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March 15, 1938.
Filed Jan. 1'7, 1956
%/ /%, 1%
enMm?cm ‘06cpr
Patented Mar. '15, 1938
2,111,419 "
‘ 2,111,419
Harold F. Crotty, Boston, Mass, assignor to Gen;
eral Electric Company, a corporation of New
Application January 17, 1936, SerialvNo. 59,581
3' Claims.
(Cl. 285-46)
My invention relates to protective casings for connections to an electric meter I5 within the
casing I3. A resilient gasket or bushing I6 is
electrical devices and concerns particularly ar
rangements for bringing electric cables into me- 1 provided, having an opening l‘lpadapted to con
ter-protective casings and providing a sealed me
5 chanical connection between the cable and the
. removable nipple I8, which is adapted to cover
It is an object of'my invention to provide a
joint between an electric cable and an electrical
device casing which is both tamperproof and.
10 weathertight, preventing the damaging of appa
ratus in the casing or interference with it either
by the elements or by unauthorized persons.
It is a further object of my invention to pro
vide such a sealing and connecting arrangement
15 which shall be‘both relatively inexpensive and
easily installed.
form substantially in shape to the cable M which
is being used. The gasket i6 is ?tted against a
It is still another object of the invention to
provide apparatus-which shall be removable and
replaceable to permit the use of di?erent sizes or
types of cable.
Other and further objects and advantages will
become apparent as the description proceeds."
In carrying out my invention in its preferred
form, I utilize a casing having circular openings.
of predetermined uniform sizefor receiving elec
tric cable and I provide removable nipples and‘
washers ?tting the openings in the casing and
adapted to compress gaskets of resilient mate
rial around the cable where it enters the wall of
the casing.
The invention will be understood more readily
from the “following detailed description when
considered in connection with the accompanying
drawing, and those features of the invention
which are believed to be novel and patentable
will be pointed out in the claims appended here
to. In the drawing, Fig.v 1 is a front elevation‘
of a meter casing employing cable connections
embodying my invention; Fig. 2 is an exploded
view of the cable connections in Fig. 1 showing
only a fragment of the wall of the meter casing;
and Fig. 3 is a top view partially in cross section
_ of the apparatus of Fig. 2‘. ‘
' Like reference characters are utilized in the
45 drawing to designate like parts throughout. The
drawing illustrates the application of my inven
the opening II in the casing wall l2. Preferably,
a cupped and shouldered washer I9 is provided
in order to have a removable member against
which the resilient gasket 16 may be pressed by
the nipple l8. In order to provide better pro
tection for the resilient gasket i6 and to prevent
unauthorized persons from gaining access to the
meters of the casing I: by forcing an instru
ment in between the cable l4 and the gasket l6 15
or by breaking out a portion of the gasket i6,
a, concave metal bushing .20 may be provided _
conforming in shape to the gasket l6 and the
inner surface of the nipple i8 and having an -
opening 2_l quite closely fitting the cable I‘.
The washer I9 is so arranged as to make a
close ?tting joint with the casing wall I! and
is so arranged as not to be pushed through the -
opening ll when the‘nipple I8 is clamped against
‘the wall iii. For example, a ground and beveled
joint may be provided,- or both theopening H
and the portion 22 of the washer I9 may be cy
lindrical and the washer i9 may be provided with
a rim 23 to form a shoulder 24 abutting against
the edge of the opening ll. __'I'he nipple It may
be recessed at 25 to ?t the rim 2! in the cupped
washer l9, If desired, the washer l9 or the nip
ple l8 may berabbeted and a ridge may be pro-_
vided on the edge of the opening II as described
in the copending application of Thomas A. Ab 35
bott, filed January 17, 1936, Serial No. 59,594,
and assigned to the same assignee as the present
The cupped portion 26 of the
washer I 9 opens in a direction opposite to the
direction in which the shoulder 24 abuts against
the casing wall I! in order that clamping the
nipple l8 against the wall 12 will simultaneously
compress the gasket it against and into the
washer l9 and hold the washer I 9 against the
wall l2.
The gasket 16 is preferably so shaped as to
conform substantially to the shapes of the cupped
washer l9 and of themetal bushing 20 or of the
any type of casing, including protective casings‘ inner surface of the nipple l8; but the gasket
I6 is of such thickness that, clamping the nipple
50 for instruments, relays, switches, and other elec
tion to a meter casing although the invention
may be employed for sealing cable entrances in
Preferably, Iprovide circular openings ll of
l8 against the casing wall l2 tends to compress
the material of the gasket I6 and force it tight‘
a predetermined uniform size in the walls l2 of
a casing,lsuch as a meter casing it, intended
tightly and make a tight joint as well as making
I‘ to receive electric cable It‘ for making electrical
a tight joint with the washer l9’. While any
ly against the cable I‘ so' as ‘to grip the cable I! ' ‘
, 2
suitable resilient and durable material may be ‘ of the meter l5 inside the casing l3 in a manner
employed for the gasket 16, I have‘) found rubber .
constitutes no part of my invention.
or a rubber composition to besatisfactOry. If which
In accordance with the provisions of the patent
desired, the metal bushing 20 may have sti?en
statutes, I have described the principle of oper-_
ing grooves 2'! pressed into it.
