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March 29, 1938.
Filed April 3, 1956
War-:3}! L. . Wei/2am
Patented Mar. 29, 1938
12,112,658 '
UNITED 's-TATes' PATEANT' orrlca
CLOSED ancsr'racm on. case
Merrill'hylhthbun, Jamestown, N. Y. . _
'Application April 3, i936, Serial No. 72,627
6 Claims. (o1. zoo-15.1)
This invention relates to an improvement .in
closed receptacles 'or cases and .more particularly
to articles supporting receptacles.
One form of the invention comprises a closed
being shaped to constitute a handle for the
Another object of the invention lies in-the pro
vision of a receptaclefor mounting and securing -
5 receptacle having means for supporting and se- ' an article in position of storage, the shape of the 5
curing an article in position of use or storage receptacle and the article being correlated.
with relation thereto. Means may be provided
for yieldingly retaining the cover in closed'posi
Other and further objects and advantages of
the invention will be more fully- understood from,
tion on the body of a receptacle. Formed in _ a consideration of the following specification
taken in conjunction with. the accompanying 10
10 either or both the body and cover is a suitable
socket for receiving a part of the supporting v_ drawing in which;
Fig. 1 is a perspective view of one embodiment
shank of an article such, for example, as a brush.
a receptacle with ‘an article secured therein; '
The shank of the article is adapted to be engaged ‘
Fig. 2 is a further perspective view of one em
with the socket in the receptacle when the article
bodiment of the invention showing an article 15
15 is in position of use or stored within the recep
mountedv in position of use with‘respect to a
tacle. It may be found as the present embodi
ment discloses, preferable to so design the recep
Fig. 3 is a plan view of the body of the recep
tacle that it will constitute a handle for the
‘ tacle, the cover being broken away, showing an
article when it is in position of use. In the pres
ent disclosure it is preferable to correlate the»
shape _, of the receptacle to'that of the article so
article mounted-and secured in stored position 20
in the receptacle, dotted lines showing the posi
of use of the article;
that the article may be readily stored and the tion
Fig. 4 is a. perspective view of the receptacle
'receptaclemay be of desired proportions. By se
curing the article‘ in stored position within, the . in open positionand an article adjacent thereto '
to be secured to the receptacle;
25 receptacle, damage or breakage to the receptacle. ready
Fig. 5 is a fragmentary transverse
is prevented,
- -
The material from which the receptacle and
article is made has no bearing on the present in
vention inasmuch as all moldable substances
30 such, for example, as rubber, bakelite, and syn
' thetic resins, aswell as wood or metal, may be
used and are contemplated‘ for useas may be
found desirable in carrying out the invention,
One‘ object of the invention lies ,in the provi
35 sion of a closed receptacle for mounting an arti
vertical _
sectional view showing the pivotal connection be- ~
tween the body'portion and cover of the recep
tacle, being taken substantially on the line 5-!
of Fig.3;
Fig. 6 is a transverse sectional view of the re‘
ceptacle with the cover in open position showing
the pivotal connection between body portion and
cover and spring means for securing these ele- 1
ments in operable relationship, being taken sub- .35
stantially on the line 6-45 of Fig. 4; and .
‘Fig. '7 is a perspective view of a modified re-'
Another object of the invention lies in- the pro
vision of a closed receptacle which is adapted to ceptacle adapted to mount and secure an article.‘
Reference isihad to the drawing wherein one
, mount or support an article in‘stored position
40 within the receptacle or position of use exteriorlyfp modi?cation of the, invention is shown to com
Another object of the invention lies in the pro
prise a receptacle and brush generally indicated’
by the reference numeral II). The receptacle
comprises a body portion II and cover l2., The
body portion II is formed with one ‘side .wall I‘
body portion and cover adapted to mount and " having
one or more reinforced portions l5, ‘dc-A 45
45 secure and supporting portion of an article. .
pending on the size and utility of the receptacle. .
