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March 29, 1938.
Filed Sept. 1, 1937
Patented Mar. 29, 1938
William F. A. Buelmer, New York, N. Y.
Application September 1,1937, