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March 29, 1938.
I 2,112,470
Filed July 31, 1935
New,‘ We 29? 1°38 \ .
, 2.112376 1
-Allillieation-July 31, ‘1935, Serial No. 34,071
5 Claims.
'(CI. 65-61)
My invention relates, to improvements in can
punch and pouring devices, and it consists voi.’ the
Figure 3 is a bottom plan view oi’ the cover show- ~
ing the pouring spout; and
- combinations, constructions and‘ arrangements
hereinafter described and claimed.
Figure 4 ‘is a section along the line 4-4 or
Figure 3.
An object of my invention is to provide acan .'
In carrying out;my_invention I' provide a con- 5
punch and-pouring device especially designed for
use with canned milk. The device consists of a
.container which receives the can of milk, and the
tainer which has a cylindrical wall i and a bot—.
tom 2. The wall i'may be provided with open
lugs or windows if desired, and in the present
container has a coverhinged thereto which carries
form 01’ the invention I have shown three such _
10 puncturing elements for puncturing two open-
windows I separated. from each other by i'ront'lo
ings in the can top when the cover is closed. One strips M and a rear strip 5.‘ The windows 3 do
of the openings is made to the‘rear‘oi the can not extend to the top of the container, nor do
top and is designed to admit air to the can as ‘they extend to ebottom. The bottom! is pro
the milk is poured. This relieves any \vacuum in \ vided with a ?l'ge Opening 3, and the ?ngers may
15 the can and permits a more rapid pouring of the hey inserted through this opening'when it is de- 15
milk. The other puncturing device also acts as sired to reove the can ‘I from the container.
a conduit and conveys the milk from the can to a A handle 8 ' : cured to the container, and may be
pouring spout whichis carried by the cover. The _ disposed in be : oi the strip 5 if desired. The
: pouring spout is removable from the cover. and top of the container is Open, and a 1110111111 Piece ,
20 this permits the parts to be thoroughly cleaned.
A handle is provided for the container in order
8 is formed at a point diametrically opposite the‘ 20
, handle '-
' '
to aid in the pouring and if desired a stopper
may be removably disposed at the outlet end of
A cover II is hinged to the container at H,‘
wells of the shape shown in Figure 3- This cover
the spout.
carries a removable spout [2 on its inner surface,
If desired the wall of the container maybe out
see Figures; and 4. v , The spout may be of any. 25
away. to form .ywindowsv-through which the resin
ing matter on the can may be viewed. This
adapts the device to advertising ‘purposes. The
puncturing elements irictionally engage with the
shape desired and I have illustrated the spout as
wedge-shaped with the Widest P01171011 0f
the wedge‘ disposed at the ‘outlet end of the spout.
Figure 4 Show! the Spout '1 88 being 'U-ShaDBd in
30 can top‘ when the cover .is closed and hold the ' 01058 Section. and as havingtriangularly-shaped 30
cover against accidental swinging into open’posi-l ?anges '3 th?t ride in similarly Shaped grooves
tion. 'After the can has been emptied of its milk
H in the cover It It will be seen from this that
the cover ran be manually swung into open
the spout '2 maybe slid into 905M911, and will
tion, then the ?ngers may be inserted through frictionaliy hold itseli’ to the cover when the spout
35 the opening in the bottom of the container 101'} 18 moved wits extreme positio?lifting the can from the container.
- _ l
The spout carries a vent-forming tube II and
The device is extremely simple in construction, a ?uld-cohvevins tube "- , Figure 1 Shows the
and not only forms a ready means for puncturing tube N as being smaller in diameter than the
a pouring opening and a vent opening in a can - tube "-_ The l'mrpole 0f ?lls-feature 18 ‘70 Permit
49 top, but also provides a means for ‘housing the ' the ?uid7 from the can 1 to readily ?ow through 40
can. ‘The device in use acts as a pitcher. not}; the tube It, and the size of thetube is such as
the vent and the pouring spout can be closed, to prevent the milk from forming a dim ‘across '
which'makes the device sanitary.
the tube and COHEN-ling so as to stop further ms
other objects and “name, Wm ‘m, in . sage of milkji'rom the can. Both tubes I5 and IS
the following speci?cation, and the novel 'i'eaturesv 1m” cutting edge‘ '7 and " respectively» and 45
- f h
pmMn". pom
these edges puncture the can top I! at II and 2|
' .'
ted out/m
when the cover II is moved into cl
Thetubeii punctures the can top
tthe rear
My invention is illustratedin the accompany- ot__.the can. while the tube I‘ punctures the top
suing drawn‘? mm“?! "Pa" °r thuippuqimmi - adjacent to the front of the can. - This permits 50
in which
Figure 1 i8 9' "QWWYWQQB
vice showing a can in-iiovdtloni
air into the can through the tube II ‘during each
Figure 2 is a front elevation of the device with,
the can removed; '
all or the ?uid in the can to be delivered through
the lie? ' the'tube ll, and also permits an immediate ?ow of
pouring operation.
