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March 22, 1938.‘
Filed Oct. 4, 1935
.(1. ,E $7ada7a7d
I’ Bygguw‘
A ilorney
Patented Mar. 22, 1938
‘ta-ms staresamass
Alexander B. Stoddard, Phiiipsburg, Mont.
‘ Application October 4, 1935, Serial No. 43,589 I
1 Claim. (Cl. 43-418)
My invention relates generally to arti?cialv tapering portion 6 .of the body 5, while the eye
?ies particularized for use by trout ?shermen and ' 9 of the hook is downwardly bent as indicated
particularly to arti?cial ?ies of the ?oating type, ~ in Figure 6 so as to depend from the front ?at end
and an important object of. the invention is to ‘i 0.02 the ?oatingbody 5, as clearly shown in Fig
provide efficient yet inexpensive arti?cial files of
the character indicated.
Another important object of my invention is‘
to provide for the manufacture of arti?cial ?ies
of the character indicated from materials not
10 heretofore assembled in similar relationship,
whereby the structure is simpli?ed and the man
ufacturing steps reduced in number and ex
Another important object of my invention is to
15 provide arti?cial ?ies of the character indicated
and processes of manufacturing the same which
In accordance with the present invention silk
thread or the equivalent is accurately wound
around and about several longitudinally spaced
points of the body 5>to produce a simulation in
shape of the body of a‘ ?y or other similar insect. 10
The body_5 being readily compressible, is easily
deformed by tightly winding the thread or the
equivalent to produce the thread formed indenta
tions ll, l2, I3, l4, and; i5, or a greater or a less
number of such indentations. It is obvious that 15
the material of the body 5 bulges~ between the
involve the use of new and simple material and thread formed indentations in a curved manner.
contemplate the utilization of commercially avail
In the embodiment shown in Figures 1 and 2
able hooks.
the closed wings 'I 6, of which there are two clearly’
Other important objects of my invention will indicated in Figure 2, and the legs I‘! may be of
be apparent from a reading of the following de
different materials such as squirrel tail, badger
scription in connection with the drawing, where
bristles, or other hair. When the “wings” and
in for purposes of illustration I have shown pre
“legs” are wet and in the water they are trans
ferred. embodiments.
or semi-transparent under all conditions,
In the drawing:— '
and while the “?y” is ?oating on the water.
Figure 1 is a side elevatlonal view of one em
The wings it are, formed by a bunch of the hairs
bodiment of the invention.
described which are fastened by suitable pieces of
Figure 2 is a top plan view of Figure 1.
cement l8 to the forward part of the body 5 just
Figure 3 is a side elevational view of another back of the thread deformation II which de?nes
embodiment of the invention.
the head l9 and at the upper part of the sides 30
Figure 4 is a top plan view of Figure 3.
thereof as clearly shown, so that the wings stream
Figure 5 is a perspective view of the cork body behind and extend backof the rear end of the
before deformation thereof.
body 5. A similar method of attaching the "legs"
Figure 6 is a longitudinal‘ sectional view through II by means of a blob of cement 20 also obtains.
the undeformed cork body showing the applica- I
In the embodiment of the invention shown in
tion of a hook thereto.
Figures 3 and 4, the “legs" l'la formed of hair
Figure 7 is a transverse vertical sectional view gathered at the front end are fastened by a spot
taken through Figure 6 approximately on the line of cement 20a to the underside of the forward
'l--‘I, and looking toward the left. 1
part of the body 5, while the laterally extending
Referring in detail to the drawing, the nu
open wings 2| are produced by passing a bunch of
meral 5 generally designates a body of cork, plas
tic wood, or balsa wood, or a body composed of
any or all of these substances, whereby the body
is not only soft and compressible but ?oats easily
on the‘ surface of the water.
_ In accordance with the present invention the
?oating body 5 has a ?at tapering upper end
portion 6 and has on its underside a longitudinal
rearwardly deepening slot ‘I which receives the
hook 8 in the manner indicated in Figure 6.
The hook 8 is a standard commercially avail
able type of hook and its shank portion and a
part of the hook portion lying along and within
the slot ‘I so that the hook portion and the barb
is located downwardly extending} under the rear
long hairs transversely of the body 5 and through
a slit 22 in the body made in the upper part
thereof and extending from the head l9a and
into the body 5.
It is obvious that the thread windings contract
the body 5 around the shank of the hook 8 and
lock the same ?rmly and immovably in place.
Coloring of the ?ies of the present invention
may be secured by applying a base coloring of
waterproof ink, and shades and blending further
secured by applying color pigments, and then dip
ping the body in a color preservative,’ such as col
lodion, and the whole secured by the application
of suitable varnish.
The “legs” and “wings" and the thread wind
ings are all secured by means of a waterproof ce
ment, which is commercially obtainable.
It is obvious that almost unlimited variety of
in color and color combinations representing prac
tically every known species of trout _food of the
?y family is available in accordance with the
present invention.
Although I have shown and described‘ herein
10 preferred embodiments of my invention, it is to be
de?nitely understood that I do not desire to
limit the application‘of the invention thereto, and
any change or changes may be made in the mate
rials, and in the manner of assembling the same,
within the spirit cf the invention andthe scope of
the subjoined claim.
What is claimed is:
In an artificial iiy or fish bait and in combina
tion, a body of compressible material having a
longitudinal groove in its side increasing in depth
toward the rear end of the body, a hook having
its shank and the inner portion of its bill dis
posed in said slot, said inner portion of the bill
being disposed in the deep end portion of the slot 10
and backed by the adjacent portion of the body,
and means surrounding and compressing the
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