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March 29, 1938.
Original Filed Aug. 26, 1935
5 Sheets-Sheet 2
55 29
March 29, 1938.
Original Filed Aug. 26, 1935
3 Sheets-Sheet
Patented Mar. 29, 1938
August Randazzo, San J ose, Calif.
@riginal application August 26, 1935, Serial No.
37,855, now Patent No. 2,085,121, June 29, 1937.
Divided and this application May 25, 1936, Se
rial No. 81,655
7 Claims. (Cl. S12-67)
This invention relates generally to a cigarette
of the lower edge of the back wall. Depending
dispensing device for use on a motor vehicle, and
from the side walls of the housing 2 and pro-ject
is a divisional application of my copending ap
ing rearwardly therefrom are supporting ñanges
plication on Automatic cigarette dispenser and 4. Projecting laterally from the housing 2 are
lighter, Serial No. 37,855, filed August 26, 1935, vertical flanges E adapted to be secured to the
now Patent No. 2,085,121.
instrument panel of a motor vehicle and through
The principal object of my invention is' to pro
an opening in which panel the device projects.
vide a device actuated primarily by suction and
Secured between the flanges 4 is a plate 6 which
which will dispense a cigarette from a container forms a. floor for the housing 2 as well as project
ing forwardly and rearwardly therefrom. This
l O and support the cigarette in a position readily ac
cessible to the person desiring to smoke the same. floor plate 6 has a transverse slot 'I cut there 10
A further object of my invention is to provide through just back of the front face of the hous
an ash tray which is normally mounted beneath ing 2, said slot being of suiiicient length and
the cigarette dispensing device but which upon width to permit a single cigarette to pass through
15 actuation of the device will be projected forward the same. The iioor plate 6 extends forwardly a l5
to an open or usable position.
short distance from the slot and extensions 8 ex
Additional objects of my invention are to pro
tend forwardly fro-m the plate at its sides, termi
vide a device in which a relatively large number nating in down turned flanges 9. The ilanges 4
of cigarettes may be held prior to dispensing and
to provide means for humidifying the cigarettes
while in the removable container.
A further object of the invention is to produce
a simple and inexpensive device and yet one
which will be exceedingly effective for the purpose
for which it is designed.
These objects I accomplish by means of such
structure and relative arrangement of parts as
will fully appear by a perusal of the following
specification and claims.
In the drawingsA similar characters of reference
indicate corresponding parts in the several views:
Figure 1 is a sectional elevation of my auto
matic cigarette dispenser and lighter.
Figure 2 is a sectional plan view on line 2--2 of
Figure 3 is' a sectional elevation illustrating a
cigarette as pushed into the receiving or sup-port
ing cradles.
Figure 4 is a sectional plan view as in Figure 2
40 taken when the cigarette pusher is in the same
position as in Figure 3.
Figure 5 is a sectional plan view taken on the
line 5-5 of Figure 1, but with the cigarette con
tainer removed.
Figure 6 is a cross sectional view of the base
portion of the device taken on line 6-6 of Fig
ure 4.
Figure '7 is a perspective view partially out away
of the removable cigarette container.
Referring now more particularly to the char
acters of reference on the drawings, the numeral
I denotes a rectangular metal wall which forms
the back wall 0f a rectangular forwardly open
ing housing 2 and a rectangular rearwardly open
55 ing suction chamber 3 which terminates short
extend forwardly along and below the outer edges
of the extensions, as shown, so as to form hous
ings for the heater and suction elements used
in igniting the cigarette.
Extending between and in front of the flanges
9 and pivotally mounted thereon by bearings B
is a shaft Ill upon which spaced cigarette receiv-
ing cradles I I are mounted. A torque spring I2
on the shaft between one cradle and the‘adjacent
extension acts to rotate the shaft, such movement
being limited by a stop element I 3 which per
mits the shaft to rotate only until the cradles 30
reach an upright position, as illustrated in Fig
ure 1.
A rectangular cigarette container M is remov
ably secured in the housing .2.
This cigarette
container is formed with a series of holes I5 along 35
each side in ord-er that the cigarettes in the con
tainer may receive moisture from humidifying
elements I6 supported in vertical slotted cases I‘I
formed within the housing 2 on each side thereof.
The cigarette container I5 is divided into front 40
and back compartments by walls I8 and I9
mounted within the container and secured to
gether in unitary parallel relation by a top cross
member 20, and forming the back compartment.
