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March 22, 1938,
Filed Dec. 19, 1936
Jaaa/pb l, @brac/L
Patented Mar. 22, 1938
1 Joseph Baeh?aeh, New York, N. Y.
Application December 19, 1936, serial Ne. 116,684 y
4 claims. Y (o1. 12o-_36)
This invention relates to eraser holders and
hasV for its general object and purpose to provide
a magazine or case for a plurality of erasers; with
means carried by the case and extending exter
nally thereof for adjustably and rigidly support
ing one of the era-sers in position for convenient
It is a more particular object of the invention
to provide a'clamping or holding device at one
10 end of the case or magazine for removably sup
porting a circular eraser which is of such con
struction that the eraser may be rotatably ad
justed uponA said support, and then rigidly
clamped and secured in its adjusted position so
as to present a new section of the periphery of
the eraser in proper relation to the holder for
VMore particularly, in one embodiment of the
invention, I provide the case or magazine on one
of its ends’with a tubular part, and an eraser
clamping and holding member having resiliently
connected arms provided at their free ends with
`studs or lugs adapted to enter the opposite ends
of'a central opening in the eraser and providing
25 a support about which the eraser may be rotated,
and one or both of said arms having additional
means for securely gripping the eraser and holding the same against rotation when said arms
are inserted into said tubular part and forced
towards each other against opposite sides of the
eraser. By partially withdrawing the lholder
from said tubular part, the clamping or gripping
action may be released so> that the holder can be
u rotated about said supporting studs.
It is a further general object of my invention
to provide a device of the above character, which
is simple, inexpensive and durable in its con
struction, may be easily and quickly operated,
and is convenient and serviceable for the in
40 tended purpose.
With the above andother objects in view the
invention consists in the improved eraser holder,
and in the form, construction and relative ar
rangement of its several parts, as will hereinafter
be more fully described, illustrated in the accom
panying drawing and subsequently incorporated
in the subjoined claims.
In the drawing wherein I have illustrated sev
moved, and showing one embodiment of> the in
Fig. 2 is a vertical sectional view taken on the
line Z-Z'of Fig. l,
Fig. 3 is a horizontal sectional View, on an en
larged scale, taken on the Yline 3_3 of Fig. 2,
Fig. 4 is a vertical section lsimilar to Fig. 2
showing a modified form of the device,
Fig. 5 is a sectional view taken on the line
5_5 of Fig. 4.
Referring in detail to the drawing and for the
present more particularly to Figs. 1, 2, and 3
thereof, the case or magazine consists of two
telescoped sections 5 and I5 respectively, prefer
ably of rectangular form. This case is of suit'
able dimensions to receive a plurality of erasers
'I of well known standard form, each of which is
provided with a central opening 8. The two case
sections 5 and 6 are releasably held in telescoped,
closed relation to each other by a conventional
type of resilient latch means, indicated at 9.
The case section. t is centrally provided at its
closed end with a rectangular opening in which
is securely ñxed a rectangular tubular member
It open at its opposite ends. The major partof
this member extends within the case section 5
and the relatively short outwardly projecting end
portion thereof is provided in its opposite edge
walls with suitably formed notches, indicated at
II, which are adapted to receive the edge of the o
eraser T, as clearly seen in Fig. 2 of the draw
ing. 'I‘he inner opposed faces of the opposite
side walls of the member I0 are slightly inclined
relative to the axis of the case and extend in
diverging relation to each other from the inner
to the outer end of the member Ill, as also indi
cated in Fig. 2 of the drawing.
The eraser holder or support comprises a sheet
metal strip having the arms I3 each of which is
provided on its longitudinal edges Withtapering
flanges Ill. At the wider inner ends of these
flanges the arms I3 are integrally connected by
the yieldable center portion I5 of the metal strip,
said resiliently yieldable connecting portion I5
acting to normally urge the arms away from 45
each other.
Each of the arms I3 at its free end and be«
tween the flanges I4 is folded or bent inwardly
upon itself, as at I5, and terminates in an an
eral simple and practical embodiments of the de
gularly projecting lug Il.
vice, and in which similar reference characters
width as to enter one end of the opening 8 in an
designate corresponding parts throughout the
eraserr'I positioned between the arms I3.
several views:
Fig. l is a vertical sectional View through the
case or magazine, with the Vcover member re
removing an eraser from the case or magazine,
This lug is of such
In the use of the device above described, after
it is positioned between the arms I3 and the 55
outer ends of said arms pressed inwardly so that
the lugs I'I will enter the ends of the opening 8.
The other end of the holder is then inserted into
the tubular member I0. As the arms I3 ride
against the tapering or inclined side walls I2 of
said member III, they are forced towards each
other against the action of the resilient connect
ing part I5 so that the edges of the flanges I4
are caused to bite into the opposite sides of the
eraser 'I and securely clamp the same, as seen in
Fig. 3 of the drawing. At the same time, the
edge portion of the eraser enters the notches II
and frlctionally bears upon the edges of these
Thus the eraser is rigidly and securely
held against any rotative movement during
use thereof.
