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22, 193.
Filed sept. 27, 1957
17.. i?liwøa
ratented Mar. 22, 1938
Pearl John Wires, Indianapolis, Ind.
Application September 27, 1937, Serial No. 165,961
1 Claim. (G1. 128-186)
This invention relates to an inhaler designed
primarily for use in the treatment of pulmonary
diseases, one of the objects being to provide a
simple and e?icient device of this character in
connected to it. This suction tube can be formed
with separate extensions |6 terminating in nozzles
l'l fo-r insertion into the nostrils of the patient or
a single suction tube can be used for insertion into
which the fumes of as many as three different
the mouth of the patient.
medicines or chemical mixtures can be inhaled in
In using the inhaler one medicament is placed
any predetermined proportions to meet the re- ' in the main container | as indicated at A. An
quirements, the regulation of the fumes so as to
other medicament is placed in supplemental con
be properly proportioned, being eifected in a sim
tainer 6 as indicated at B while a third medica
ple manner.
With the foregoíng and other objects in view
which will appear as the description proceeds, the
invention consists of certain novel details of con
struction and combinations of parts hereinafter
15 more fully described and pointed out in the claim,
it being understood that changes may be made in'
the construction and arrangement of parts With
out departing from the spirit of the invention as
ment is placed in supplemental container 1, as
indicated at C. When. the patient draws air
through the tube 15, While inhaling, fresh air is
pulled into the crooks |2 and |3 between the ?ared
ends thereof and the open ends of the supple
mental containers 6 and 1. The air thus ?owing
into the crooks picks up fumes generated in the
supplemental container, carries them downwardly
In said drawing. V
through the tubes 9 and IO from which they escape
into the medicament A and rise into the upper
portion of main container I from which they are
withdrawn by suction on the tube 15. Thus it will
be noted that fumes from the three medicaments
Figure 1 is an elevation of the inhaler.
Figure 2 is an enlarged section through the con
mouth of the patient and by sliding the tubes 9
, claimed.
In the accompanying drawing the preferred
form of the invention. has been shown.
tainer portion thereof.
Figure 3 is a plan view, the inhaling tube being
broken away.
Referring to the figures by characters of refer
ence l designates a container preferably of glass
1,1) and of any suitable proportions, the same being
provided with a lid or cover 2 formed preferably
of soft rubber having a ?ange 3 for embracing
and ?rmly gripping the outer surface of the con
tainer. This cap is formed with spaced openings
yy, 4 and 5 adapted to receive supplementalcontain
ers'ß and I respectively formed preferably of glass
and each having an annular ?ange 8 at its upper
end for overlying the adjacent portions of the cap
or closure so as to prevent the same from slipping
40 down too far into the cap. Each of these supple
mental containers is open at the top.
Tubes 9 and iii formed preferably of glass are
extended through holes I l provided therefo-r in
w the cap 2, each of these tubes having a long arm
are fairly mixed before they enter the nose or
- and H] longitudinally the amount of air drawn IC O!
into each crookV in proportion to'the fumes col
lected thereby from containersiß and 'l can be
easily regulated. For example by thrusting the
open ends of the crooks well down into the con
tainers 6 and 'I the proportion of fumes to air will 30
be much greater than where the open ends of the
crooks are adjusted upwardly away from the con
tainers 6 and 1. O'bviously, as the crooks are
separately adjustable the proportions of the fumes
from the respective receptacles 6 and 'l can be
varied. Furthermore as the tubes 9 are rotatably
as well as slidably mounted in the cap 2, it is a
simple matter to swing the crooks away from
positions over the supplemental containers 6 and
1 so as to permit medicaments to be placed readily
in the containers.
What is claimed is:
An inhaler including a main container having
a suction tube extending therefrom, a cap sealing
extending downwardly into the main container I'
the container and supporting the tube, supple
adjacent to the bottom thereof. The upper or
outer end portion of each tube is bent to form a
mental containers Within and supported by the
cap, tubes slidably and rotatably mounted within
the cap and extending into the main container
adjacent to the bottom thereof, and crooks at the
upper ends of said tubes and adjustable relative 50
to the respective supplemental containers for re
crook, the respective crooks being shown at I 2
50 and I S respectively.
The lower or inlet end of
each crook is slightly flared as shown and its over
all diameter is slightly less than the internal di
ameter of the adjacent supplemental container 6.
An outlet tube M extends through the cap 2
and has a suction tube 15 of rubber or the like
ceiving fumes therefrom and for receiving fresh
air sucked into the crooks, the inlet end of the
crooks being ?ared.
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