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March 29, 1933- '
2,112,613 '
‘ Filed April 4, 1936
2 Sheets-Sheet 1 ‘
IN Vlnirok I
, 1/1: Ariana-)1;
M 29, .1933'
_ Filed April 4,
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
Patented Mar. 29, 1938
' 2,112.61:
80] J. Waxelbaum, Atlanta, Ga."
Application April 4. 19:0, Serial No. 1am‘. t.
'.4Claims'. (0!. 30-415) "
This invention relates to shoes, particularly
Fig. 18 is a section ‘with
laid over
shoes of the sandal type having. an upper com
the shank piece and the bottonr'gjot jthelast ‘and
prising separate forepart and rear portions. The
invention has for its principalobjects to provide
va. shoe of the above type having an extremely
?exible, light weight forepart that will readily
conform itself, to the, foot and to simplify the
manufacturing operation. The invention con
sists in the shoe and in the process hereinafter
described and claimed.
with the forepart of the uppersiip'pedzover the
'forepart cl'thelast.
‘Y '
Fig. 19 is a side elevation of-the'?nished sandal
with the 800k lining‘therein,
Fig. 20 is a side elevation-atria sandal of modi
i I Fig. 21 is a fragmentary vertical section on the
line II--2i 111113.80, "
,In vthe accompanying drawings, which form
Fig. 22 is an enlarged edge view'oi' the forepart' _
‘part of this speci?cation and wherein like symbols otthe outsole of the sandal shown in Fig. 20 in
refer to like parts wherever they occur,
. the 'region of one of the fasteners for the fore- .
Fig. 1 is a top‘view of an outsole of'a sandal
embodying my invention,
Fig. 2,is a fragmentarysection through the
forepart‘oi said outsole-on the line 2--2of Fig. 1,
Fig. 3 is a face view of the strip for securing the '
forepart oi' the upper to the i'orepart of the out
Fig. 4 is a cross-section through said strip on
the line 4-4 of H8. 3,
Fig. 5 is a top view
the upper,
of the forepart portion of»
. Fig. 8 is a vertical longitudinal section on the
Fig. 2 isa section similar
, to. Fig. 2, showing the.
upper securing strip attached to the forepart of
the outsole,
Fig. 8 is a top view of'the assembled outsole se
curing strip and forepart upper section,
Fig. 9 is an enlarged fragmentary top view of
._ Figs. .23 and 24 are a vertical section‘and an
edge view,~respectively, ofan outsole provided
with another modi?ed form of upper fastener. .
My shoe or sandal‘comprises an outsolefA, a
heel B, a shank piece or rear insole
C, '
separate forepart and rear upper portions D and
E, respectively, a metal shank stiifener F inter
posed between the outscie and the shank piece,
and a sock lining G that covers the shank piece
and forepart of the outsole- -,The upper, portion
of the outsole A is cut away or rabbeted, as at I
around the forepart thereof to receive the mar
ginal portions of a longitudinal folded strip 2,
said marginal portions, being
and to the bottom of the rabbet by ‘means of
stitching 3. , The strip 2 is notched along its fold 30
ed free outer marginto form. a series of tabs or
loops ,4 that are spaced'apart longitudinally of
_ the toe portion of’ the assembly shown in Fig. 8,
' said strip preferably from endto end thereof.
Fig. 10 is a vertical cross-section on the line
The forepart D'oi the upper is provided along its |0--l0inFig..9.
Fig. 11 is a vertical cross-section on the line
ll-'-'ll inFig. 9,
Fig. 12 is a perspective view‘ of one of a series
of tabs, forming a modi?ed arrangement for se
curing the forepart of the upperto theforepart
of the outsole, I
Fig. '13 is a section similar to Fig. 7, showing the
tab of Fig. 12 secured to the outsole,
Fig. 14 is a view similar to Figs. 7 and 13 show
ing another modi?ed arrangement for securing
the securing strip or tabs to the outsole,
Fig. 15 is a bottom plan view of a last, showing
the shank piece secured to the ‘rear portion of said
last and a metal shank stiffener secured to‘ said‘
50 shank piece,
Fig. 16 is a view similar to Fig. 15 showing the
rear portion of the upper lasted to said shank
Fig. 17 is a vertical longitudinal section on the
55 line I'l-l‘! in Fig. 16,
lower margin with a series of similarly spaced 35
tabs or loops’ 5 that extend into the spaces be
tween the marginal tabs or loops 4 of the strip 2.
The tabs or loops of the strip‘ 2 and the forepart
D of the upper are loosely secured together by
means-of a cord 6, which‘extends loosely through 40
said tabs or loops and has its ends sewed or other
wise anchored, as at ‘I, to the ‘outsole, thereby, . ‘
forming a hinge slip joint between said forepart
of said upper and the forepart of saidoutsole.
In some cases, it may be desirable to secure the
forepart of the upper to the insole by means ‘of
a series .01‘ separate folded tabs or loops la. like
thevtab shown in Figs. 12 and 13. The tab or loop
may be secured by stitching Sa'to the top of the
outsole without rabbeting; and the bottom of the
outsole may be slit along'its edge to provide a flap
l for concealing said stitching. As shown inFig.