After the outer edge portion of the eraser ‘I
become worn and more or less flattened by
thereof, adjustment of said eraser to present
other section of its periphery in erasing position
may be easily and quickly made by merely pulling
the holder outwardly a short distance from the
tubular part I0 so that the resilient connecting
part I5 may act to move the outer ends of the
arms I3 away from each other and thus release
the gripping action of the flanges I4 on the
eraser. The eraser can then be turned or rotated
around the lugs I'I so that an unused part of the
periphery of the eraser is properly positioned be,
yond the ends of said arms. Upon again forcing
the holder inwardly through the member Ill the
eraser will then be again securely clamped and
held in its new position.
Figs. 4 and 5 illustrate a slightly different form
of the eraser holding device, in which the holder
consists of two relatively heavy, rigid metal arms
I 3’ connected at one of their ends by a thin re
siliently yieldable web I5’. At their other ends
and upon their inner faces the pivot studs I'I’ are
integrally formed, and circumferentially spaced
fins I 8 are formed upon the periphery of each
stud and are adapted to bite into or gripl the
eraser at each end of the'opening 8 therein. Also
if desired the inner face of each of the arms I3’
around the studs I'I' may be provided with shal
low indentations or recesses I9 to provide addi
tional gripping edges for engagement with the
opposite side faces of the eraser. This form of
the device operates in the same manner as that
previously described, and when the arms I3’ are
inserted within the tubular part IU’ with the
eraser properly positioned therebetween, said
arms are forced together to securely clamp and
grip the rubber eraser. In this case I have shown
the major part of tubular member I0’ extending
exteriorly of the case and the notches or recesses
I I are omitted.
When the eraser is not being used it may be en
closed within a cover 6’ removably fitted over the
~ end of the casing section 6 and abutting the end
of the section 5.
From the foregoing description taken in con
nection with the accompanying drawing, the con
struction, manner of use and several advantages
of the described embodiments of my invention
will be clearly understood. It will be seen that
by providing a magazine or holder for a plurality
of eraser elements with means for removably
mounting an eraser upon the case or magazine in
position for use, I have provided a device which
will be of great convenience and serviceability,
particularly for typists. Also by reason of the
particular clamping means for the eraser element
herein described, adjustment of the eraser can
be easily and quickly effected so that all portions
of its sharp edged periphery may be used, thus
avoiding unnecessary waste and expense inci
dent to the purchase of new erasers.
I have herein illustrated and described sev
eral particular embodiments of my present inven
tion. However, it is to be understood that the es
sential features of the present disclosure might
also be incorporated in various other alternative
structural forms and I accordingly reserve the
privilege of resorting to all such legitimate
changes in the form construction and relative ar
rangement of the several parts as may be. fairly
comprehended Within the spirit and scope of the
invention as claimed.
I claim:
1. In combination with guiding and supporting
means, an eraser holder comprising opposed arms
and a resiliently yieldable connection between
vsaid arms at one of their en-ds, normally acting "
to space the other ends of said arms apart to re
ceive an eraser therebetween having a central
opening, each of said arms being provided with a
stud adapted to enter one end of said opening and
gripping edges surrounding said stud to engage 25
opposite sides of the eraser and secure the latter
against bodily movement relative to the holder in
one position of the holder with respect to said
guiding and supporting means, and said holder
being adjustable in said guiding and supporting 30
means to release the eraser from said gripping
edges whereby the eraser may be rotatably ad
justed upon said studs to position a selected por
tion of its periphery in remotely spaced relation
from the end of theV case and in alignment with 35
the longitudinal axis thereof.
2. In combination with a support, an eraser
holder removably mounted on said support and
comprising means for releasably gripping a circu
lar eraser at its approximate center, said holder 40
being adjustable to one position on the support
to release the eraser for rotative adjustment rela
tive to said holder, and said support having
means for gripping engagement with the periph
ery of the eraser when the holder is adjusted to
another position on the supportto render said
ñrst named gripping means effective, and prevent
rotative movement of the eraser from its adjusted
3. In combination with a tubular support, an ,
eraser holder adjustably and removably mounted
in said support and comprising means for releas
ably gripping an eraser at its approximate center,
said holder being adjustable to one position on
the support to release the eraser for rotative ad
justment relative to said holder, and said tubular
support at one end thereof and in its opposite
sides being provided with recesses to receive and
grip the edge of the eraser at spaced points when
the holder is adjusted to another position on the 60
support, to render said ñrst named gripping
means effective, and prevent rotative movement
of the eraser from its adjusted position.
4. A holder for a rubber eraser having a central
opening therethrough, said holder comprising
opposed resiliently yieldable arms each having
means for gripping engagement with one side of
an eraser positioned therebetween, at points in
spaced relation to said opening, and each of said
arms also having additional gripping means re
ceivable in said opening and having gripping en
gagement with the eraser at the respective end
edges of said opening.
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