— Another object of the invention lies in the pro
on of a: receptacle‘having a pivotally con- P Along the upper edge of- the reinforced portion
nected body ‘portion and cover including ,means I5 is a rolled portion or bead Hi; This bead may
be interrupted :one or more places in its length
for yieldingly closing the cover on the body por
' 50 tion to mount‘ and secure. the supporting portion by arecess or slot l'l which'continues down
of an article in position of _'use or storage with 'war'dly of the reinforced‘ portion IS. The base
- - vision of a receptacle having a pivotally connected
respect to the receptacle.
Another object of the‘invention lies in the pro
vision of a receptacle adapted to mount and se
wall l8, of the recess I‘! may be formed in a pre
determined curve which terminates in a spring
seat 20. The curved portion of the wall l8 serves
55 cure an article in position of use, the receptacle. as a stop to limit opening of the cover to a__55
desireddesree by contact thereof. with. a strap
spring_ which forms part of the structure. The
other side and end walls 2i and 22 of the body
portion Ii may be of any desired shape, these
being optionally formed with or without pro
jecting edges or recesses with‘ which to engage
a cover II for the purpose of overlapping or inter
?tting when the cover is closed down upon the
end 40 receive ribs “and 48 and by reason of
body portion and cover‘ of the receptacle the
brush 4' is prevented displacement.
Itistobeunderstood thatthe socket, formed
‘location with the reinforced portions ll of the
jointly in the body portion and covers! the re
ceptacle, may be of a different shape, more suit
able to securing other articles and also that it
may be formed in either the body portion and 10
cover, in this instance, the other element of the
receptacle simply constituting-a closure for the
socket to prevent displacement of the shank of
the article.
the body portlonand cover.‘ meets a of we
-The corresponding side wall II of the cover it
is formed ‘with one or more reinforced vportions
20, these portions corresponding in number and
'ihe portion 26 terminates along/its‘
iv .
15 lower edge in'a recess or seat 2! which receives
It will be'noted upon a comparison
of-the Figures 3 and 4 that the article ll may 15
and is complemental to the bead. it of the body " be engaged with the receptacle to project outii. The reinforced portion 20 may also be in
terrupted by a recess 20 which corresponds in
position to the ‘recess i1 and has a curved base
20 wall 30 terminating in a spring seat ll.
'One or more strap’springs 32 are provided for“
the purpose of securing the’ complementary
pivotal portions of the‘body- portion and cover in
wardly therefrom for use or may be reversed end I ‘
for end and storedwithin the receptacle. In
the present disclosure it is found desirable to
form the receptacle with slightly converging side 20
walls which makes it conform generally to the
shape of the brush and also enables using it as a
pivotal relationship. The pivotal portions and
25 the spring seats in the body portion and cover
The modi?cation in Fig. 7 shows a receptacle, the cover and body portion of which are pivotally 25
are so located ‘and designed‘that spring 32 nor
mally urges the cover into either open or closed
connected at the end opposite the reinforced end
which receives and -mounts the supporting end
of» an article. It is contemplated that in some
instances the bulk or peculiar shape of the article
may make it more desirable to have an end open 30
ing receptacle rather than one of the side open
ing type. It will be noted however that the
position. This is due to the fact that the only so
called dead center position is with the cover in.
half open position.
Adjacentthe aligned recesses i1 and I. of the
walls of the body portion and cover there may
be provided as considered necessary,v comple
ble'portions such as, for ex
ample, lugs 33 and recesses 85. The number of
lugs, contour? thereofpand corresponding num
method of supporting the article in the receptacle
and the pivotal constructionof the body portion
and cover of the receptacle is substantially identi 35
cal in both modi?cations‘of thedrawing.
ber'and contour of recesses, is largely dependent
Although applicant has shown and described ‘a
on the W. siseand material from which the. receptacle adapted to mount a brush'in position
receptacle'is made. When the cover is closed
40 upon the body portion, the lug of one element
of use or storage and has also shown and dc.
scribed one type ‘of pivotal connection between
of‘ the receptacle projects into the recess of the the body portion and cover of the receptaclevit
other element and prevents twisting or misalign- j will be understood that applicant contemplates
ment of the cover with respect to the body por
modi?cations of the pivotal structure of the re-. I
ceptacle, its sine and shape, type of socket,_and'
The endwall of'the body portion It is prefer
the kind oi'gar?cletobemountedinsofaras 45
ably reinforced and in the present disclosure is‘ these changesor modi?cations lie within the
shown-provided with a recess-‘ll connecting the spiritandscopeoi'theinventionasde?nedin
the hereunto annexed claims.
