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March 29,- 1938. '
Filed Aug. 14, 1934
Patented Mar. 29, 1938
Henry G. Guire, Trenton, and Albin L. Chal
fonte, deceased, late of Trenton, N. J., by
administrator, Trenton,
Charles S. Chalfonte, mesne
assignments, to
N. J., assignors, by
National Printing Appliance Corporation', New
York, N. Y., a corporation of New> York>
ApplicationAugust 14, 1934, Serial ÍNo. ‘739,756
6 Claims.
(Cl.,141-1) ,
its magazine, the latter containing the matrices,
and both to be cleaned, are inserted through the
This invention relates to line-casting machines,
such Aas those >of composing rooms, in rwhich
matrices are movably guided in channels of
open end of the container, and then a rtight cover
is swíngably movable into position for removably
matrix magazines, and has particular reference
to improved cleaning methods and apparatus
sealingthe otherwise open end of the tank, `which o
also contains a suitable amount of cleansing
Since’the magazines are disposed in an inclined
operative position, so that the matrices may move
-gravitationally from the topi orA high open ends,
along the channels, for controllable discharge or
removal'fr'om thelower open ends thereof, it is
necessary not only to maintain these» channels,
but also -the matrices, in clean condition, in order
to insure free operation.
Movement of the matrices normally becomes
restricted, or clogged, because the frictionally en
gaging surfaces tend under ordinary working co-n
ditions to collect particles of dust, oil, graphite,
or other gummy substances; and priory to this
invention it has been the practice to» remove the
matrices from the magazine for cleaning pur
cleaning or washing operation.
cleaned. Also, removal of individual parts nec
essarily involved separate replacement or as
sembly, which further used considerable time.
` Now, one of the objects of our invention, as
established, is to clean the matrices in their
magazines without removal therefrom, and an
other object, connected with the foregoing, and
with a View to economy-of labor, and also of ma
C13 terial, is to utilize some of the parts for cleaning
The magazines have, opposite the discharge
Movement or inclination of the container be
tween different positions also facilitates inser
tion and removal of the frame and magazine,
which are constructed of appropriate metal. The 20
device is suitable for use in small shops or houses,
as` well as by large establishments, this being to
\ Thematerials usedfor cleaning, subsequent to
removal of the matrices, have been numerous, and
among these were brushes, the bristles of which,
apart from coincident labor and length of time
required, could not reach all of the parts to be
The tank with its contents are movable, there
being a `support ory stand in which the device is
journalled, and this movement may be rotary, or
reciprocal, as between slightly lowered and ele
vated positions, so» thatin either case the matrices
are moved between the ends of the magazine, and
the liquid, which may be of any desired temper
ature, is at the same time moved to complete the 15
end, a receiving or entrance end for the matrices,
so that the latter may be spaced as from the re
secure `a further object of the invention.
With the above indicated objects in View, and
others which will hereinafter appear, the essen-` 25
tial features of the present construction are here
in clearly described and fully illustrated in the
accompanying drawing, in which:
Fig. 1 is a longitudinal central sectional View
of the tank with its magazine holder;
Fig. 2 is a lateral elevational View thereof;
Fig. 3 is a vertical section taken on the line
3--3 of Fig. 1;
Fig. 4 is ‘a lateral elevational View of a ¿maga
zine holder' per se;
Fig. 5 is a reduced end View of a support in
which the complete deviceis shown in lateral
Fig. 6 is an enlarged detail View of a portion
of the section shown in Fig. l, and Fig. 7 illus 40
ceiving end, and between these ends in longitudi
trates a matrix.
nal or fore-and-aft directions, are disposed the
channels for controlling the said matrices, as is
corresponding _parts throughout the several views.
well known by thoseV skilled in the art. A 'fur
ther detailed description of these features is
Similar characters of reference are applied to
. The magazine and matrix cleaning device in
cludes a metal tank, container or housing the
opposite front and rear walls lll, ll of which, as
therefore not necessary.
l I
herein illustrated, are integral with the inter
A feature of our invention is a magazine holder ' posed lateral walls i3 and i4. These latter walls,
or frame, and since the matrices, as indicated, which are reinforced by >a rib I5, extend across
have movement relative the magazine. and its one end I6, Ill of the device to close the housing 50.
grooves, said holder, which is »constructed for
quickinsertion of the magazine, grips the latter thereat.
