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March 29, 1938..
Filed March 16, 1934
w 44W
Patented Mar. 29, 1938
Adrian 0. Daller, Dennisport, Mass, assignor to
Utility Packages, Inc.', a corporation of New
Application March 16, 1934, Serial No. 715,864
4 Claims. (cl. 229-87)
coating on the wrapping, and allowed to dry.
This invention relates to a carton and method
of making the same, and more specifically to a
carton‘ with a tight-sealed outer wrapping and
method of making the same.
In general, it is an object of the invention to
Thereafter, those parts may be joined by pres
sure about the container.
Similarly, a. portion
of the container may have the adhesive applied
thereto and a portion of the wrapping which is to
provide a device of the character described which be in registry with the said portion of the con
tainer may be also prepared in the same fashion.
will e?iciently perform the purpose for which it ‘ When
the container and the wrapping are brought
is intended,‘ which is slinple and economical of together
under pressure they will remain attached 10
construction, which can be conveniently and
to each other. _
1° safely handled, and which can be readily manu
If it is desired, in the case where the adhesive
factured and assembled, and a method for mak
between the layers of the wrapping has not been
ing the same.
permitted to dry before the wrapping is folded
Another object of the invention is to provide a
upon itself, such pressure may be used during
carton having a smooth, waxed or otherwise the intersecuring of the wrapper upon itself that 16,
coated, moisture-proof wrapping which is ad
a portion of the adhesive is caused to be squeezed
hesively secured to the carton.
out from between' the overlying portions of the
Another object is to provide a method for secur
wrapping and to become fixed between the wrap
ing upon itself a smooth, waxed, outer wrapping ping and the container, whereby they are per
for a carton and for securing such a wrapping to manently joined. When this is done heat should
20 the carton.~
preferably be applied to that portion of the wrap
Other objects of the invention will in part be ping overlying the adhesive, so that the adhesive
obvious and will in part appear hereinafter. *
, may penetrate the wax or other coating on the
The invention ‘accordinglycomprises the sev
eral steps and the relation and order of one or
25 more of such steps with respect-to each of the
wrapping and e?ect a tight bond therewith.
and direct methodv of attaching a smooth, coated,
outer'wrapping to an inner container has been
others, and the article possessing the features,
properties, and the relation of elements, which
are exemplified in the following detailed dis
closure, and the scope of the application of which
"a will be indicated m the clclllls.v
For a fuller understanding of the nature and
objects of the invention reference should be had
to the following detailed description taken in
connection with the accompanying drawing, in
described above, which results-in a particularly
desirable “carton.
as to continue to give a relatively large amount
cut away of a device embodying one form of the
The outer wrapping may be
broken open and the carton itself entered without
the danger which has heretofore been present
with smooth, moisture-proof wrappings that the
wrapping immediately upon its breakage in any
part would slide o?f from the inner carton. The
present device permits the inner carton to be re
closed and the outer wrapping to be refolded so
Fig. 1 is a view in perspective with' a portion
It will be apparent that an exceedingly simple
of protection against moisture and the like, even
In the drawing, Ill denotes a carton of any con
venient size‘and shape. Surrounding the carton
I is a wrapping of any desired material, preferably
a moisture-proof material, such as waxed paper
after the carton has been once opened. Further 40
more, the outer wrapping may, where the inven
tion here disclosed is employed, be tightly sealed
so as to (give a truly moisture-vapor-dust-p'roof
to the container. The seal obtained
or moisture-proofed regenerated cellulosic sheet, ' wrapping
may be even'stronger than the wrapping itself.
material, such for example as “Cellophan ". This
smooth-surfaced-material, which will hereinafter
be referred to as material having a wax-like sur
face, is securedto itself in any interlocking fash
Since certain changes in carrying out the above
process and certain modi?cations in the‘ article
which embody the invention maybe made with
out departing from its scope, it is intended that
all matter contained in the above description or 50
this purpose an adhesive may be used, preferably shown
in the accompanying drawing shall be in
containinggrubber, which may be in the form of terpreted as illustrative, and not in a limiting
latex or of crepe-rubber particles in suspension.v
ion,-for example, by overlapping edges. For
The portions of the wrapping which are to be
' intersecln'ed may be prepared with theadheslve,
“ heated to permit the adhesive to vpenetrate the
' It is also to be understood that the following
claims are intended to cover all of the generic
I and speci?c features of the invention herein de
scribed, and all statements of the scope of the in
vention which, as a matter of language. might be
said to fall therebetween.
Having described my invention, what I claim
as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is:
1. A method of packaging. comprising enclosing
material within a container, encasing said con
tainer with a coated, moisture-proof wrapper,
sealing said wrapper on itself with an adhesive
and to become ?xed between said wrapper and
said container, at a point such that when said
wrapper and said container are opened said point
will not be disturbed whereby said smooth wrap‘
per may be retained ?xed to said container.
3. In a package of the class described, a con
tainer, a wrapper completely enclosing said con
tainer and provided on at least one facethereoi
with a wax-like, moisture-proof material, all over
lapping edges of said wrapper being secured to
containing rubber by heating said wrapper to per
gether by a moisture resistant adhesive contain
mit the said adhesive to penetrate the coating on
said wrapper, and intersecuring said wrapper and
ing rubber, said wrapper also being secured to
said container along at least one of said overlap
ping edges whereby to form a package whose con
said container by causing a certain quantity of
15 adhesive to be expelled from the folds of said
tents are protected throughout against moisture.
4. In a package of the class described, a con
become fixed between said wrapper and said con; tainer, a moisture-proof wrapper therefor having
a wax-like, moisture-proof coating completely en
2. A method of packaging, comprising enclosing . closing said container, and having all of its over
material within a container, encasing said con
lapping edges secured together by a moisture
tainer with a coated, moisture-proof wrapper, proof adhesive containing rubber, said wrapper
sealing said wrapper on itself with an adhesive also being secured to said container along at least
containing rubber by heating said wrapper to _,one of its overlapping edges by the same adhesive
permit the said adhesive to penetrate the coat
used invsecuring said edges together whereby to
ing on said wrapper, and intersecuring said wrap
form a package whose contents are protected
per and said container by causing a certain throughout against moisture.
quantity of adhesive to be expelled from the folds~
of said wrapper dining-the sealing of the latter
wrapper during the sealing of the latter and to
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