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March 15, 1938.
I 2,111,381
Fil'ed April 25, 1936
A Tram/m1.
Patented Mar. 15, 1938
Loy E. Barton, Collingswood, N. J., assignor to
Eadie Corporation of America, a corporation of
Application April 25, 1936, Serial No. 76,338
4 Claims. (Cl. 250-—-16)
My invention relates to radio receiver units
such as high frequency ampli?ers and particu
larly to intermediate frequency ampli?ers em
ployed in superheterodyne receivers.
An object of my invention is to provide an
improved unitary assembly for an ampli?er stage
or the like.
A further object of my invention is to provide
an improved intermediate frequency ampli?er
unit which may be lined up and tested before
being mounted on the receiver chassis.
A further object or" my invention is to pro~
vide an improved shielded ampli?er stage.
A still further object of my invention is to
provide an improved ampli?er stage assembly
in which the ampli?er tube prongs are shielded.
In one preferred embodiment of my invention
an intermediate frequency transformer of an
ampli?er stage is mounted on the under side
of a vacuum tube socket. The vacuum tube of
this ampli?er stage, when inserted in this socket,
provided with a suitable shield unless it is
a metal tube which does not require shielding.
The transformer is provided with a suitable
shield. supported from the socket whereby the
upper side of the plate '5 to function as a sup- ‘
porting bracket for the complete unit.
As indicated in Fig. 1, the vacuum tube ‘2 is
shielded by means of a cylindrical shield l3
aluminum or other suitable metal which is
held in frictional engagement with the shield 10
support 8. The shield 53 is provided with an
opening in the top through which the control
grid connecting cap ill of the tube 2 extends.
The intermediate frequency transformer, com
prising a primary coil 5% and a secondary coil :
ii, is supported by means of a tube 58 of insu-
lating material suspended from the supporting
brackets ii. The transformer coils iii and ii
are tuned by condensers l9 and
shown more clearly in Fig. 3. Like parts in
Figs. 1, 2 and 3 are indicated by the same refer
ence numerals.
The condensers i9 and 2! are mounted on a
of insulating material, this disc being sup
ported from the transformer tube it.
In the particular ampli?er unit illustrated,
tube prongs are shielded.
The invention will be more clearly understood
from the following description taken in connec
tion with the accompanying drawing in which,
Figure l is a front view, with a portion broken
away, of one embodiment of my invention;
Fig. 2 is a side view, partly in section, of the
unit shown in Fig. 1; and
Fig. 3 is a circuit diagram showing the elec
35 trical connections of the unit shown in Figs. 1
and 2.
Referring to Figs. 1 and 2, my invention is
shown applied to an intermediate frequency an -
pli?er unit of a television receiver.
under side of the socket. Obviously, the coil
supporting brackets ll may be supported from
the shielding cap S instead of from the socket
itself. An angle member i2 is riveted to the
The ampli
?er unit comprises a vacuum tube socket which
may be of conventional construction. The tube
socket, as shown in Fig. 2, consists of a disc I
of insulating material, such as “Micarta”, hav
ing openings therein for the prongs of a tube
45 indicated at 2 and having contact members 3
located underneath these openings for engage
ment with said prongs.
On the upper side of the socket disc I there
located, in
the order
a threaded
named, shielding
a washercap
6, a mounting plate ‘I, and a shield support 8.
The elements I, 4, 6, l and 8 are riveted together
at two diametrically opposed points, only one of
the rivets being shown in the drawing at 9. These
rivets also fasten two coil brackets H to the
trap circuit comprising an inductance coil 2
and a condenser
is tuned to the frequency or
the intermediate frequency sound carrier accom
panying the picture signal.
A transformer shield 26 of aluminum or the
like is held in screw-threaded relation with the
metal shielding cap ‘d whereby the tuned inter~
mediate frequency transformer, the socket con
tact members 3 and the tube prongs are well C. U
As is evident from an inspection of Fig. 3,
where the ampli?er unit shown in Figs. 1 and 2
is enclosed by the dotted rectangles 2i and 28,
each ampli?er unit includes two resistor~con~ 40
denser ?lter sections in each of the grid and
plate circuits. It will be noted that each ampli
?er unit includes six ?lter resistors 29 and six
?lter condensers 3!. These resistors and con
densers are mounted on the front side and back
side, respectively, of a panel
of insulating ma—
terial riveted to the mounting plate ‘i. Also, a
?lament by-pass condenser 33 is provided.