At the opposite or open end of the housing, the
and holds it with a resilientufit.
edge or terminal I8 of the cooperating wallsY is
Another feature of the invention >is a tank formed with an endlesslgroove I9, as shown in
or liquid container which includes aV body having Figs. l and’ö, and in this groove is positioned a
- :l opposed closed and open ends»> .The frame withV
resilient or rubber gasket 20, against which a re
movable cover 2|, having a reinforcing rib 22,
ñts in fluid-tight condition.
Adjacent the open end of the container the
lateral walls are provided with integral ears 23,
24, which are spaced from the body of the device,
and in these spaces, mounted for pivotal or
swinging movement on pins 25, 26, are the termi
wheel 68, is provided. This drain cock is thread
edly inserted in the housing at 69.
The liquid container is formed with opposed
bosses 10, 1| , which are bored to frictionally or
metallically receive trunnions 12, 13; and in order
to movably support the container, said trunnions Ol
are journalled in like standards, one of which
is. shown and numbered 14 in Fig. 5, of a frame 15,
nals of legs 21, 28 of a U-shaped frame, which ' which may be movable, as by base wheels or cas
10 also includes a bight portion 29. Said frame is
tors, not shown.
also provided with a reinforcing rib 30.
At the center of the swingable U-shaped frame
is a boss 3|, in which is a threaded aperture 32,
and in the center of the cover 2| is a recessed
boss 33. Said cover, by reason of terminal hands
34, 35, slidably embraces the legs 21, 28, so that
the structure is movable between the closed posi
tion shown in Fig. 1 and the dotted line or open
position shown in Fig. 2.
In the aperture 32 is mounted a threaded shank
36, which has at one end thereof and rigid there
with a hand wheel 31, and -at its opposite end an
expansion 38. This expansiomheld in the recess
of the boss 33 by a disk 39, is freely movable in
said recess, so that on turning the hand wheel
31 the cover 2| is either movable inwardly for
sealing engagement with the gasket 20, or out
wardly to allow of the aforesaid swinging or open
ing movement. The disk 39 is metallically held
30 on the boss 33.
A magazine 4D, with its matrices, is shown in
the present instance as including, on opposed in
clined lateral walls, 4|, 42, a front wall which in
cludes, between opposite ends 43, 45, transversely
disposed cooperating elements, as 46, 41. In the
fore-and-aft grooves of the magazine, not shown
in the drawing, but well understood by those
skilled in the art, the matrices, as 1, are slidably
movable, there being lugs 8, 9 on each matrix for
40 engaging in said grooves.
‘A holder for the magazine 46 includes a pair
of parallel bars. 48, 49, which extend from and
are, as at present shown, integral with a right
angularly disposed end plate 50, which partly
covers the end 45. Opposite said bars and cooper
ating therewith is a pair of bars 5| , 52, which are
held together at right angularly disposed exten
sions 53, 54 by a cross bar 55.
Like ears 56 of the plate 5D and of the terminals
of the bars 5|, 52 carry a hinge pin or rod 51;
and cooperating ears, as 58, of the bars 48, 49
and extensions 53, 54, carry >a removable rod 59.
On the inner faces of these bars are held opposed
springs, each alike and numbered 6D (seeFigs.
2_4), so the magazine 40 is yieldably held there
between. On removal of the rod 59 the magazine
holder is swingably operable.
The center 6| of the cross bar 53 is formed as
a gripping portion, so that the holder with its
magazine 4|) may be easily handled or carried;
and in order to adjust the magazine 40, or move
it tightly against the end 56, the extensions 53,
54 have threadedly mounted therein thumb screws
62, ‘63. Said screws terminally engage a plate or
partial closure 43', which is seated on the edge
of the magazine at its end 43. The handle por
tion 6| also serves as a seat for the cover 2|, so
that the holder with its magazine are resiliently
sup-ported in the housing by a coil spring 64,
which finds terminal seats at 65 and 66 on the
plate 5i) and end I6, |1.
Liquid may be removed from or inserted in the
container by the open end |8, but an end drain
75 cock 61, controllable by a Valve having a hand
Keyed 'to the trunnion 13 is a handle 16, and
since both trunnions are rigid with the container
the latter is swingable or revolvable by said han
But other means, such as a motor, not
shown, may be used in connection with the trun 15
nion for moving the same.