This wall unit is pivoted in the container by a 4,5
shaft 2l adjacent the upper end of wall I 9. A
compression spring 22 between the top of the
container and the cross member 20 acts on the
wall unit to move the same towards the back of
the container. Two spaced cigarette supporting 50
platforms 23 are mounted within the container
at the bottom and just below the movable wall
unit. The back wall I9 has a tongue 24 depend
ing between these platforms, while the back wall
of the container is cut away between the plat- 55
forms as at 25 in order to expose the tongue for
engagement with a pusher as will hereinafter
Secured to the suction chamber 3, which is
open towards the back of the device, is a bellows
26 having- a rigid back plate 21. An arm 28 eX
tends centrally down the back plate of the bel
lows and projects some distance below the same.
Secured to this arm 28 immediately below the
10 back plate 21 is a cross member 29 orificed at
each end to slidably receive one end of rods 39
which extend from the cross member below the
suction chamber 3 and are swivelly secured at
their other end to the back wall l under the suc
15 tion chamber. Compression springs 3l on rods 3B
normally keep the bellows in an extended position.
Another rod 32 slidably projects at one end
through an opening in the cross member 29 and
arm 28 intermediate the rods 30. The other end
of rod 32 passes through an opening in the back
wall l and terminates in a pusher head 33 of
greater diameter than the opening in the wall
through which the rod projects and positioned to
engage 24 of wall I9. Compression springs 34
25 and 35 are held on the rod on opposite sides of
the arm 28 by means of a collar 36 and a nut 31
which is threaded on the rod.
A rectangular base plate 38 is supported from
the flanges 4 below and in spaced relation to the
> floor plate 6 of the device, and terminating in
line with the front edge of said floor plate. This
base plate 38 is also extended forward along its
side edges beyond the front edge thereof in order
to provide a bottom closure for the heater and
the pivotal end of the arm with a flexible suc
tion tube 5I leading from a connection with the
suction chamber 3.
The suction head is normally held clear of the
plane of the adjacent end of a cigarette until the
latter is dispensed onto the cradles II by means
controlled by the movement of the slide unit in
a dispensing direction, as fully set forth in said
copending application.
A heater element 52 is mounted at the oppo 10
site side of the dispenser in line with the suction
head for movement toward and from the adjacent
end of a dispensed cigarette; being normally held
away from the plane of said end until a cigarette
is dispensed, by means also controlled by move
ment of the slide unit in a cigarette dispensing
direction. This structure and the operation
thereof is also fully described and claimed in said
aforementioned c‘opending application., and in itself forms no part of the present invention.
A rod 53 projects at one end through arm 28
below the base plate and has loose-play connec
tion with said arm. The rod 53 is slidable through
a sleeve 54 formed on the bottom of the base
plate and terminates adjacent a strike plate 55 25
secured on and depending from shaft l0.
An ash tray 56 is slidably suspended from the
base plate, the upper edges of said tray at front
and back being notched to miss rod 53. The arm
28 is bent forwardly at its lower end in order 30
to engage against the back end of the ash tray
when sa1d arm begins to move forward.
~ suction element housings, open only on adjacent
The suction in chamber 3 is controlled by the
following mechanism:
A tube 51 leads directly from the intake mani
Mounted between the floor plate 6 and base
`plate 38 is a cigarette pushing slide 39 which is
58 in chamber 3. A pivoted spring-closed valve
59 normally closes the opening in the valve block.
slidably supported on parallel upstanding guides
49 mounted on the base plate and spaced from
the sides thereof. This slide rides in slots 4i
cut inthe upper edges of these guides, said slots
limiting the relative forward movement of the
slide. The slide 39 adjacent the forward portion
“ thereof is offset inwardly from the sides while the
front edge of the slide is turned down to form a
cigarette engaging face 42, normally disposed just
An auxiliary slide 43 is mounted beneath slide
two slides are held together in proper relative
slidable relation to each other by cooperating
finger and slot units 44 on the horizontal mem
In 5.x
bers of the slides. A leaf spring 45 mounted be
tween the forward vertical faces of the slides nor
mally holds said faces separated and in the rela
tive positions indicated in Figure 4, the separat
ing movement being limited by stops 45 on the
slide 39.
A rod unit 41 has loose-play connection at one
end with the arm 28; its forward end diverging
laterally to the vertical face of the auxiliary
slide, to which it is swivelly connected as shown.
Both the floor plate 5 and base plate 38 are
.~ slotted adjacent the back edges thereof as shown
for the purpose of permitting free movement of
the arrn 28 in a forward direction.
An arm 48 is pivoted at its rear end to the base
plate 38 between one side thereof and the adja
cent guide 40, This arm extends along the base
plate under the adjacent extension 8 where the
arm is formed with a laterally facing suction head
49 disposed in a transverse plane just in front of
plate 6.
