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Match 29, 1938.
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
?g. I.’
Filed June 22," 19:57
A iiorneys
March 29, 1938.
Filed'June 22, 1957
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I Inventors
(Zarlyr ?ew/e V
eZ’manae M
I" v
A ttorn'eys
Patented Mar. 29, 1938
Charley Steele and Clarence‘Emanuel,
Elm Creek, Nebr.
Application June 22, 1937, Serial -No. 149,730
1 Claim. (Cl. 103-103)
This invention relates to a pump, mainly de
of the outlet pipe It‘. A substantially semi-cir
signed for irrigation purposes, ‘the general ob
cular ba?le plate I? is arranged in the casing I
ject of the invention being to provide a pump and partly encircles the impeller and a second
which can be sold at low cost and one which will bailie plate I8 is located in the casing I and ex
move the maximum amount of water with min
tends from a portion of the ?rst plate I‘! to the
imum amount of power.
opposite side wall of the casing and is located to
This invention also consists in certain other one side of the plane of the nipple I5 and these
features of construction and in the combination two plates form a chamber IS in the casing I so
and arrangement of several parts, to be herein
that the water drawn into the casing or bowl I
10 after fully described, illustrated in the accom
by the impeller will ?rst flow into the chamber
panying drawings and speci?cally pointed out in I9 and then pass from the chamber through the
the appended claim.
nipple I5 into the pipe I5.
In describing the invention in detail, reference
The upper end of the outlet pipe I6 is formed
will be had to the accompanying drawings where
with a spout 20 and its upper end is closed by a
15 in like characters denote like or corresponding
cap 2| having a small discharge valve 22 thereon
parts throughout the several views," and in
so that a hose or the like can be connected with
Figure 1 is an elevation of the improved pump.
Figure 2 is a top plan view thereof.
Figure 3 is. a section on the line 3-3 of Figure 1.
Figure 4 is a longitudinal sectional view through
the pump.
Figure 5 is a bottom plan view of the bowl with
the pump to a radiator or other object.
the bottom plate removed.
In these drawings, the numeral I indicates the
bowl of the pump which is composed of a large
cylindrical casing, the bottom of which is closed
by a plate 2 bolted to the bottom ?ange of the
The pipe I6 and the cylinder II are connected
together by the clamps 23 and a clamp 24 supports
a bearing 25 from the upper end of the pipe I6,
this bearing supporting the upper end of the
shaft I2. A lubricant cup 26 is carried by the
bearing 24 and a pulley 21 is attached to the
shaft I2 between the bearing 25 and the upper
end of the cylinder II . This cylinder II is adapt
ed to be ?lled with oil or other lubricant and is
closed by a cap 28 provided with a packing
casing as shown at 3 and having an eccentrically
gland 29.
arranged coupling pipe 4 formed therewith, this
coupling pipe being adapted to be bolted or other
is driven, any suitable source of power and the "
wise fastened to the suction pipe 5. An impeller
A is located in the bowl or casing and is com
posed of the lower ring-shaped plate 6, the curved
Y‘ blades 1 having their lower edges suitably se
cured to the upper face of the plate‘and the up
per cover plate 8 which has its lower face secured
to the blades. The hub of the impeller is' shown
at 9 and the inner ends of the blades are secured
thereto. The opening in the plate 6 is located
above the bore of the coupling pipe 4 while the
upper plate 8 is located close to the top of the
casing I which has a threaded nipple I0 thereon
for receiving the closed lower end of a small
45 cylinder II which forms a bearing for the shaft
I2, the lower end of which passes through the
bottom of the cylinder II and is attached to the
central portion of the upper face of the plate 8
of the impeller. The hub 9 has a depending part
terminating in a conical or substantially semi
spherical head I3 which ?nds a bearing in the
21 ~31
the valve to direct a small stream of water from
spider I4 in the coupling pipe 4. A second nipple
I5 extends upwardly from the top of the casing
I at one side thereof and remote from the nip
ple I0 and this nipple I5 receives the lower end
It will be understood that when the shaft I2
impeller will act to draw water or other ?uid up
the pipes 5 and 4 and discharge it into the cham
ber I9 of the casing I whence it will ?ow up the
pipe I6 and escape through the spout 20 and if 3‘
the valve 22 is open some of the water will pass
through this valve into a hose or the like con
nected with the valve. The oiling system keeps
water from the bearings and makes the pump
easy to operate. As before stated the pump is
mainly designed for irrigation purposes where
it is dif?cult to keep bearings free of water. How
ever, it will be understood that the pump can be
used for other purposes.
It is thought from the foregoing description
that the advantages and novel features of the
invention will be readily apparent.
It is to be understood that changes may be
made in the construction and in the combination
and arrangement of the several parts, provided
that such changes fall within the scope of the
appended claim.
What is claimed as new is:-—
A pump of the class described comprising a
circular bowl having an inlet opening in its bot-4
tom located to one side of the center of the bowl
and an outlet opening in its top located to the op
posite side of the center, a discharge pipe hav
ing its lower end in communication with the out
let opening, an impeller in the bowl including a
bottom member having a centrally arranged op
ening therein registering with the inlet opening,
a vertically arranged substantially semi-circular
partition member extending from the top of the
10 bowl to the bottom thereof and partly encircling
the impeller, a smaller curved partition member
being slightly spaced from the plane of the out
let opening with the concave face of said small
partition facing toward said plane, the concave
faces of both partitions facing in the same gen
eral direction, a verticallyarranged tubular mem
ber closed at its lower end and said end being
exteriorly threaded, a. threaded nipple on the top
of the bowl concentric to the center of the im
peller and into which the threaded end of the
tubular member is threaded, a shaft passing 10
through'the tubular member and connected with
the impeller, means for rotating the shaft, the
extending from the top of the bowl to the bot
tom thereof and having one side edge connected tubular member containing oil and a packing
with the ?rst partition member a slight distance gland in the upper end of the tubular member
through which the shaft passes.
15 from the inner side edge thereof, the outer side
edges of the two partition members being con
nected at spaced points with the internal side‘
wall of the bowl, the second partition member
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