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March 29, 1938.
Filed Feb. 18, 1937
2 Sheets-Sheet 1 '
March 29, 1938.
Filed Feb. 18, 1937
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
Patented Mar. 29, 1938/
rnaome DEVICE
Chicago, 111., 'assignor to
William G. Klemm,
Corporation, Chicago, Ill., a
corporation of Illinois
Application February 18, 1937, Serial No. 126,395
4 Claims. (of! 211-42) '
In this way, by turning the nut l9 precision timing
adjustment of‘ the feeding stroke, transmitted
This invention relates to improvements in var
through the reciprocating link 20, vertical arms
ious details of a feeding device and related mech
anism suitable for a stencil duplicating machine. 2|, and transverse pivoted bar 22 to the feed arm
One of the objects of this invention is to pro
23 and feed shoe 24 is obtained.
The feed shoe 24 is preferably formed of an
5 vide an improved precision means for regulating
to present a
' the timing of the stroke of certain automatic angularly cross sectional bar so asOver
the ends
feed arms, so that paper may be fed with great . moderately sized gripping surface.
‘uniformity and the impressions on one sheet will of the feedshoe are ?tted tubular sections 25 of 10
be substantially in register with that of another. suitable friction material such as rubber. Due to
Another object is to provide a paper backstop the fact that the shoe does not rotate, only that
designed to aid in feeding paper from a uniform portion of the rubber tube on the lowermost face
of the shoe will receive wear, and as this surface
distance and 'which is adjustable to accommo
from use, the tubing may be ro
date lengths of_ sheets down to the size of a post
- with :the structure shown, the
card, and yet not interfere with the operation of
gripping surface may be renewed ?ve more times.
15 automatic feed mechanism. I r
A pair of side guides 26 are positioned on the
Another object relates to details of improved
side'guides for holding the paper on the feed feed table 21 and may laterally movev thereon to
accommodate varying widths of paper by means
, Another object relates to improvements in the of the bolts 28 extending through the transverse 20
feed shoe whereby a good paper gripping surface 'slot 23 through the ears 30 to the knurled nuts
20 can be maintained at all times and its e?iciency 3|." Extending through an opening in the side
guides are friction members 32, preferably in the
Other objects relate to economy of construction form of rubber. These friction members are af
and arrangement of parts which will be apparent fixed to the spring bars 33 secured to- the outer
drawings and fol- ' sideof the guide._ A bolt 34 affixed to the outer
from a consideration of the
25 lowing description, wherein:
side of the guide extends through spring bar 33
Figure 1 is a side ,view of a stencil duplicating and ‘by means of the nut 35 refined adjustments
for holding the paper stack 36 may be made.
machine embodying my improvements, and
Figure 2 is a perspective view of a portion
TA backstop 3'! adjustable in the longitudinal
thereof, showing the details of the feed arm stroke
slot 38 by means of the bolt 39 and nut 40, is
provided with a curved face 4|, to compensate for
the varying distances of travel of the sheets on
the stack 36. This backstop may be adjusted
varying mechanism.
Figure 3 is a fragmentary section on the line
3-3 of Figure‘2. .
Figure 4,is a fragmentary longitudinal section
35 through Figure 1, showing the paper backstop
and feed arm in different positions.
to accommodate varying lengths of sheets down
to post card size. However, at this position of
adjustment‘ the ‘backstop, due to its required
Figure 5 is a plan view of one of the side paper
Figure 6 is a perspective detail of the feed shoe.
Figure 'l is a perspective detail of the paper
Figure 8 is a perspective detail of the paper
side guides, and further shows .the slot in which
they move on the feed table.
Referring to the drawings It indicates the side
height for supportinga conventional stack, would
circumstances interfere with the
' under ‘ordinary
45 frames of a conventional stencil duplicating ma
' chine, having a drum .ll whose shaft I2 is jour-,
end of the ‘
'naled in said frame. Locked to one
movement of the feed arm 23 or the weight 42
which it sometimes carries.‘ For this reason» I
have formed my backstopot two upstanding por
tions 43 formed integral with the base portion 31
providing suf?cient
so that the feed arm may reciprocate uninterruptedly at any operative position of the back
‘What I claim is:*
1. In combination with a rotary duplicating 50
shaft is the. lever l3 which rotates with it and machine, a feed table therefor adapted to
50 imparts motion to the link I4 pivoted to the end 'a pile of sheets, side guides extending adjustable
of the shaft as at l5. Pivoted to the link. I4 is nally of said table and transversely
the threaded block it which receives the screw thereon to substantially engage the sides of said
pile, friction means extending through an aper
H which is retained by the lever l3 in some suit
able manner, as for example at l8, and can be ture in said side guides and adapted to engage
55 manipulated by means '0? the knurled nut I9.
61’ sheets, a feed y'oke extending ahoie and’acrdss '
-' said table and carrying
adapted to reciprocate on a ‘Ieed'arm and shoe
3. Im conibinatién with a rotary duplicating
machine, q feed table adapted to gupport a pile
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