An electro-magnet 60 is mounted within the
chamber 3 with the core of the magnet adjacent 40
the metallic arm of the Valve so as to open the
valve whenever the magnet is energized by means
of electric supply wire 6I. Wire 6| as well as the
heating element 52 are connected in circuit with
a switch (not shown) mounted on the instrument 45
panel of the vehicle and which switch is employed
to control the passage of electricity through the
back of slot 1, as shown in Figure 1.
» 39 and is of the same general configuration.
fold of the engine of the vehicle to a valve block
This arm and head has a suction pas
sage 50 therethrough, which passage connects at
The tube 51 is larger in cross sectional passage
area than tube 5I whereby a partial vacuum can 50
be created in the bellows to collapse the same
even though tube 5| leads from chamber 3 to
suction passage 50 and an atmospheric opening.
The cigarette container is first filled with cig
arettes. The back compartment is filled before
the container is inserted in the housing, this being
done by inverting the container, and tilting said
back compartment clear of the platforms 23. 60
When said compartment is filled, it is released
and the container uprighted, the platforms 23
preventing the cigarettes dropping down. The
container is then inserted into the housing, being
temporarily held forwardly tilted at the top to
allow the front compartment to be loaded from
the top, which is open. The lowest cigarette in
the front row actually drops clear of the con
tainer through slot 1 and rests on base plate 38
immediately in front of the cigarette engaging 70
face 42 of the upper slide. This is illustrated in
Figure l. The figure also illustrates the respec
tive positions of the elements of the device in a
normal or inoperative position.
To automatically dispense a cigarette the elec~ 75
tric switch (not shown) is closed. This energizes
the electro-magnet 60 as well as the heater ele
ment 52. When the electro-magnet becomes en
ergized, valve 59 is pulled away from the valve
block and subjects the entire chamber 3 to the
action of the suction, causing the bellows 26 to
be collapsed and arm 28 to be moved forwardly.
This causes rods 41 and 53 to move forward.
As rods 41 move the cigarette engaging face of
the upper slide engages and pushes the cigarette
forward, the resistance of spring 45 being greater
than that of the cigarette. At the same time rod
53 engages the strike plate 55 and turns the
cradles I l down to a cigarette receiving position,
in line with the suction head and heater. Due
to the fact that the slide must move a greater
distance while rod 53 acts to turn the cradles
down, the cradles are in a cigarette receiving
position before the slide pushes the cigarette into
the down turned cradles as illustrated in Figure 3.
After the upper slide has pushed the cigarette
into the cradles said upper slide comes to a stop
against the end of the slots 4I in guides 40. The
lower slide 43 however continues to move for
25 ward, causing the suction head and the already
energized heater element to be moved into en
gagement with the corresponding ends of the
dispensed cigarette, as explained in said copend
ing application.
As the arm 28 moves forward rod 32 tends to
also move forward due to the action of the com
clear of slot 1, another cigarette drops onto plate
38, ready for a succeeding dispensing operation.
'I'he ash tray of course is not retracted and re
mains in a forward open position where it is usable
by the operator while he is smoking and must be
manually slid back under the device when it is no
longer needed.
From the foregoing description it will be readily
seen that I have produced such a device as sub
stantially fulñlls the objects of the invention as 10
set forth herein.
While this specification sets forth in detail the
present and preferred construction of the device,
still in practice such deviations from such detail
may be resorted to as do not form a departure 15
from the spirit of the invention, as deñned by the
appended claims.
Having thus described my invention, what I
claim as new and useful and desire to secure by
Letters Patent is:
r1. A cigarette dispenser comprising a horizon
tal support for a single cigarette, a cradle unit
to receive such cigarette, means turnably mount
ing the unit in front of the support for move
ment from an upwardly facing position to one 25
facing rearwardly and in horizontal alinement
with the support to receive a cigarette, means
to advance a cigarette on the support onto the
cradle unit, means normally maintaining the unit
in said upwardly facing position, and means 30
pression spring 34 but when cigarettes remain
in the container between wall I8 and the front
functioning with the cigarette advancing means
to turn the unit to a cigarette receiving position
before the advancing cigarette has reached the
wall of the container pusher head 33 on the end
35 of rod 32 cannot move wall I9 of the pivoted
wall unit ahead. This results in the spring 34
merely being compressed; the rod 32 sliding
through the arm 28. However should all the cig
arettes in the front compartment of the con
40 tainer be exhausted, wall I9 would be pushed
ahead into the front compartment, allowing a
cigarette from the back compartment to drop
through slot 1. Thus the device will automat
ically feed ñrst from one row of cigarettes and
45 then from the other row of cigarettes.