The container is not completely filled with the
cleansing fluid, so that on operating the handle
16 to move the container through a horizontal
position, as between the full line position of Fig. 20
5 and the position represented by the line a, a,
the fluid is moved longitudinally or in fore-and-aft
directions to clean the matrices in the magazine,
and also the walls and channels of said magazine,
as already indicated. When the container is re
volved, the cleaning operation, at different times
during each revolution, is the same as when 0s
cilated between inclined positions.
After the co-ntainer with its handle 16 areA
originally set up in the frame 15, removal there 30
from is not usually necessary. When a heated
cleansing fluid is used, the frame and magazine,
with its matrices„tend to dry quickly after re
moval from the container. Some fluids evaporate
quickly from the mechanism, after removal from
the container, at ordinary temperatures, and in
other cases, heating or drying means, not shown,
may be provided for the structure, on being re
moved from the container.
When, after cleaning a magazine, the liquid 40
is removed by way of the drain cock 61, the con
tainer may be conveniently tilted, as to the posi
tion a, a; the U-shaped frame may be swung to
the dotted line position of Fig. 2, and the maga
zine with its holder removed by the handle 6|.
As the hereinbefore described construction Iad
mits of considerable modification without de
parting from the invention, the particular ar
rangements shown should be taken as illustrative,
and Vnot in a limiting sense; therefore, the scope
of protection contemplated is to be taken solely
from the appended claims, interpreted as broadly
as is consistent with the prior art.
We claim:
1. A holder comprising two pairs of spaced par
allel holder bars; an inner end plate integral with
one pair of said bars; means pivotally mounting
the other pair on said end plate at the inner end
of the bars; an outer end member integral With
the pivoted bars at the other end from said plate;
means releasably holding the outer ends of the (S0
other bars; opposed springs on the inner faces of
said bars adapted to yieldably receive a matrix
magazine therebetween; and means on said outer
end member for adjusting the magazine against
the en-d plate.
2. A magazine holder for use with a container
having open and closed ends and a cover plate
for engaging said open end, said closed end hav
ing a seat axial of the container; said holder be
ing elongated and having an inner end plate hav 70
ing a seat coaxial with said ñrst named seat and
adapted to receive a coil spring adapted to be
compressed between said seats; an outer end
member disposable at said open end of said con
tainer, said outer end member being provided
with a handle portion adapted to be engaged by
said cover plate for pressing the end plate against
said coil spring as the cover plate is closed.
3. In combination, a container having open
and closed ends; a cover plate engaging said open
end; said closed end having a closable drain
opening surrounded by a seat; an elongated hold
er disposed longitudinally within the container
against the opposite container walls and adapted
to receive a matrix magazine therebetween; an
inner end plate integral with said holder and hav
magazine, and means releasably holding said top
end portion and the ilrst mentioned member to
5. 'I'he combination of a liquid containing tank
having an adjustable cover, av matrix magazine
holder disposed in the tank and including side
members, said members having spring fingers for
resiliently engaging opposite sides of a magazine,
said holder including top and bottom members,
spring means disposed between the bottom of 10
the tank and said bottom member, and means for
adjusting said cover so as to urge the latter
against said top member, whereby to tension the
ing a seat coaxial with said first named seat; a
coil spring compressed between said seats; an
outer yend member integral with the holder at
said open end of said container, said outer end
holder against said spring means.
6. In combination, an elongate revolvable tank
for containing cleansing liquid for a matrix mag
member being provided with a handle portion
adapted to be engaged by said cover plate for
pressing the end plate against said coil springs
tank for revolution about a transverse axis, said
tank comprising a bottom and having a top seal
20 as the cover plate is closed.
4. A holder comprising a side member having
a bottom end portion for engaging one end of a
matrix magazine, an opposite side member hav
ing a top end portion for engaging the opposite
end of the magazine, hinge means connecting
said bottom portion and the second mentioned
member, spring means carried by said members
for resiliently engaging the opposite sides of the
azine, there being means pivotally supporting'the
ing closure, a. magazine holder disposed within
the tank and having spring ñngers for engaging
opposite side of the magazine, and spring means
resiliently supporting said holder longitudinally
of the tank.
Administrator for the Estate of Albin L. Chal
fonte, Deceased.
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