' '
exterior with
of thethe
sideinteriorof of
II are out
_ Having thus set forth my invention what I
8.. They corresponding claim as new and for which I desire protection by
50 wardly projecting ‘r1
endwall ll of. the cover I! is alsoreini'orced and
is formed with a recess 4! connecting the in
terior with the exterior of the cover. The side
Letters Patent is: —
1. ,A receptacle comprising 'a body portion ‘and '
‘cover having pivotal connection, an article adapt
walls of thisrecess are also ribbedas at 43. ed to be received in said receptacle, means form
55 When the cover is closed upon the body portion ing a part of said article and said receptacle co
‘81 and I! together form a
eway operable to mount and secure said article on said
‘and ribs II and it constitute continuous pro
receptacle, and spring means for causing said
.‘Iections into this passageway. The entire struc
means to junction.
ture-of this end oi’ the .body Portion and cover
may be considered ‘a socket which is adapted to
receive the mounting end of an article such, for
2. A receptacle like handle comprising a body
portion and cover. complementary pivotal means
connecting said body portion andcover, an im
Dlement adapted to be placed on or within said‘
receptacle, a projection on said article, a socket . '
although it is evident‘ that applicant is not
in one wall of said body portion for receiving and
speci?c article which may. be mounted on or
contained within-a closed receptacle as herein
olosable by said cover, to prevent
of said projection therewith, and spring means.
limitedto-thekindoi'brush,orinfaettoany interengaging said projection, said socket being
jshownanddescribed. 'i‘heshankuottheln-ush,
" asshowninthe drawingison-edgeandconse
quently, ‘the bristles 41 are projected laterally
’I'hemounting end ll of the shank M is some
whatenlargedsndisformed withtwooppositely
securing said pivotal means in operable relation-.
ship. said
said cover
in handle
portion and cover, complementary pivotal por
openingrecessesor siotsfIO. 'I‘heend of the tions' on the body and cover, spring means se
shankllisofasiseto'?tsnuglyinthem' curing said
and cover in operable pivotal
relationship, an implement
to be placed
on said handle, a mounting portion on said im
plement, a socket in one wall of said'body por
tion, inter?tting parts on said mounting portion
and said socket, said socket. being closable by said
cover, to maintain said partsin interengagement,
said spring means holding said cover in closed‘
4. _ A-receptacle like handle comprising body and
cover elements, complementary pivotal portions
10 on said elements, an implement adapted to be
'placed on and secured to said receptacle, a
mounting portion on said implement, means in
said elements and said portion cooperating to
secure said implement in position of use, when
the crver element is closed upon the body ele
ment, "nd spring means tor maintaining the cover
element in closed position upon the body ele
ment, said spring means also serving to secure
the elements in operable'pivotal relationship.
5. A receptacle like handle comprising body
and cover elements, complementary pivotalpor
tions on said elements, an implement adapted
to be placed on and secured to said receptacle,
a mounting portion on said implement,‘ sockets
in said elements opening toward each other, said
sockets being ribbed to interengage correspond
ing recesses in said implement mounting portion
and together forming a closed socket by which
to, prevent disengagement therefrom" of said
mounting portion, and spring means securing
said elements in operable pivotal relationship and
yieldingly maintaining the elements in closed or 10
handle position.
6. A receptacle like handle comprising body
and cover elements, an implement adapted to be
‘placed on or within said receptacle. aeprojection
on said implement, a socket in one of said ele
ments for receiving said “projection, said socket
being closed by the’ other of said elements, to
secure said projection against displacement and
cause said elements to assume ‘a handle like re
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