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Ma-l'ch 29, 1938-
Filed July 14, ' 1936
Patented Mar. 29, 1938
Leonard Friedberg, New York, N. Y., assignor to
Paris Cosmetics, 1110., New York, N. Y.
Application July 14, 1936, Serial No. 90,485
5 Claims.
(Cl. 132—79)
This invention relates in its broad aspect to
cosmetic dispensers, and particularly to mascara
carriers and appliers, embodying appropriate
casings of reduced size to be carried in a lady’s
5 hand bag for immediate use if and when desired,
or the casing may be supported from the belt or
otherwise, by small chains, ribbons or cords; a
preferable tiny size of the casing should be about
21/4 inches long and about 5/8” in rectilinear cross
10' section, which would leave ample space within
for housing in compact relation the elements or
devices which collectively comprise the invention.
Broadly, the invention comprises structural
means for slowly dispensing a cosmetic prepared
15 in semi-fluid form, from a collapsible tube, sack
or bladder of soft rubber, soft tin or like mate~
rial and means for forcing or extruding the cos
metic through a restricted ori?ce or channel to
preserve cleanliness in the interval operations of
20 supplying or presenting, the semi-?uid material
to a suitable implement for applying or spreading
the said material for beautifying purposes.
A further feature of the invention resides in
the construction of the container and its associ
ated parts, which collectively form a unit easily
removable from its casing when empty, after
which a new or full unit may be substituted so
that the casing may serve over a long period of
time and may easily be re?lled.
In the accompanying drawing, I have illus
trated a practical embodiment of the device but
the construction shown therein is to be under
stood as illustrative only, and not de?ning the
limits of the invention. It may be stated there
fore that the general object of the invention is
the provision of a device which is substantial in
construction, convenient in operation and where
by the desired ends may be accomplished in a
simple and expeditious manner.
In the drawing:
Fig. 1 is a side elevation of the improved cos
metic dispenser.
Fig. 2 is a central vertical-longitudinal section
45 thereof taken on the line 2—2 of Fig. 3.
Fig. 3 is a front elevation of the dispenser.
Fig. 4 is. a side elevation of the device with the
main parts of the casing swung to an open, or
partially open position.
Fig. 5 is a horizontal sectional plan view of the
device on line 5—5 of Fig. 2.
Fig. 6 is a side elevation of a spring element
Fig. 7 is a side elevation of a cosmetic collapsible
65 container and associated elements collectively
forming a removable unit or re?ll when the con
tainer is emptied of its contents.
Fig. 8 is a side elevation partly broken away
to disclose the construction of a modi?ed form
of casing having a snap catch and spring means
for forcing the casing sections apart on their
hinge connection when the catch is unlatched. -
Referring to the drawing in detail and more
speci?cally to Figs. 1 to '7 thereof, a casing I, is
composed of an outer three-quarter shell part
2, and an inner shell part 3, which are hingedly
connected, as at Ia. The inner shell part 3,
is closed at its inner side by a wall 4, having an
elongated opening 5, closed by a push bar 6, se
cured to a spring 1, as at 8; said spring being of
flat cross section and is looped down under the
lower end of a collapsible container 9 and then
extended upwardly against the front wall ID of
the inner shell part 3, and preferably secured to
said wall at I I.
The casing above described contains a compart
ment I2, into the top of which is removably but
snugly ?tted a block or head I3, formed with op
posite nipples I4 and I5, the latter being ball
shaped to which the upper or open end of the
container 9 may be made fast by a spring ring
I6 or otherwise; the interior of the container be
ing coaxial and communicating with a vertical
bore I‘I, extending through both nipples I4 and
I5, (see Fig. 2), the bore being closed at the top
by a closure cap or nut I8, threaded down on the
upper nipple I4.
Another smaller compartment I9, is provided
in the casing 2 for the reception of a brush 20 or
other types of implements for applying the semi
liquid cosmetic.
In Fig. 8 of the drawing, the parts 2 and 3 of
the casing I, are locked together at the top by
a spring catch 2|, cooperating with a teat 22 and
for causing the casing members or parts to swing
open when the said catch 2| is unlatched, a flat
spring 23 is riveted to the floor of the com
partment I9 and has tensional bearing in the
wall 4 of compartment I2, thus the parts 2 and
3 are forced apart and swing around the center
of the hinge la.
The plugs supporting the collapsible containers
are preferably removable so that re?lls such as are
shown in Fig. 7 may be purchased and the old
casing used over and over again, but the plugs
may be tight in a less expensive case and sold as
a single service article.
A rubber tube or bag, as described hereinbefore,
is especially desirable and practical in cases of
the quick drying cosmetic creams. pastes, etc.,_
like mascara, since the resilient re-expansion of
the tube after the squeezing pressure ceases, will
the open end of one compartment, a collapsible
cause’ a vacuum therein which will draw the sur
downwardly in the said compartment; a nozzle
at the upper side of said plug; a screw cap for
closing said nozzle and a U-shaped spring de
vice straddling the bottom portion of said bag
adapted through ?nger pressure for engaging
plus cream, paste, like mascara etc., back into the
tube from the dispensing openings and channels
of the respective device and thereby will keep
said channels and openings free.
Without such
bag container supported by the plug and hanging
a resilient bag some quick drying cosmetics would
clog up the channels and prevent a. further use
10 of the contents.
the opposite sides of the bag to force the contents
thereof through said nozzle when the said screw
What I claim as new and desire to secure by
compartment for applying the extruded contents
Letters Patent, is:
1. In combination, a two-part casing, the parts’
being hinged to one another, the second part
15 acting as a cover for the ?rst part when not in
use; said ?rst part being divided into respective
large and small compartments; a collapsible con
tainer for a semi-fluid cosmetic; a removable
plug snugly ?tted in the top of the large com
20 partment and supporting said collapsible con
tainer, said plug being formed with a nozzle; a.
closure cap in said nozzle and means operated
by a ?nger of the user for contacting the con
tainer and causing a small amount of its contents
25 to be forced through said nozzle when the clo
sure cap is removed for the purpose speci?ed.
2. In a construction recited in claim 1, said
means comprising a ?at spring looped around
the free end of the container and extending up
wardly along and parallel with its opposite sides,
and a reinforcing bar secured to one leg of said
spring for distributing the ?nger thrusts on said
3. In a dispensing device for cosmetics, a two
‘part casing, said parts being adapted one to be
received within the other and being hinged to
gether at one of their ends, each part providing a
separate compartment; a tubular plug closing
cap is removed, and an instrument in the other 10
for the purpose described.
4. A dispensing device for a semi-liquid cos
metic, comprising a casing having a compart
ment; a tubular plug having a nipple at its lower 15
side and a nozzle at its upper side, a closure cap
on said nozzle, the plug closing the open end of
said compartment; a rubber bag supported on
said nipple and containing a semi-?uid cosmetic
and a spring extending at opposite sides of the 20
bag for squeezing out the contents through ?nger
5. A device for dispensing a semi-?uid cos
metic comprising a casing of two parts hinged
together at one end and normally locked together 25
at their opposite ends; a tubular block having a
respective oppositely extending nipple and a
nozzle; a closure cap on said nozzle; the block
being removably supported within said casing, a
collapsible bag suspended from said nipple; a 80
two-arm ?at spring, the arms extending up
wardly at opposite sides of said bag and one arm
being secured to the casing and a stiff plate con
nected to the other arm of said. spring, against
which ?nger pressure may be applied for forcing
the cosmetic upwardly through said nozzle when
the case parts are open and the cap removed.
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