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March 15, 1938.
Origihal Filed July 28,, 1932
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11; w woneento nten neon
“ non vnnennn
tlheelee Hm hollnnon Wheehne,
new hteel wotnoeninonn
We, neeoe to
en, W4. ‘than
n. ooenovntton oi‘ Wetnwnve
.élnnliention July tn? nee,
hie“ tltttttll
heneweall hietohee ith letti
t onion. tot. eeomen
‘The present invention relates heonzily to the
vetion, the non/oi" poetionot o. nheet motel eon;
net oi’ shinning end etownne eonteiners, encl ni'ote ‘tiltiliiittl‘ oi“ nil-uni E oi one’ ueunl eoneti'uetion hnv- '
eneoihenlly to meene tor eeeurelv fee-toning: e. the e. tetniinnl eoii t hit its upper enol with whioh
eletnehehle hencl to euoh eontninei'e.
‘ h neehteol to eoopei'nte en outwni'ellv ouvlenf rim
it to eustomei'y in the net to vwhieh the m'eeent t on n eenlovnhle eovet
l'htei'noeeu hetween
invention relntee to provide teeentuelee- of such the roll enti the
it in’ n nomhveneihle eenline;
eohettuotion en te n?onri e oeetine eurieoe nt
one enrlv thereof tonne to ooonetnte with n the»
' While the toil nnel
on the hotter nntl eovee
tnehnhle hentl throunh the inter-poeitionlne of reeneetlvelw men he oi env eleehecl eontour, they
W n eeeling eoehet. 7' in enter to seal eueh heoeie ere hetein iilnetentee no heint’ oi euiveet oeoee
in petition, there is ueuoliv utilized e, entine tine.‘ eeetion one eulehteti "to reeeive thet‘eevee n '
oi’ such construction thet" the enele thereof men elennnine it
t‘ whieh in oi
only otn'ven nee»'
he oh'nwn together or eenntetee. Thin oontrnetm ‘tion to provide ontwni'nlv eonvei‘eine'
inn or enpnne operation in ohteineei throuel'i eoleee one it ennnten to overlie the rim enmi'un—,
oi levere, enme one? thveneln coon
theme the eovmwnt'dlw ineine ehouluei' provided p: 5
eentine with euitnhle nuts. The tht'eeolee eteue». he thevoll
e tine, which it
ttn'ee ore open to the ohjeetion thnt their oomn npiit to ni'ovlele eenoeehle one not-talent; in oil’ ouch
vplete oneintion eequh'ee n eoneiuerehle potion eiuneneione thnt w
the enel noi'tiene nee tlenwn
oi’ time nun ueunllw the one of some n t; :1; my toot. together, the cover
l he eeeurelv elemneel in
m hmtheiwnoi'e, with hoth the thi'enclee twee of position, whiie when theenel portions ere eenu- M
closure nncl the 0
type, it in ueuelly neeeeeeiw ereten the wvee in eelenoenjioe eeniovni. '
to white nomeeeinl provision for o?nettlne the
the eh'eetine' the tleti einhine one eelenem
M the meoi
' none in Anueh menhei“ thnt they will nothe en
hoeeei to that
durlne' the
the” OE‘ eontenetinn nnol ennen
oi the eon»
w tether. For these veeeone, the lever twee oi elo
nuee hen met with ooneiclerehle fever.
