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March 22, 1938.
w. a» AKANS
Filed Aug. 27, 1936 .
WE. Ahmw
Patented Mar. 22, 1938
barren *sra'l‘es Lemar creme
William R. Akans, eomewotana.
1 Application minister, 1936, Serial No. 98,177
My invention relates. to grinding and polishing
apparatusvand contemplates the provision of ap
‘ paratus of this kind adapted for use in produc
ing highly ?nished surfaces on valve seats and
the like, and has for an object the provision 10f
a device which may be readily mounted in'a drill
press, boring mill, or the like for rotational move
ment to-grind or polish surfaces.
My invention further contemplates the pro
vision of a device of this kind provided with flex
ible coupling means adapted to overcome inac
curacy in the alignment of the work in the ma
(cl. 5141a) - _.
andpdlishihg apparatus comprising a shaft 8
which3 is adapted to'be-rotated by any suitable
'mieansx On the ‘lower end of the shaft is formed
va shoulder or flange portion. 9 which is snugly
?tted for movement in a recess II formed in the
The attachment plate is
provided with an inwardly turned flange portion
ill for engagement with the shoulder 9 when same
is in its upper position.
The shaft is slotted at l3 above the shoulder 10
,‘portion 9 toilreceive a driving plate M- which rests
' attachment » plate. ‘I 2.
uponthe ?ange it and between the projections
56 of the attachment plate. A pivot point ll is
My invention further contemplates the pro- ' also mounted in the slot l3 and is held against
15 vision of a grinding and polishing apparatus em
displacement by a collar l8 which forms a spring 15
bodying means by which the working pressure of seat for the lower end of the spring it. A sleeve
the ?nishing elements upon the work may be 2| is secured to the upper end of the shaft by
readily regulated by the operator.
My invention further contemplates the pro
20 vision of grinding and polishing apparatus in
which the plate bearing the ?nishing elements is
removable therefrom for assembly therewith in
side a valve.
My invention further contemplates the pro
25 vision of a grinding and polishing apparatus pro
vided, with improved means for mounting the
?nishingr material, such as cloth covered with
abrasive material, in Working position on the
My invention embodies other novel features,
details of construction, and arrangement of parts
which are hereinafter set forth in the speci?ca
tion and claims and shown in the accompanying
Apparatus embodying features of my inven
forming part of this application, wherein:
Fig. 1 is a View in side elevation of my im
proved grinding and polishing device, the plate
employed to carry the ?nishing elements being
Fig. 2 is a sectional View taken along the line
II—-II of Fig. 3, showing the working plate hav
ing a pair of ?nishing members attached thereon;
Fig. 3 is a plan view of the working plate;
Fig. 4 is a sectional view taken along the line
IV-IV of Fig‘. 1;
Fig. 5 is a sectional view taken along the line
V-—V of Fig. 1;
Fig. 6 is a sectional View taken along the line
VI-VI of Fig. 2; and
Fig. 7 is a sectional view taken along the line
VII-VII of Fig. 4.
A working plate 27 is adapted to be attached to
the under side of the attachment plate I2 for
rotational movement by means of pins 28, locking
pins 2%, and a locking collar 3 l. The pins. 28
project down from the attachment plate for en
gagement in apertures 32 provided in the work
ing plate; and the locking pins 29 project up from
the working plate and are formed with grooves 33 L,
adapted to receive the ?ange 312 of the locking
collar. The attachment plate and locking col
lar are slotted at 36 and 37 respectively to receive
the locking pins.
' tion is illustrated in the accompanying drawing,
removed therefrom;
means of the set screw 22 and is threaded at 23
to receive an internally threaded adjustment
sleeve 24 which acts through an upper spring seat N)
collar 25 to vary the compressive strength of the
Referring now to the drawing for a better un
55 derstanding of my invention, I show a grinding
The plate 2? is formed with a plurality of slots
33, each of which is adapted to receive the up
right portion 39 of an abrasive holder ill. The
holders 4! are held in position by means of
screws 42 and are grooved along their sides at as
to receive the ends of an abrasive strip 134 which
is held against displacement by clips 155 formed
of spring wire and pivotally mounted at 136.
While the holders illustrated in the drawing are
adapted for use in grinding and polishing ?at
valve seats, other forms may readily be mounted
on the plate for use in ?nishing tapered valve
seats. When employed in the ?nishing of ?at
valve seats, the‘ bottom of each of the holders
it! is preferably formed convex to provide a line
contact between the abrasive strips and the work. 50
A centering point 41 is provided on the end of
the shaft for use in aligning the work in the
machine, and a spring pressed ball 48 is pro
vided in [the attachment plate for engagement
in notches 49 formed in the locking collar 3|.
The attachment plate l2 and the locking col
lar 3| are formed with aligning slots 49 adapted
to receive a spring locking member 5| to hold
collar in position on the attachment plate.
In the operation of the apparatus thus de
scribed, the shaft 8 is adapted to be rotated by
a drill press or the like and.- a downward pres
sure is exerted upon the shaft to place the spring
19 under compression. Rotational movement is
10 transmitted from the shaft to the working plate
21 by means of the driving plate l4 engaging
the projections l6 formed on the attachment
plate l2. As it is very di?icult to align the work
at exactly right angles to the aXis of the shaft
15 8, I have provided the flexible connection be
tween the shaft and the working plate M in
which, the downward pressure upon the shaft is
directed to the working plate through a one
point contact provided by the pivot point I‘!
20 and the rotational movement is through the driv
ing plate I4 and attachment plate l2. The pres
sure of the abrasive strips 44 upon the work may
readily be varied by turning the adjustment
25 sleeve 24.
While I have shown my invention in but one
form, it is obvious to those skilled in the art
that it is not so limited but is susceptible of vari
ous changes and modi?cations without depart
ing from the spirit thereof; and I desire, there
fore, that only such limitations shall be placed
thereupon as are imposed by the prior art.
I claim:
1. In a grinding and polishing apparatus, a
driving shaft, an attachment plate mounted for
axial movement on said driving shaft, a compres
sion spring mounted on the driving shaft to yield
ably resist an axial movement of the attachment
plate along the driving shaft, a pivot point in
terposed between the compression spring and the
attachment plate, a working plate, work ?nish
ing elements mounted on the working plate, clip 10
means for holding strips of abrasive material on
the work ?nishing elements, means for detach
ably connecting the working plate to the at
tachment plate and means for varying the re
sistance offered by the compression spring when 15
the attachment plate moves inwardly.
2. In a grinding and polishing apparatus, a
driving shaft, an attachment plate mounted for
axial movement on said driving shaft, spring
means to yieldably resist an axial movement of 20
the attachment plate along the driving shaft, a
pivot point interposed between the spring means
and the attachment plate, a working plate, a
work ?nishing element mounted on the working
plate, means for detachably connecting the work 25
ing plate to the attachment plate and means for
varying the resistance offered by the spring
means when the attachment plate moves in
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