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March 22, 1938.
Filed Dec. 15, 1936
2 Sheets-Sheet l
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By '
Aitornezjs V
? March 22, 1938.
Filed Dec. 15,? 1936
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A tiorne_ys
Patented Mar. 22, 1938
David R. McCullough, Lost Spring, Wyo. ?
' Application December 15, 1936,? Serial No.? 116,001
7 2 Claims.
(01. 2625-19)
This invention relates to mining machines and
an object of the invention is to provide a machine
particularly adapted for mining coal.
A further object of the invention is to provide
a coal mining machine for use in cutting a ver
tical kerf or groove into a wall of the mine so that
the mining operation can be performed with a
minimum amount of labor and time.
The invention together ?with its objects and ad
"10 vantages will be best understood from a study of
the following description. taken in connection
with the accompanying drawings wherein:
Figure 1 is a side elevational View of the mining
Figure 2 is a longitudinal sectional View there
through taken substantially on the line 2-2 of
Figure 1.
Figure 3 is, a fragmentary detail sectional view
showing details hereinafter more fully referred to.
Figures. 4, 5, and 6 are detail sectional views
taken substantially on the lines 4?4, 5-5, and
5-6respectively of Figure 1.
Figure 7 is a plan View of a bearing member
that is adapted to be threaded axially relative to
the stem M to be forced into the ceiling of the
mine as will be clear from a study of Figure l.
Mounted on the aforementioned frame to move
vertically along the guide rails I2 is a carriage
indicated generally by the reference numeral 16.
The carriage It comprises a top plate to the
under side of which is secured as at 13 a rela
tively narrow guide block 19.
The guide block 19 is accommodated Within
grooves 2!! provided in one longitudinal edge of
spaced parallel bearing blocks 2! and the grooves
of the blocks 2! are of such a length as to also
accommodate therein the guide rails 12 as shown
in Figure 5. The bearing blocks 2! are secured
to the plate 19 as at'ZZ.
At their opposite longitudinal edges the bearing
blocks 2i are also'provided with grooves 23 which
accommodate a spacer plate 24 to which the
blocks H are secured as at 25. The plate 24 is 20
of a. width corresponding to the width of the
frame plate 5 so that at opposite ends of the
grooves the bearing blocks 2| extend downwardly
to engage the side edges of the plate 5 so that the
Figure 8 is a View of an'anchoring member parts
of the same being broken away and shown in sec
latter also acts as a guide for the carriage 16.
It will thus be seen that the carriage I6 is mount
Referring to the drawings by reference numer
and is. positively retained on the frame against
als it will be seen that in the preferred embodie
30 ment thereof the mining machine comprises a
supporting frame consisting of an oblong plate
5 one side of which, adjacent its upper and lower
ends is provided with grooves 6 for accommo
dating guide runners ?i?-'| which may be suitably
35 supported in vertically spaced relation within the
mine through the medium of any suitable anchor
ing means and which members are generally con
nected at one end through the medium of a bar
or the like 8. The members 1 and 8 thus provide
40 means for guiding the aforementioned frame
when it is desired to shift the same toward or
away from the wall in which a kerf is being cut.
The aforementioned frame further includes top
and bottom end plates 9, 10 secured to the plate
45 5 as at H and these plates 9 and Ill support
therebetween in parallelism to the plate 5 and
in spaced parallel relation to one another guide
rails l2.
For securing the frame in set position within
50 the mine there is screwed into the lower member
10 a pointed anchoring prong l3 adapted to be
forced into the floor of the mine While threaded
into the upper member 9 is a threaded shank or
stem 14 on which is threaded the socketed end of
55 a handle equipped pointed anchoring prong l5
ed on the frame to move vertically therealong
separation therefrom.
The bearing blocks 2| have journaled therein 30
shafts 26 and these shafts on one end are squared
as at 21 so that a suitable cutting tool, such as
an auger, reamer, or kerf making tool, the latter
being shown in the drawings and is indicated by
the reference numeral 28 may be readily engaged 35
at one end with a selected shaft 26.