Because of the length of the leads, a condenser
is mounted adjacent to the socket contact
members and connected between the screen grid
and cathode contact members 3. It may be noted
that in the circuit shown in Fig. 3 the screen
grid and suppressor grid of the tube 2 are con
nected together to increase the mutual conduct Cu Cr
ance of the vacuum tube and thereby improve
the gain. A resistor 34 is shunted across the
primary l6 for the purpose of broadening the
tuning of the transformer.
underneath the said socket and supported to form
an integral unit therewith, and tuning condensers
In Fig. 3 one complete ampli?er stage and por
tions of two other ampli?er stages are illustrated.
Referring to the complete stage, all of the ampli
for said transformer which are mounted under
neath said transformer and inside said shield.
2. A unitary structure comprising a vacuum
?er elements enclosed by the upper dotted rec
tube socket having a shield supporting member
fastened thereto from which a coil shield may be
tangle 28 are shielded by the tube and transform
The resistors
and condensers enclosed by the lower dotted rec
tangle 21 are mounted on the panel 32.
Attention is called to the fact that the grid lead
supported and having a second shield supporting
36 is the only signal lead above ground potential
connecting successive ampli?er stages. This lead
pled coils supported from and underneath said
assembly, a coil shield surrounding said coils and 15
supported from one of said shield supporting
members, and a tube shield supported by the other
of said shield supporting members.
10 er shields I3 and 26, respectively.
is brought through an opening in the shielding
cap 6 (Fig. 2) for connection to the grid cap M
of the succeeding ampli?er tube by means of a
clip 31.
contact members underneath said openings, an
intermediate frequency transformer supported
It should be understood that the connecting
member fastened thereto from which a tube shield
may be supported, said socket and shield supports
comprising a unitary assembly, a plurality of cou
3. A unitary structure comprising a vacuum
tube socket consisting of a plate of insulating 20
lead between ampli?er stages may be the plate
material having openings therein and having tube
lead, if desired. In that case each ampli?er unit
comprises a vacuum tube and the preceding inter
prong contact members located underneath said
openings, a shielding cap, a mounting plate and
a shield support mounted on top of said tube
socket plate in the order named and fastened 25
thereto to form a unitary assembly. a plurality of
mediate frequency transformer, instead of a vac
25 uum tube and the succeeding transformer, as
My improved unitary vacuum tube and shield
ed coil assembly is useful for superheterodyne os
cillators as well as for ampli?ers. When the in
30 vention is applied to oscillators, the coils which
correspond to the transformer coils illustrated
in the drawing are the coupled plate and grid
coils of the oscillator.
From the foregoing description it will be ap
35 parent that various modi?cations may be made
in my invention without departing from the spirit
and scope thereof, and I desire, therefore, that
only such limitations shall be placed thereon as
are necessitated by the prior art and are set forth
40 in the appended claims.
I claim as my invention:
1. An intermediate frequency ampli?er unit
comprising a tube socket consisting of a plate of
insulating material having openings therein for
the prongs of a vacuum tube and having prong
coupled coils supported from and underneath said
assembly, a tube shield secured to said shield sup
port and a coil shield secured to said shielding cap
whereby said tube shield is above said socket and 30
said coil shield is below said socket.
4. An ampli?er unit comprising a vacuum tube
socket consisting of a plate of insulating material
having openings therein and having tube prong
contact members located underneath said open~ 35
ings, a shielding cap positioned over said socket
and having an opening in the top thereof to per
mit insertion of the prongs of a tube, said shield
ing cap having down-turned edges, said socket
and said shielding cap being fastened together to
comprise a unitary structure, a high frequency
transformer supported from said unitary struc
ture, and a shield surrounding said transformer
and engaging said shielding cap edges.
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