14, the strip or‘ separate tab or loops 4b may be '
secured to the outsole by rivets 9 and the heads
at the lower ends of the rivets covered by a ?ap
in similar to the flap 0 shown in Fig. 13. In the
modi?ed construction shown in Figs. 20 and 22,
the forepart of the upper comprises crossed strips
tending from the heel of said outsoleonly to th
ball thereof, and an upper comprising a ‘separate
rear portion with its lower margin interposed be
tween and secured to said insole and said outsole
and a separate forepart having its lower margin
margin of the outsole and serve to clamp the ‘ connected to the forepart only of said outsole by
doubled-back end portions of the lacing thereto. a hinge slip joint, said hinge slip Joint compris- I
As ‘shown in Figs. 23 and 24, a pin ‘a extends‘ ing a longitudinally folded strip whose marginal
through or over the doubled-back end of the‘ portions are securedtogether' and to the top only '
of said outsole around the margin of the fore
10 cross strap of the upper and with its ends sup
ported in openings, provided therefor in heads part thereof and provided with a series of loops
or lacing ll whose ends are doubled back and in
'serted within staples is that are driven into the
formed integral with a pair of spaced rivets id
embedded in the outsole.
In the process of manufacturing the herein
spaced apart valong its outer margin, a series of
loops formed integral, with and spaced apart.
along the lower margin of the forepartof said
15 beiore described sandal, the shank piece ' C is ' upper and disposed loosely between the loops of 16.
mounted on a last H, the metal shank stiffener F the strip secured to said outsole, and a ?exible
is secured on top of the shank piece. the rear
portion or section I of the upper is pulled over
the margin of the rear portion of the shank piece
and tacked or‘ otherwise secured thereto. The
outsole A with the forepart D of the upper at
tached thereto in the manner hereinbefore ‘de
scribed, is mounted on the last and either per
manentlycemented to the upper and shank piece
25 or temporarily cemented and sewed in place after
the last is pulled. The shank piece and exposed
iorepart of, the outsole are-then covered with the
sock lining G.
The hereinbefore described arrangement pro
vides a hinge slip joint between the forepart of
the upper and the forepartoi the outsole that
permits relative movement .of. the outsole and
. upper in‘ all directions and'thua enables the upper
member passing loosely through the loops of said
forepart of said upper and said strip with 'its tends
anchored to one of said upper forepart and said
~ . 3. A shoe comprising an outsole. an insole ex
tending from the heel of said outsole only to the
ball thereof, and an upper comprising a sepa— , ‘
rate rear portion with its lower margin inter-l
posed between and secured to said‘ insole and
said outsole and a separate forepart‘ having‘ its
lower margin connected to the forepart only of
said outsole by'a hinge slip Joint. said hinge slip
joint-comprising a series of spaced looped ‘tabs I '
with'their ends secured together and to the top 870
onlyv of said outsole around the margin of the ‘
forepart thereof and a similar series oflooped '
tabs formed integral with‘ the lower margin of
to conform to the foot. ‘the sandal isrwithout
the. forepart of said upper and extending loosely‘ '
weight of the sandal and increasing the ?exibility
of: the forepart of the outsole. The. forepart'of
the looped tabs of said outsole'and said forepartr
the upperr‘can be made. larger or smaller by
with its ends anchored to said ‘outsole.
an; insole inlltsforepart, thereby reducing'the ' into the spaces between the'tabs on said‘outsole.
and a ?xible member extending-loosely through»
4.‘ A shoe comprising anoutsole, an insoleex-v
slackeningor tightening the
hereinbefore described-process of making the‘ tending from the heelyof said'outsole only to the
sandal is simple and inexpensive compared‘ with
theprocess of making turned shoes andprocesses
that use temporary insoles-in the forepart of the
i.‘ Ashoe comprising-an
ex- -
tending from the heelof said outsole only to the
ball'thereof, and an upper comprising a separate
rear portion. with-its lower margin interposed be
50 tweenand secured to said insole and said outsole
‘ and a separate forepart having its lower margin
connected to the forepart only of said outsole by
. a hinge slip joint adapted to permit relative bod
ily movement of the forepa'rt and‘ rear portions
of said upper'and said forepart portion of said
upper and said outsole in ;all directions.‘
2. A shoe comprising'an outsole, an insole ex
ball thereof, and an upper comprising a rear por
tion with its lower margin interposed between
and secured to said insole andsaid outsole and
aforepart having its lower margin connected
to the forepart of said outsole by a hinge slip
joint. said hinge slip joint comprising a series of ~
and having
apart around
there-' ~i"
through, rivets securing said metal members ?at- .
wise to the upper surface only of said outsole,
looped tabs along the lower edge of the forepart
of said upper ‘extending loosely" into'the spaces
between said metal members and amember ex- ' I
tending through the openings in said metal mem
bers and loosely through the loops inthe tabs of 55
said forepart of said upper.
s01. J; WAXELBAUM. -
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