Both of the shafts 26 at the ends thereof re
mote from the squared portions 21 are provided
with sprockets 29 over which is trained a chain
30 that is also trained over a sprocket mounted 40
on one end of the armature shaft of an electric
motor 3!.
The electric motor 3| is suitably
mounted on the carriage through the medium of
a bracket structure 32. Thus it will be seen that
drive is transmitted from the motor 3| to the 45
shafts 25 for turning the tool associated with
either or both of the shafts.
To permit the carriage IE to move to the ex
treme end of the main frame 4, the bearing blocks
2! on the outer sides thereof are grooved as at 33
to accommodate the end plates 9 and 10 of said
main frame 4.
For shifting the carriage l6 longitudinally of
the main frame 11, there is provided an actuating
screw 34 provided on one end with a handle 35 55
and at its respective opposite end with a ball 36
to engage a suitable socket structure 3'! that is
adapted to be secured to a selected one of the
plates 9 and ID of main frame 4. Also for the
screw 34 there is provided a block 38 adapted. to
be detachably secured on the plate I 1 of carriage
I6 at either the upper or lower edge? thereof and
this block 38 is provided with a threaded bore 39
through which the screw 34 works for shifting the
10 carriage lengthwise of the frame 4.
From the above, it will be seen that in initiat
ing the vertical kerf in the wall of the mine the
tool 28 is secured on the squared end of the low
ermost shaft 26 and the socket member 31 is
15 mounted on the lower plate ll] of the frame 4.
Thus by turning the screw 34 in the proper? di
rection the carriage l6 will be caused to move up
wardly for cutting the lower half-length of the
After the lower half-length of the kerf has
been cut the tool 28 is transferred to the upper
most shaft 26 while the socket member 3'! is se
cured to the upper plate 9 and the block 38 se
cured to the plate I?! of the carriage at the upper
25 edge of the plate. In other Words, the screw 34,
socket 31 and block 38 are reversely positioned
with respect to the position of the mentioned ele
ments as illustrated in Figure 1. When this re
arrangement of the parts has been accomplished
'30 the screw 34 is then turned for causing the car
riage Hi to travel upwardly to the uppermost end
of the frame 4 so that the tool 28 now associated
with the uppermost shaft 26 will cut the upper
half-length of the kerf completing the kerf cut
ting operation.
When, because of the distance
from the ?oor to the ceiling of the mine room an
extension of the anchoring member I3 is required,
resort may be had to an anchoring member 40
shown in Figure 8 and which at one end is pro
vided with a? socket 4| for receiving the anchor
ing member l3.
It is thought that a clear understanding of the
construction, utility and advantages of an inven
tion of this character will be had without a more
detailed description.
Having thus described the invention, what is
claimed is:?
1. A mining machine comprising a main frame,
means for anchoring the frame in a mine room
perpendicularly, a carriage mounted on the frame
for movement there-along, a tool shaft journaled
on the carriage, driving means on the carriage in 10
connection with the shaft for driving the latter,
means connected with the carriage and with the
main frame for shifting the carriage vertically
along the main frame, said means including a
socket member adapted to be mounted on the 15
main frame at either its upper or lower end op
tionally, a block adapted to be mounted on the
carriage and provided with a threaded bore and
an actuated screw threaded through the bore of
the block and having a ball head at one end to 20
engage in said socket.
2. A mining machine for drilling a vertical kerf
in a mine Wall and comprising a frame adapted
to be secured perpendicular within a mine room,
means provided at the upper and lower ends re 25
spectively of the frame for anchoring the same in
position, a carriage mounted on the frame for
movement there along, vertically spaced upper
and lower shafts mounted on the carriage trans
versely thereof and respectively provided at one 30
end for the attachment of a kerf-cutting tool
thereto, said shafts being provided at the ends
thereof remote from the kerf cutting tool with
sprockets, a bracket mounted on the carriage, a
motor supported on the carriage and having a 35
shaft equipped with a sprocket, and a chain
trained over all of said sprockets for transmitting
power from the motor to the shaft, and means for
shifting the carriage along said frame and for
retaining? the carriage at the desired position of 40
adjustment on the frame.
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