ation of my invention together with the apparatus
Any suitable means may be provided for which I now consider to represent the best em
fastening or clamping the nipple I8 to the cas
bodiment thereof but I desire to have it under- ,
ing wall i2 over the opening H. For example, stood
that the apparatus shown is only illustra
the nipple l8 may be so shaped as to provide
and that the invention may be carried out
wings 23 containing bolt holes 29 for bolts 30 tive
by other means.
adapted to enter bolt holes 3| in the casing wall
What I claim as new and desire to secure by
I2. Preferably, the bolt holes 3| are not threaded Letters Patent of the United States, is:v
but receive the bolts 30 loosely, and nuts 32 are
1. A cable .bushing arrangement for an elec
provided permitting the assembly to be tightened trical-device
casing having a wall with a cable
from the inside.
recelving opening therein, said arrangement com-. 15
The bolts 30 have their heads 33 non-cylin
prising, in combination with the wall of a casing, .
drical, being ?attened at the sides 34, and por
cupped washer with a shoulder abutting in a
tions of the wings 28 adjacent the bolt heads 33 agiven
direction against the edges of said open
are sunk to form straight sided recesses 35 re
ing in said casing-wall and with a cupped por- /~
ceiving the bolt heads ‘33 and preventing them tion opening in the opposite direction, a resilient
from turning. When the bolts 30 are drawn tight gasket ?tting against said washer in said cupped 20
by tightening the nuts 32 from the inside of the portion and having an opening therein in which a
casing l3, neither the nipples i8 nor the cable cable is adapted to ?t, a relatively rigid bushing‘
It can be removed without opening the casing vpressed from sheet metal with a concave“ face
i3 to loosen the nuts 32. It will be understood ?tting against said gasket and having. an opening
that casings such as that shown at l3 are ordi
therein substantially conforming to the surface
narily provided with sealing and locking means, of said cable, a nipple against said- metal bushing, not shown, so that the cover 36 cannot be re
and means for clamping said nipple against said
moved by unauthorized persons, or, at least, can‘ casing wall, thus compressing said gasket between
not be removed without destroying some part of said cupped washer and said metal bushing and
the apparatus, disclosing to inspectors or meter making
a tight joint between said gasket and said
readers that the apparatus has been tampered cable.
, In the drawing, nipples 18 are shown connected
2. A cable bushing arrangement for an elec-2
trical devicejcasing having a wall with a cupped
to the meter casing l3 at the top and bottom,
but it will be understood‘ that any number of
cable receiving opening therein, said arrange 35
40 may be accommodated merely by replacing the
relatively rigid bushing pressed from sheet metal 40
ment comprising, in combination with such a wall
nipples may be used and may be attached to .‘ of a casing, a resilient gasket ?tting against the
sides or back as well as to the top and bottom’ cupped portion of said wall and having an open
of the casing. Different sizes or shapes of cable ing therein in which a cable is adapted to fit, a
relatively inexpensive bushings iG-and 20 with with a concave surface ?tting against said gasket
others having suitably shaped openings therein. vand having an opening therein substantially con
Even very great differences in size of cable to be
attached may be taken care of by providing nip
45 ples l8 and washers IS with di?ferent internal
diameters,,permitting the power companies to
limit their stocks of casings l3, the most ex
pensive part, to only one style. In cases where
cable of only one size and shape is ever to be
50 accommodated, the washer i9 may be made in
tegral with the casing wall l2 arid the metal
bushing 20 may belmade integral with the nip
» ple l8; that is, the washer ‘I9 and the bushing
20 may be eliminated by-correspondingly shaping
55 the openings in‘ the wall l2 and :the nipple I8.
The cable II, it will be understood, comprises
one or more conductors 31 surrounded by indi
vidual insulation 38. Preferably, additional in
sulation 39 surrounding all the conductors 31 is
80 provided. The insulation 33 is then wrapped or
encased in one or more layers 40 of very tough
wear and force resistant material if desired, with
a wrapping of metallic wires interposed. , The
cable H is therefore, su?iciently protected to
serve the same purpose as a conduit.
forming to the surface of said cable, a nipple
against said metal bushing, and means for clamp
ing said nipple against said casing wall, thus com
vpressing‘said gasketbetween said cupped wall
and. said metal bushing and making a tight joint
between said gasket and said cable.
-3. A cable bushing arrangement for a non-cir- ,
cular electric‘ cable and an electrical device casing
having a wall with a cupped cable receiving open- ' 50
ing therein, said arrangement comprising in com
bination with such a cupped wall of va casing a
resilient gasket ?tting against said wall in said
cupped portion and having an opening therein in
which the cable is adapted to ?t, a relatively rigid 55
bushing pressed from sheet metal with a concave
surface ?tting against said gasket and having
an opening therein substantially conforming to
the surface of 'said cable, and means ~for clamp 60
ing said bushing against said casing wall, thus
compressing said *gasket between said cupped wall
and said metal bushing and making a tight joint
between said gasket and said cable.
The con- '
ductors 31 are electrically‘ connected to terminals
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