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March 22, 1938.
w. B. RHEEs
2,111,733 `
Filed July 9,1 1955
Patented Mar. 22, 1938
Y "
N 2,111,733
.. Sinclairîfl’?aìl
f1 ,Maine
Application ` illy" 9'
This invention relates to an improved-î'stiiiflng
box of ‘special’ value in application," at the’lc'as‘è
' ein“ t»
koi'ïi‘fhis tube `and 1a>` gland .threaded into the other
end; a‘pair 'of flanged‘and split bushings, one of
these'frbushings bein'gi'prositioned in .the _nipple
the end oi the nipple within
stuñing box, however, is oi general application,`
the tubeif: and `theother being Vpositioned Within `5
“i5 ‘ and is of special utilityY
'-t’heïlgland’with its flange-over the end of the
ing 'similar requirements.
~ _
within the tube,.both of these bushings
In the conventional rigV forfoperating plunger »glandíf
`bein'g‘re'm‘ovable through the end of the tube into
pumps in oil wells, a stringoi suckerfïrods're
c'iprocated by a walking beam operates 'a plunger which-fthe glandisthreaded’When the gland is
removemand'means opening into the space with- l0
pump at the lower end of 'the well Therion
he'i‘tubewbetwe'en the'bushings for forcing
>nections»between. the surface-'and th
‘I `
1packing;materialintothis space without remov
of the well comprise aï'stringfof'fcas g1w
string of tubing, throughïwhich‘the plu' ge" puin'p ing 'either'.of the' bushings."
f’f'Qnel-:i'ormßof 'stuiiing box embodying the in
` discharges, disposedwithin the/casing.É Th’eca's‘
i illustrated >in some detail in the ac- `15
l5 ing and> tubing terminate; at‘the surfac'a in’ïa 'ventionis
, vcasinghead, gas being discharged .frorh‘th'e‘ c '_"“ companying drawing. In this drawing Fig.` 1 is:
elevation partly ’inv section through a stufñng
~ing through one connection 4and{òi'l"being-fji l
charged from the tubing throughanotherf'con' Ibox-'fe'ríibod'ying:tlfle'invention as applied to a
'pumping'welL a portion of the polish rod and
nection. The string of sucker frods’ i'sî' 'con
c‘a's'inghead being shown, and Fig. 2 is -a detail 20
20 nected to a polish rod which, atï-trl'ie’casinglhe‘afd, ~of= one of the bushings ¿illustrated in Fig. l, a
extends through a stuiñng boxiï*This-invention view normall tofthe section‘constituting Fig. l.
provides an improved ‘stu?lin'gboxïhaving'sev
4‘i=`f1;Referringmoreparticularly to Figs. 1 and 2 of
eral important advantages infSuch‘f’use 5M
the `drawing, 'the stuiiing box illustrated com
pri'sesïa` tube -I4`constitutinga body portion, this y25
to Regularity»
a` pumpi ï
ftubeíbeingíinternally threaded at both ends, a
packing of the conventional» stufñ'"
‘nipple _IE5 Vtl'ireaded into the llower end and a
viously used in »this‘connectionï’ has nvolii
gland I6 *threaded into the upper end of this.
terruption of> thel operation and, toflprfolon
_ inghead, to the polish rod 0i ypuin-pingWells/2.'«'L'I‘l'lis
period ~ between such Y interruptioiis,4 -it` f has-'vr-been
tube, a pair -`of ‘flanged and split bushings I'I and '
I8' positioned in the bore of the nipple and in 30
30 necessaryV to fit the bushings 'used-in'
ing boxes with great precision inï'ördefrltöïïpro `theïbore ->ofthe gland, respectively, and a Ypair
of'compressi'on- tubes I9 andlZIl'for forcing pack
tect the packing to minimize requirements of re
packing except in connection with replacement »ing-fma-te'rial into the space-within the tube'lë
between the bushings I'I and IB through open-V
of Worn bushings. WithA the conventional stuit
ings 2I and 22. Each ci the compression tubes 35
35 ing box, moreover, the stuffing box proper must IS and 2U is ñtted with a threaded ram but it`
be removed from the polish rod to permit the
willbe apparent that other forcingv means can
replacement of the bushings. Also with the con
ventional stufling box, repacking has ordinarily be used. One, two or more such compression
tubes can be used, but a. pair of oppositely ar
involved the discarding of used packing mate
ranged compression tubes has been found to be 40
40 rial in the stufñng box at the time of the re
advantageous. The bore of the compression
The improved stuffing box of this invention» tubes is with advantage made small with respect
to the internal diameter of the tube I4 to fa
facilitates the replacement of stuffing box bush
-cilitate the introduction of packing material and
ings and makes it possible to replace such bush
to minimize any tendency for packing material 45
45 ings Without removing the stuffing box from the to be forced outwardly through the compression
polish rod, minimizing any interruption of ope
eration for replacement of bushings, it permits» tubes. In the assembled stuffing box, the bush
repacking or replacement of the packing ma
terial in the stuffing box Without interrupting
operation, minimizing the number of any in
terruptions oi operation, and it affords improved
economy with respect to packing material.