When the arm 28 initially moves forward with
the collapse of the bellows the lower end of the
arm engages against the back end of ash tray 5B
and slides the same forward to an open position
50 as indicated in Figure 3, where it will catch any
ash dropping from the cigarette being lighted.
When the cigarette has been pushed into the
cradles and suction applied at one end and the
heater element at the other end for a suñîcient
55 time to properly ignite the cigarette, the electric
switch is opened, causing. the heater to be dls
connected from the circuit and the electro-mag
net to be de-energized, closing valve 59. 'I‘he
suction in the chamber 3 is immediately lost
60 due to atmospheric pressure entering the bellows
through the suction head and a leaf spring L
within the chamber 3 on wall I and engaging the
back plate 21 of the bellows causes the same to
expand and return to a clear normal expanded
65 position. This moves arm 28 rearwardly, re
tracting rod unit 41 which in turn draws the
slides back and forces the suction head and heater
away from the ends of the cigarette. The rod 53
70 is also retracted from engagement with strike
plate 55 which permits torque spring I2 to rotate
the cradles to an upright position; the stop ele
ment I3 preventing any further movement. The
lighted cigarette may then be readily removed
75 from the cradles.
As soon as slide 39 moves back
2. A cigarette dispenser comprising a horizon 35
tal support for a single cigarette, a cradle unit
to receive such cigarette, a shaft supporting the
unit and turnably mounted in front of the sup
port, a spring acting to turn the shaft to nor
mally maintain the unit in an upstanding posi 40
tion, means to turn the shaft rearwardly in
opposition to the spring to a position such that
the unit may receive a cigarette advanced from
the support, and means incorporated in part
with said shaft turning means to thus advance a 45
3. A cigarette container and dispensing unit
comprising a substantially vertical container, a
compartment open at its lower end mounted in
the container at the back thereof for forward 50
movement at its lower end to place such end at
the front of the container, said front of the con
tainer being open at the bottom, such compart
ment andthe space in front of the same being
adapted to receive separate substantially vertical 55
rows of horizontally disposed cigarettes, a means
preventing the cigarettes in the compartment
from dropping onto the support when said com
partment is in its normal back position, a sup
port for a single cigarette below the container 60
in alinement with the front row of cigarettes to
receive the bottom cigarette of such row, a cig
arette receiving unit in front of said support, a
cigarette engaging slide, means supporting the
slide in a plane between the bottom of the con 65
tainer and the support and normally behind the
latter, means to advance the slide on said means
whereby to push a cigarette from the support
onto the unit, said means including an upstanding -
arm mounted on the unit above the slide for for
ward swinging movement and secured adjacent
its lower end to the rear portion of the slide, and
operative means between the arm and the com
partment to shift the latter forwardly and func
tioning only when the front row of cigarettes in
the container is exhausted.
4. A structure as in claim 3 in which said last
named means comprises a rod projecting at its
forward end through the container and positioned
to engage the back Wall of the compartment, said
rod being slidably disposed at its rear end
through the arm, a stop on the rod in front of
said arm, and a normally slack compression
10 spring on the rod between the stop and arm.
5. A cigarette dispenser comprising a horizon
tal support for a single cigarette, a cradle unit
to receive such cigarette, a shaft supporting the
unit and turnably mounted in front of the sup
15 port, a spring acting to turn the shaft to nor
mally maintain the unit in an upstanding posi
tion, an arm pivoted on the dispenser rearwardly
of the support and shaft for forward swinging
motion, a strike plate depending from the Shaft,
20 a slidably mounted rod secured at one end to the
arm and projecting forward to a termination at
its other end adjacent the strike plate for en
gagement therewith upon forward movement of
the rod, whereby the cradle unit will be turned
to face the’support to receive a cigarette, and a
cigarette pushing slide also operatively connect
ed to the arm and )normally disposed back of the
cigarette support in position relative to the rod
to engage and advance a cigarette from the sup
port toward the cradle unit asY the latter is
turned to a cigarette receiving position by the
forward movement of the rod.
6. A structure as in claim 5, in which the cradle
unit is turned to a cigarette receiving position 10
before the advancing cigarette reaches the unit
and the strike plate is arranged so that the rod
then passes under the same whereby to hold the
unit and said receiving position and allow of
further advancing movement of the pushing
7. A cigarette dispenser comprising a cigarette
support, a holder unit for a single cigarette
mounted in unitary connectionY with the support,
means to engage and move a cigarette from the 20
support onto the holder unit, and manually con
trolled suction means to actuate said advancing
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