaded
practically any situation.
sections l9 of any desired length arranged in se
A feature of my invention is an improved pipe ries relation. The diameter ‘and pitch of the
hanger in which an element thereof may be threads on the sections l9 are respectively equal
35 readily made from stock of indeterminate length. vto the diameter and pitch of thread in the mem
A feature of my invention is a pipe hanger hav
bers l3 and It. The sections I9 are connected
ing one element thereof composed of a member together by the sections 20 of reduced diameter,
divided into sections attached integrally to one and such sections are of such a diameter as to
another by a connecting link of reduced diam
be relatively frangible to readily permit the
eter. ~
length of structure shown in Fig.- 4 to be broken
A feature of my invention is an improved into lengths manually and with relatively little
hanger having a suspending member comprised effort.
of a threaded rod divided into sections, secured
The structure in Fig. 4 is conveniently made of
45 together by integral members of reduced diameter. - a length of rod with an outer diameter equal to
In the accompanying drawings,
‘the outer diameter of the sections It and such
Fig. 1 is an elevation, partly in section, of a rod is then threaded through its length, after
which the reduced connecting portions til are
pipe hanger embodying my invention;
Fig. 2 is a side elevation of the structure shown ~ made by a cutting tool of a width equal to the
width of the space between the adjacent sec 50
5“, in Fig. 1;
Fig. 3 is a section taken on the line 3-3 of tions it.
The structure shown in Fig. 4: may be any
Fig. 1;
length that is convenient and for example may
- Fig. 4 is an elevation of a section of the con
necting member to extend between a supporting be 2, 3, 4. or more feet in length.
.As the distance between the length of pipe I15
55 plate and a pipe supporting‘ collar;
and the supporting beam ll depends on circum
stances and varies greatly in different jobs and in
different portions of the same job, it is necessary
to have a connecting member between the plate
ill and the collar H which positions the plate
l0 and the collar it properly with respect to each
other so that the pipe l5 maybe maintained
either horizontally or have any slope through—
out its length that may be desirable.
Pursuant my present invention the above ob
Jectives are accomplished by breaking oi! from
the indeterminate length of’ member shown in
Fig. 4, a length comprising as many of the sec- '
placed nuts 3b. The sections 25 and 29 hold the
pipe IS in position without the aid or set screws,
'as in the case illustrated in Figs. 1 and 2.
The plate 2i and upper section 25 are con- _
nected by a length of the threaded member
shown in Fig. 4. The method of assembly is as
above described in connection with Figs. 1 and 2.
Whereas I have described my invention by
reference to specific forms thereof, it 'will be
understood that many changes and modi?cations
may be made without. departing from the spirit
of the invention.
I claim:
tions i9 as will make up the required distance be
15 tween the plate HI and the collar II, for each
individual installation. For example in Figs. ,1
comprising a plate for securem’ent to a wall or
other support, said securement plate being pro
and 2, nine'sections I9 are required, and such
vided with a threaded recess, a pipe holder, said
length may be broken oil’ from, for example, a
length of member in which there may be twenty,
1. An improved hanger for pipes and the like,
pipe holder being provided with a threaded re
cess, ‘and means of selectable length for inter
20 thirty, or more such sections l9. A length broken ' connecting said pipe holder relative to said plate,
off therefore has one of the end sections l9
screwed into the internally threaded lug l9, and
said selectable length means‘comprising a plu-<
rality of threaded members arranged in series
the collar I0 is then screwed on to the other end . relation, the respective threaded members being
section’ I9. The collar l0 may be rotated'to the interconnected by a frangible member of less
25 right or left until the collar I4 is properly posi
diameter than“ the threaded members, the thread
tioned, after which the screws l2 are utilized to
ing of said members corresponding respectively
hold the plate H! in proper position on the beam with the threading of the threaded recesses 01'
or other structure ll.
said securement plate and of said pipe holder.
Referring now to Figs. 5, 6, and 7, there is
2. An improved hanger i'or pipes and the like
30 shown a hanger embodying my invention.
Such '
hanger has a plate 2| with an internally down
wardly depending lug 22 attached _to a beam 23
by screws 24 and a sectional pipe holding collar
composed of an upper section 25 having an in
35 ternally threaded lug 26 and also provided with
outstanding members 21 perforated‘ to permit
the passage 01' the body portion of round head
screws 29. Associated with the upper section 25
is a corresponding lower section 29 provided with
40 extensions 90 perforated to allow the passage of
the screws 29 on the end of which screws may be
comprising a plate for securement to a wall or 30
other support, a pipe holder, means for adjust
ing a pipe relative to said holder, and a con
necting means for maintaining the plate and pipe
holder in‘ relative spaced relation to each other
comprising a plurality of threaded members ar
ranged in series relation and with each threaded
member ‘connected to the adjacent threaded
member by‘a frangible member 01' less diameter
than the threaded members.
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