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March 22, 1938.
D. Macl. WATERS ‘
Filed. April 2, 1937'
Patented Mar. 22, 1938
Dorse Maclntyre Waters, Olean, N. Y.
Application April 2’, 1937, Serial No. 134,595
1 Claim. (Cl. 158-99)
This invention relates to gas burners, and es
pecially to the nozzles or discharge and mixing
outlets for such burners. The device is partic~
ularly suitable for use with domestic .gas burners,
5 but is capable of use in other relations.
The object of the invention is to provide im
proved means for producing and insuring per
fect combustion of the gas, with. a freedom from
carbon deposits and requiring no cleaning or ad
10 justment after installation.
The special object of the invention is to pro
vide a gas and air mixing nozzle of the Venturi
type with means for supplying secondary air to
the flame, at the combustion point, which will
insure a much hotter flame than’ otherwise, as
Well as complete combustion.
One form of the invention is illustrated in the
accompanying drawing in Which:-—
Fig. 1 is a side elevation of the burner suitable
20 for furnace use, provided with the improved noz
Fig. 2 is a front end view of the nozzle.
Fig. 3 is a rear end‘view.
Fig. 4 is a section on the line 4-51 of Figs. 2
and 3.
Referring particularly to the drawing, 4 indi
cates a burner stand, supporting the pipe 12
which is connected to the vgas supply pipe Ill and
delivers the gas into a manifold 3, from which
30 as many jets or nozzles may be tapped o? as
may be desired to use in the furnace.
Two noz
zles are shown in Fig. 1, each connected by a pipe
1 and bend 8 tothe nozzle 5. Pilot lights H are
provided supplied by tubes 6 from a chamber 2
which may be supplied with constantgas through
a tube 9. A plate I covers the main parts of the
burner, the nozzles projecting upwardly through
openings in the plate at the edges thereof.
These parts may be of any suitable or proper
40 construction and may be varied as desired, ac
cording to the type of furnace or the type of
The nozzle comprises a casting cored to form
a tapered or Venturi primary air passage l4.
Thisreceives from the rear the gas supply pipe
15 supported by cross piece or bracket 16 secured
to or forming a part of the casting, and the
pipe 15 connects with a supply branch ‘I. At its
end within the air passage 14 the gas supply pipe
is provided with a jet tip H which may be of
any suitable type to spray the gas into the air
and create a Venturi effect and form a mixture
between the jet tip and the discharge outlet from
the nozzle.
Also cored in the casting forming the nozzle
is the secondaryair passage Hi. This is arcuate
in cross section and tapers from back to front,
and is preferably formed on the lower or under
side of the nozzle, and so disposed so that its
outlet Ell is directly below and adjacent to the
discharge outlet 2! of the main portion of the
nozzle. The function and purpose of the second
ary or additional air supply passage 18 is to
provide at the combustion point or discharge ori
?ce of the nozzle, the secondary air, by an in
jector action being drawn upwardly into the
combustion stream and assisting in the combus
tion of the mixture issuing from the outlet 25.
This construction has been found to give’ very
ei?cient action and to correct defects which have
been found to exist in mixing nozzles of the ordi
nary type.
Altho shown applied to a burner of a partic~
ular type, the nozzle is capable of use with vari
ous other types of burners or furnaces. It is
particularly useful in conversion burners which
are substituted for other burners or ?re pots in
domestic furnaces.
I claim: a
A combustion nozzle for gas burners compris
ing a unitary tapered casting having cored there
in a tapered primary air passage circular in cross
section and leading to a cylindrical discharge
tube with its axis in alinement with the axis of
said air passage, and also having cored therein
a tapered secondary air passage arcuate in cross
, section and extending along one side of the said
primary air passage and tube and terminating
in a discharge outlet ?ush with the outlet from
said tube at the end of the casting, and a gas
jet pipe supported within said primary air pas
sage at the axis thereof and in line with the
axis of the tube.
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