The-improved stuffing box oi this invention
.comprises essentially, a tube internally thread
ed at both ends, a nipple threaded into one end
ings I'I and I8 are positioned axially by the bores
of they nipple and the gland and are held in place
by the flangesV with which the bushings are pro- 50
vided in cooperation with the packing material
positioned between the inner ends of the bush
ings, the iianges of the bushings being Ypositioned Y
over the inner ends of the nipple and the gland.
These bushings are proportioned so that they 55
can be removed through the end of the tube I4
into which the gland I8 is threaded when this
gland is removed. 'I'he bushings I‘I and I8 are
split, on planes parallel to the axis of the stuff
ing box when in position in the stufliing box, into
two sections, three sections as illustrated (see
2) or more. By making the bore of the
nipple i5 and the gland I6 of the same diam
eter, identical bushings, and bushing sections, can
10 be used making all bushing parts interchange
able. By making the body portion of the bush
ing lil somewhat shorter than the bore of the
gland I6, a space within the upper part of the
gland I6 is provided adapted to receive oil or
15 other lubricant for lubricating the polish rod I2.
Once installed and initially packed, repacking
of the improved stufi'ing box of this invention is
carried out without interrupting the operation of
the polish rod, the required additional packing
20 being inserted in one or more of the compression
tubes and forced into the stuiiing box by opera
tion of the threaded ram in the construction illus
trated. This operation requires but a minimum
of time, two or three minutes usually being suf
25 ficient.
with new material and the used packing can be
supplied, through the compression tubes, as
make-up material as additional packing is re
As will be apparent, the improved stufûng box (n
of this invention is of inexpensive construction
notwithstanding the fact that it can be repacked
without interrupting operation.
Actual embodiments of the stuffing box of this
invention have been in continuous operation in 10
regular service on oil wells for periods upwards
of seven months without interruption of oper
ation of the polish rod and without any substan
tial loss of oil through the stuiiing box.
I claim:
1. A stuiiing box comprising a tube internally
threaded at both ends, a nipple threaded into
one end of said tube and a gland threaded into
the other, a pair of flanged and split bushings,
one of said bushings being positioned in said nip 20
ple with the flange over the end of the nipple
within the tube, the other of said bushings be
ing positioned in said gland with the ñange over
the end of the gland within the tube, both o1"
Moreover, this operation does not in 'said bushings being removable through the end
volve the handling or suspension of heavy parts of the tube into which the gland is threaded when 25
of the stufling box and, in this aspect, the inven
the gland is removed, and means opening into the
tion saves many smashed ñngers and hands. space within said tube between said bushings for
For example, repacking of the conventional stuff
forcing packing material into this space without
30 ing box usually requires a heavy gland to be sus
removing either of said bushings.
pended around the polish rod immediately above
2. A stuffing box comprising a tubular body
the body of the stuffing box during the repacking, element internally threaded at both ends, a nip
a cause of many hand and finger accidents in
ple threaded into one end of said tubular body
volving serious injury. Such hazards are com
35 pletely eliminated by theimproved stufling box of element and a gland threaded into the other, a
pair of flanged and split bushings, one of said
this invention.
bushings being positioned in said nipple with the
Replacement of either or both of the bushings flange over the end of the nipple within the tubu
in the improved stumng box of the invention in
lar body element, the other of said bushings being
volves interruption of the operation of the polish positioned in said gland with the flange over the
40 rod, but the replacement operation is so simple end of the gland within the tubular body element, 40
as to require but a minimum of time. In the both of said bushings being removable through
construction illustrated, the gland I6 is un
the end of the tubular body element into which
screwed from the upper end of the body portion the gland is threaded when the gland is removed,
of the stuffing box, permitting the bushings I'I and means opening into the space within said
45 and I8 to be slid out of the body of the stufling tubular body element between said bushings for
box along the polish rod and then, the bushings forcing packing material into the space without 45
being split, to be simply lifted away from the removing either of said bushings, said last-men
polish rod. Reverse operation involved in in
tione'd means comprising a plurality of com
serting a new bushing is equally simple. Used pression tubes of substantially smaller bore than
50 packing removed from the stuiiing box as an in
the bore of said tubular body and each fitted with
cident to bushing replacement can be used t0 a. threaded ram.
repack the stufñng box upon replacement of the
bushings, or this initial repacking can be done
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