in money ee'eee, however, it eonteinei' in KENS-e
vielee with‘ n. rolling mine" or proieotlon neieeent
the never, which intei'i’ei'eu with the tree move
M nient oi the levein no renuieeml. lit in one of the
ohieeteoi the present invention to nrovioie en
n ‘1 moveente'oif '
the enele oi’ the i', one oi’ the onto
it loivotnl
lv mounted thereon e needle it, while the open 25
site @htli hue plvotnlly eeeui'ee thereto n elnmoine
levee it. he will he opponent more pnn'tiouinrlv
item Fine t of the tire, the seduie it nnrl
elenininn levee M ore heovitled with en intercon
neetinn pivot it, the inountine oi the levees heme 111
euoh thnt they project
‘1 :v on one eide of the
imni'oveu ovotem oi levein 'weh one on eon
clamping tine, lenvine 1 ‘it other ,side enthelv un
y ni'ojeot hem one title " ohetnieteet Thule, in none the contniner t in
ntnleteei thnt ‘they
only;r oi" the elexnp
ewe in niehimenner on Dprovident with n eolline line it echeeent the roll
to ennhle nnhlieetion oi' the ri with. the levees: t, the elnmninn it will he unplieol in the position
‘own-w hum one interfering ohntmetion.
illunti'eteol in Etienne l., wherein
e eneldle one
in the neeomoee
it there is Tehown 'einine ievex' men he on 'liPWer
iiqom the
i'ov nin'hooee of illustration - l
oi the im'ention.
,e preferred em
one oi the chnte'i.“ withoi‘it interference hy _ '
1“ e the drawing-
reueon oi the contour oi" eouotion oi the eon
the l in n vt'iew, partly in side elevetion n
teiner iteeli,
nettle in section, of n portion of & eonteineij' il= ‘
he will he npperent ore perticulerlv teem
e otthe til-owing, ‘the saddle it in een-_
my invention epplieol thereto;
me it in n. 'sidoelevationol view oi the tine erelly oi o-nneee etose eeetion adopted to ‘nor
detached“ from theieonow and in expended ' tiellw ntrndolie' one moi of the ring i, one has n
“petition; _
pocltet oi- ree
it iormecl in one W the sine
Home 3 in n view einnlni' to Fie 2, iliun-“i wnlle ereot adopted to eeoeive a portion of the
teen the levers m it "tly eloneti position;
elemninn levee ll lying between the pivotal
e t in e perepeetive view of the needle niotlne t end! the polntof oonneetion ofthe
it we 5 is e. perepeetive‘view of the‘ clamping
‘marine his e. detailv sectional view, on on on»
-. lumen some, along thelineVI-VI of Figure i.
In the accompanying eirawing there‘ in illus
J, trate?, partly
section ‘and partly in side ele
elnmpinn lever‘ to'the clamping ring. This nest
en relotioi
p oi the y. r“
1 is clearly indicated
:5; m e l oi’ the‘drowine, wherein the clamping
levei' hoe been swung in the direction oi’ the
arrow it from‘ ‘to position shown in Figure '2v
through the intermediate position of Figure 3
one into nested relationship with the clamping
ring ‘I. In this position the saddle ll bridges the
gap between the slightly spaced ends of the
clamping ring, and partially houses the clamping
lever, the projecting end of the clamping lever,
which is also of, generally U-shaped cross sec
tion embracing one end portion of the. clampins
disclosed may be made without departing either
from the spirit of my invention or the scope of
my broader claims.
I claim:
1. A head retaining device for containers, com
prising a clamping ring having end portions
ring and constituting a continuation of the sad
adapted to move toward and from each other, a
dle l0.
saddle pivotally connected to one of said endv
portions, a lever pivotally connected to the other
of said end portions, a pivotal connection be 10
derlie the clamping ring and prevent accidental tween said saddle and lever at a point between
release thereof. If desired, the saddle and lever ' the free end of said lever and its pivotal mount
may each be provided with cooperating openings ing on the clamping ring, said lever being mov
l1 and I8 respectively, so positioned as to come able generally in a plane ‘transverse to the plane
Formed on the clamping lever is a deiormable
lug Ii adapted to be bent inwardly so as to un
of Figure 1 to receive a sealing wire ll secured
of said ring, said pivotal connection being adapt 15
ed upon movement of the parts'to clamping posi—
by a seal 2|.
tion to cross the'line oi the pivots connecting the
'15 into registration with. the parts in the position
saddle and lever, respectively, to said end por
tions, and means to positively maintain .the end
portion of the lever in place when the parts are 20
22 being shown as located at one side of this in clamping position.
