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March 29, l1938.
_ 2,1 12,355
Filed Aug. 12, v195'?
2 Sheets-,Sheet 1
Mml129, 193s.
Filed Aug. 12, 1937
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
Patented Mar. 29„ 1938
George F. Archer, New York, N. Y.
Application August 12, 1937, Serial No. 158,697
7 Claims.l (Cl. 5-10)
In small houses and apartments the space oc
cupied by a bedstead is valuable in day time and
the purpose of my invention is to render such
spacey available through the medium of means
5 for lifting the bedstead to the ceiling to thus
provide for full occupancy of the» floor space
when the bedstead is not in use.
The idea of lifting the bedstead to the ceil
ing is not broadly new with me, but my improve
0 ment comprehends the further feature of means
for turning the bedstead in its ascent so that the
legs will be directed toward the ceiling and the
head and footboards will depend, thus provid
ing greater head room, an important factor where
15 the room height is relatively small, and rental
space expensive.
To further extend the head room the legs
may enter holes provided in the ceiling, enabling
the bedstead bottom to lie closely adjacent the
re C
The headboard of the bedstead may, for con
venience, be positioned near a wall of the room
and may include a mirror in its front surface.
'I'he hauling up means may be by cables con
.;’5 nected fore and aft, operating over pulleys, the
connection with the bedstead being located below
the centre of gravity, causing the bedstead to
turn in its ascent, guide and brake means being
The lifting may be performed manually or by
power means.
Either the mattress and bedding may be v,secured to the bedstead to retain them when the
n bedstead is inverted, or said mattress and bed
‘5" ding may be removed.
To give greater clearance the footboard may be
hinged and thus capable of folding on to the bed
or bedstead to be out of the way.
Also my invention comprehends the provision
40 of means whereby a bedstead in its descent from
its upside down position may be caused to turn
and right itself so that its legs will alight on the
floor and the bedstead will stand on the floor
4,. right side up.
Other features and advantages of my inven
tion will hereinafter appear.
In the drawings:
Figure 1 is a perspective view of a bedstead,
with bedding, that has been hoisted, and re
"o versed, so that its legs are uppermost and en
gage the ceiling of a room.
Fig. 2 is an enlarged, side sectional view of the
bedstead standing on its legs on the ñoor of a
room and provided with means for hoisting and
turning it.
Fig. 3 is an enlarged detail view showing a
brake drum mounted on a shaft carried by the
bedstead, an extension of said drum that is
guided in its vertical movement, and a varlably
tensioned brake band, connected to the bedstead, i
to regulate the turning movement thereof.
Fig. 4 is a detail of a modification wherein the
foot board is hinged.
Fig. 5 is a view showing a bedstead suspended
and counterweighted in the process of turning ¿w
While being raised to the ceiling.
Fig. 6 is a section on the line 6--6 of Fig. 5.
Fig. 7 is a section on the line 'I--l of Fig. 5,
Fig. 8for
is an
end viewthe
centre electro-magnetic
of gravity of a
bedstead, causing it to rotate in opposite direc
In said views I have shown 'the bedstead A
provided with side bars I, headboard 2 and foot
board 3, these head and footboards being pro
vided with the legs 4.
Fittings 5 and 6, secured respectively to the
head and footboards, in central longitudinal
line below the centre of gravity of the bedstead, ¿25
serve as journal bearings for a shaft 1, so that
the bedstead, by means of said fittings, may be
rotatable about said shaft.
Shaft ‘I has an end 8 projecting beyond ñtting
5 and entered within a brake drum 9, and said ,<30
brake drum is provided with an axial, squared
extension I0 that lies between a pair of spaced,
vertical guide members I I ; and an eye bolt I2,
secured to extension I0, is shown to be engaged
by one end of a cable I3. The cable is passed ¿35
over pulleys I4, I5 that are secured to the ceil
ing I6 of the room containing the bedstead, said
cable being here shown as engaged by a windlass
I'I or other anchorage secured to the room floor
and operable by a motor I8 for raising and lower- -
ing the bedstead. Also the cable may be oper
ated manually or by any suitable mechanical
means, as is obvious.
As means of cable engagement with the foot
portion of the bedstead I provide an eye bolt I9 .45
extended from that end of shaft ‘I journalled in
fitting 6, and a cable 20 engages a sheave `2l
that is secured to the ceiling, so that the bed
stead is supported equally fore and aft in its
vertical movement and as inverted. Obviously a 50
single cable may be employed to perform the
service of cables I3 and 20.
Because the bedstead is pivoted on shaft 1
below its centre of gravity, it will, when being
lifted from the ñoor, turn to direct its legs toward 55
the ceiling and its upper portion downwardly, and
this rotation, if unchecked, would cause the
of gravity relation of the bedstead.
headboard to turn toward the ñoor before the
bedstead had risen sufficiently for the headboard
to clear the ñoor. Therefore I provide means
for restraining the turning motion during ele
tion and a spring detent handle 48 which is en
gageable in recesses 49 in the escutcheon consti
An arm 4I
extended from plate 4| permits its manual rota
tutes means for locking plates` 4|, 42 in the set
position of the revoluble member.
