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March 15, 19.38.
Filed March 25, 1957
Patented Mer. 15, 1938
Robert B. Bennett, Overbrook Hills, Pa., miglior
to Container Corporation of America, Chicago,
Ill., a corporation of Delaware
Application March 25, 1937, Serial No. 133,013
3 Claims. (Cl. 20d-»44)
‘l'ho preeent invention relates to containers and they constitute an additional wall of. the conmore particularly to a construction and arrange»
ment of ports whereby the contents of a. con»
Flap Hl is preferably formed with an opening
telnor may be conveniently indicated.
I4 so positioned as to be overlapped with one of
One object of the invention is to provide an
the underlying naps, such es iiap i3. The opere»
crrengement for indicating the contents of the ing I4 ls made of such size as to snugly retain a,
container in which one of a plurality of articles
flanged closure element l5, herein illustrated as
to be packed in the container is secured with
o, conventional bottle cap. with a top portion I6,
respect to c. container wall so that the article
bearing printed matter thereon, and a. hanged
portion Il, one purpose of whichis to facilitate 10
10 Tony he readily viewed but will not become dis
placed from its indîcotlng position.
A. more specific object is to provide an ar
rvr »ement in e container whereby a. flanged clo
ture element such
a. friction bottle cap may
be retained withdts flange engaged between two
overlapping container wall sections while its
indicia bearing surface is exposed on the exte
rior ci’ ‘the container.
lin the drawing:
1 is o, perspective view' of a. portion of a
Zii paperboard container, illustrating a flanged clo
sure element held in place therein in an indicat
ing position;
Fig. 2 is o Irogmeutary sectional view illus
trating the manner of retaining the ñanged cio
sore element between two overlapping container
removal of the closure from the bottle or other
container to which lt is applied.
In practice the container l will preferably be
iilled with closure elements whereupon, just prior
to sealing the container, an identical closure ele 15
ment is fitted into the opening in ilap I0. After
the naps u and n have been folded 1n over the
contents, flaps I0 and I2 will then be brought
down thereover and will be sealed in this posi
tion. By so doing, the flange I1 of the closure
element is engaged between the lower surface of
flap II) and the upper surface of the overlapped
flap I3. This will retain the closure elementse
curelv in position with» its printed surfacefex
posed to the exterior of the box, thus indicating
the contents thereof.
Fig. 3 is o. fragmentary plan View of the con~
miner bloeit.
lin packaging flanged closizlre elements such as
‘bottle cops ,and jar covers which beer on their
While the present description sets forth a pre
ferred embodiment oi the invention, certain
changes may be made in the construction with
out departing from the spirit of the invention, 30
and 'it is therefore desired that the present em«
upper surface certain indicating words and de
bodiment be considered in all respects as illus
woll sections; and
vices ouch as the ‘name and't1'ede~mark of the
bottler or packer, it has been necessary to care
35 fully merk containers holding such flanged clo« _
sores so that alter the container has been sealed
the contents will be properly indicated. While
indication, of the contents may be provided by a
trative and not restrictive, reference being had
to the appended claims rather than to the lore»
going description to indicate the scope of the
I claim:
In order to
1. A container having side walls Aand overlap»
ping juxtaposed closure naps, the outer of said
overlapping flaps having formed therein an
opening adapted to receive a 'reduced portion of
avoid loss ci time and the other disadvantages
a flanged element, the size of the opening being
of the ‘use or marking implements, s. flanged
closure identical with those contained in the
container is preferably secured so that lts top
portion is exposed on the exterior o1 the con
telnor in such a. position that the wording there
large enough to pass the reduced portion but too
otencil, stamp or other marking implement this
40 matter of marking has certain drawbacks whichv
.slow np the packing operations.
on con be readily viewed.
Referring to the drawing, the invention as
50 herein disclosed, is applied to a. conventional form
of slotted carton, indicated at l, comprising side
Wells t, 1, Il and 9 which bear respectively naps
IIl, II, I2 and I3, defined from the walls by the
score lines indicated. When the naps are folded
55 into overlapping position and secured in place
small to pass the flange of the element, and the
inner flap extending beneath said opening, where» 45
by the overlappins flaps are adapted to retain
between them the ilnnge ot such element.
2. A paperboard container having side walls
and overlapping juxtaposed cover flaps, the outer
of said overlapping cover naps being formed 50
with an opening adapted to receive a reduced
portion of a hanged element, the size of said
opening being large enough to pass the reduced
portion but too small to pass the nance of said
element, and the inner flap extendingbeneath 55
nid opening, whereby upon inserting the reduced
portion of said element therein and securing the
naps together with the flange disposed between
said naps. the tiene will retain the element per
5 manently in n. position visible from the exterior
ot the container.
8. Indiceting means for containers comprising
in combination n peperboerd contniner having
side wells with overllpvlnl Juxtaposed cover
10 mpc thereon constituting additional weil sec
being formed with an opening through which the
top portion only of the flanged element passes
so ns to expose the same on the exterior of the
container, and the inner ilap extending beneath
said opening, the ñßnge of the closure element
lying between said flaps and being oi' such size
that it will not pass through said opening. and
means for securing said flaps in overlapping re
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