2. A head retaining device for containers, com
dotted line. By reason of this relationship of
the parts, as the levers are moved to contract 'prilng a clamping ring having end portions
the clamping ring, th'e'pivot I! will first move adapted to move toward and from each other,
25 into and then across the line of the other pivots, a-saddle pivotally connected to one oi said end
thus exerting a holding action in the nature of a portions, a lever pivotaily connected to the other
toggle which prevents accidental displacement or said end portions, and a pivotal connection
between said saddle and lever‘ at a point between
of the parts.
In Figure i there is shown a dotted line ll
extending between‘the pivotal mountings for the
20 ,saddle and clamping lever respectively, the pivot
80 that the arrangement of the clamping lever and
saddle is such that the end portions of the clamp
ing ring may be drawn toward each other in a
straight line movement, the saddle and clamping
lever both moving in a clockwise direction about
their respective pivotal mountings during the
contracting operation, the clamping lever con
the tree end of said lever and its pivotal con
nection with the clamping ring, said lever being 30
movable generally in a plane transverse to the
plane oi’ said ring, said pivotal connection being
adapted upon movement 0! the parts to clamping
position to cross the line 0! the pivots connect
ing the saddle’ and lever, respectively, to said
end portions, at least one of said saddle, lever
stituting a lever 01 the second class in which the
load is applied at a point intermediate its i'ul
crum on the clamping ring and the tree outer
end thereof. This enables the saddle and clamp
ing lever to be so mounted asto alvlaysoocupy~
a position entirely on one side. of the general
plane of the clamping ring, and enables them
tine structure to be utilised in the position
S. Aheadretainingdeviceior containers, com
prising a clamping ring having» end portions
adaptedtomovetowardand-irom each other, a
link pivotally connected toms of said end por
clamping ring, although it is normally contem- . tiom,aleverplvotallyconnectedtothe other of
end portions, and a pivotal connection be
saddle and clamping lever both underlie the
apoint between the
withthe clamping ring.said I"?! beins movable
ring having a portion adapted, when
retaining devieeisin operative position, to 65
into intersnsssins rdationship with a
the devieeto lie-against the retaining- means,
to be bent into
‘relationship with
5. Aretainingdevioe' iorsecuringheadstocon
tainers and'the like, comprising expansible and
eontraetihle retaining means and means shift
footing expansion and contraction of said retain
tion; to interlock with a portion'of the-other o1’
ing means and adapted when in operative posi '_ said means whereby to positively hold said re-1
tion .to lie against'the retaining means, at least spective means against substantial relative move
one of said means. having a bendable portion
ment in any direction.
5 7 adapted, when the parts are in said position, to I
be bent into interlockingv engagement with a por
tion of the other of said means whereby to posi
. "tively fasten the device in said position.
6. A retaining device for securing heads to con
10 tainers and the 'likeycomprising expansible and
'7. ‘A retaining device for securingheads to com, 5
tainers and thedlike,“comprising a contractible
clamping ring and means for e?fecting contrac
tion of said ring,comprising a’ lever pivotally
mounted on the ring and shirtable transversely
of the plane‘ of the ring and adapted when in 10
contractible retaining means and means shittable ‘ operative position to lie against the ring and at ‘
transversely of the plane of the head for e?fecting least in part disposed“ peripherally outside of the
vcontraction of said retaining means and adapted ring so as tobe readily susceptible of being shifted
when ,in operative position to lie ‘against the re ' accidentally upon handling of the container, one
" 15 taining means, said shittable means being at least
in part disposed peripherally outside the retain
lng means so as to be readily susceptible of being
of said parts being‘ provided with a portion 15
adapted, when the parts are in operative posi
tion, to interlock with a portion of the other of
shifted accidentally: upon handling of the con
,osaid parts positively to lock the lever against
tainer, at least .one or said means having a
accidental shifting from its operative position.
cams H. ROLL'ASON.
go‘ portion adapted,>wheu the parts are in said posi
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