In the rotated
position of members 4l, 42 appearing in Fig. 5
As an example of such restraining means I
have shown a brake band composed of the mem
10 bers 22, hinged at their coincident ends 23 to a
the stud 46 is below the centre of gravity and thus
in hauling toward the ceiling the bedstead will
pintle 24 carried by a lug 25 that is secured to
the bedstead down to the floor the plates 4l, 42
and depends from the headboard 2. The brake
band is placed about the drum 9 over interven
ing brake lining 26, and the free, outturned ends
will be turned -»by arm 4l to place stud 4B above
21 of members 22 are connected by a bolt 28
landing with its legs on the floor.
In the further modification of Fig. 8 I have
shown a solenoid 5t whose plunger 5I carries a
stub shaft 52 to which a cable 36 is attached,
with nut 23; a spring 30, interposed between ends
21 expanding said members 22 against the reg
ulable tension applied by nut 29.
Under the adjusted tension of the brake band
20 the turning movement of the bedstead may be
suitably regulated.
The bedding, including the spring mattress,
may or may not be removed from the bedstead
before hoisting the latter. If left in place then
25 the bedding and mattress may be connected to
the bedstead to prevent displacement. To this
end I provide removable strips 3i of spring-like
material, having bent over ends, said strips being
placed across the bedding with their` bent over
30 ends caught beneath the side bars of the bed
To increase the head room when the bedstead
is raised, inverted, to the ceiling, holes 32 may be
formed in the ceiling to receive the legs 4.
As illustrated the headboard of the bedstead is
located parallel with and adjacent a wall of the
room, in this way offering, when elevated, less ob
struction to head room, and said headboard is
turn upside down.
Then, when about to bring 10
the centre of gravity, whereupon the bedstead in
descent will rotate into its upright position for
said shaft being shiftable to change the position
of the centre of gravity as said solenoid is ener
vgized to extend and retract said plunger. Pivotal
arms 53, 54, slotted as at 55, tol receive shaft 5l
serve as lateral guides for said shaft.
Variations within the spirit and scope of my
invention are equally comprehended by the fore 25
going disclosure.
I claim:-
1. The combination with a bedstead of pivotal
means therefor located fore and aft below its
centre of gravity, ñxed pulley means located
above the bedstead, and cable means extended
over said pulley means and engaging said pivotal
means for hauling said bedsteadrupwardly, and
causing the bedstead to turn while ascending.
2. The subject matter of claim i including the
provision of brake means to retard the turning
speed of the bedstead.
3. The subject matter of claim l including the
shown as provided with a mirror 33 which is con
provision ofvertical guide means and means ex
veniently usable when the headboard is pendent.
tended from said bedstead to co-act with said 40
guide means in its vertical movement.
In Fig. 4 there appears a modification wherein
the footboard is hinged, as at 35i, to be thus ca
pable of folding down upon the bedstead to be
more out of the way.
When the- bedstead is being pulled down for
use, an operator may easily turn it by hand to
bring the legs to rest upon the ñoor.
In thc modification of Figs. 5 to 'l I have shown
a bedstead 35 as engaged by a cable 36, passed
50 over pulleys 31, 38 that are secured to the ceiling
and provided with a counterweight 3B.
The same
assemblage of cable, pulleys and counterweight
is used both for the front and rear of the bed
A shaft di! is extended longitudinally through
the bedstead, about in the centre of gravity
, thereof, and a two-part revoluble member, com~
posed of the plates 4l and 42, both engaged with
shaft 40, is mounted over an escutcheon 43 that
is secured to a panel d4 of the bedstead, roller
bearings 45 facilitating the turning movement of
said revoluble member.
At a point on the plate 4I distant from its shaft
engaging centre a stud ¿it serves as an anchorage
65 for cable 36, this stud, according to the rotated
position of plates 4|, 42 determining' the centre
4. The combination with a room having a floor
and ceiling of a bedstead having legs that nor
mally rest upon the floor, said ceiling having
holes therein adapted to receive said legs, means 45
for hauling said'bedstead upwardly, and to cause
said bedstead to invert while being raised, and
guide means to direct the upward movement of
said bedstead causing its legs to register with and
enter said holes.
5. The subject matter of claim 4 including the
provision of braking means carried by said bed
stead to regulate its speed of rotation.
6. The subject -matter of claim 1 including the
provision of the bedstead footboard being hinged
to be foldable.
7. The combination with a bedstead of pivotal
means therefor located longitudinally in its
centre of gravity, pulley means located above the
bedstead cables connected with said pivotal and
pulley means, and cable engaging means borne
by said pivotal means that are shiftable both below
and above said centre of gravity, so that the bed
stead may be rotated in either direction while
beingfraised and lowered.
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