It will be noted 'irom?-ll'lgui'e 1 that the rear 55 i
end of the spout i2 is open as at 22, and that the
can top extends above the upper edges 23 of the
windows 3. An air compartment is therefore
formed by the can top I9, the cover It), and the
container wall I. Air can ?lter into this com
partment between the‘ can ‘I and the inner sur
This permits air to
' face of the container wall I.
?nd its way through the opening 22 and into
prising a can container with windows therein
whose upper edges are spaced below the top of
the can-disposed in the, container, a cover hinged
to the container, the can top cooperating with the
container wall and cover for providing a pro
tected space against insects, a spout carried by
the cover, a vent tube and a liquid conveying tube
carried by the spout and designed to puncture
the can i as the milk is withdrawn, while still
the can top when the cover is swung into closed
closing the‘ opening against the entrance of any
insects. The outlet end oi the spout I2 is made
large enough to readily handle all of the ?uid
passing through the tube Hi. This will prevent
the ?uid from backing up in the spout H. ‘A
position, the end oi-the spout disposed within the
washer 2d of rubber or leather is disposed on
of the spout are protected from insects. ’
the tube it and seals the opening H in the can.
The spout i2 has downwardly inclined portions
25 disposed adjacent to the tube 16, and this
causes any ?uid in the spout to gravitate back
20 into the can when the pouring operation is com
The tubes l5 and I5 may be screwed or,
otherwise secured to the spout l2.
If desired a stopper 2T5 may be inserted in the
outlet end of the spout, and this stopper may be
25 connected to the container by means of a chain
27. The spout 62 has an "enlargement 28 de
signed to abut against the outer end of the mouth
piece 9 to form acontinuous and symmetrical
appearance for the mouth piece. The windows 3
‘30, permit the writing on the‘ can to be viewed and
in this, way the device acts as an advertising me
container, opening into the space de?ned by the
can, the container and the cover, and a stopper
removably disposed in the outlet end of the
spout,‘ whereby both the vent and the outlet end
2. A container designed to receive a can and
having an inside diameter slightly larger than
the diameter o1.’ a can receivable in the container;
the wall of the container being provided with
openings disposed below the can top; a cover for 20
the container; can puncturing members carried
by the cover and constituting an air vent and a
liquid outlet for the can; said cover, container
wall, and can top constituting the sides of an air
compartment; said air vent communicating with 25
the ‘air compartment; whereby the air ?owing
into the can to take the place 01' the liquid poured
out is shielded from insects and foreign matter.
3. A can puncturing and pouring device com
prising a container for a ‘can, a cover for the con 30
tainer, said cover having a channel on its inner
surface tapered lengthwise, a trough- having a
From the foregoing description of the various
parts of the device, the operation thereof may
similar lengthwise taper and being removably dis
The cover It! is opened and the can is placed
posed in the channel for forming a liquid-tight
seal along the edges 01’ the trough, and a pair 35
of can cutting tubes carried by the trough, said
in the container I. The cover is now swung into
- a position where the‘ tube l5 rests on the can top
IS. The cover is now manually moved into closed
position, and this will cause the tubes I5 and It
cleaning purposes, the removal of the trough also
permitting the channelto be cleaned.
4. A can puncturing and pouring device com 40
be readily understood.
trough and tubes being removable as a unit for
to puncture the can top at the places designated. prising a container for a can and providedwith
The stopper 26 may now be removed,‘ and the openings in its wall whose upper edges are spaced
device is ready for use. The device is handled in ' below the can top, a cover for the container and
cooperating with the container wall and can top
much the same manner as a pitcher, and the
for providing a protected space from insects, a d5
45 cover is held against accidental opening by the
spout tube and event tube carried by the con
engagement of. the "tubes !5 and i6 in the can
top. After each use of the device the stopper 25 tainer and designed to puncture the can top, the
may again be inserted in the mouth piece l2. vent tube opening into the protected space in the
When the can is emptied the cover is swung into container top, whereby the vent tube is protected
from insects and foreign matter.
open position, and then the can is removed from
5. A can puncturing and pouring device com
the container i, this beingaccomplished by the.
person forcing his ?ngers through the opening 6,
and pressing against the bottom of the can. A
prising a container for a can, a cover for the con
new can can be substituted for the empty one in
surface tapered lengthwise, a trough having a)
similar lengthwise taper, the edges of the channel 55
and the edges of. the trough having cooperating
ridges and" grooves wedge-shaped in cross section
for forming liquid tight connections between the
parts, and a pair of can cutting tubes carried by
the trough, said trough acting as a spout for con
the manner already indicated.
While I have shown only the preferred formof
my invention, it should be'understood that vari
ous changes ormodi?cations may be made within
the ,scope of the appended claims without depart
ing from the spirit of the invention.
I claim:
1. A can punctin'ing and’pouring devicecom~
tainen'said cover having a channel on its inner
veying the liquid contents from the can.
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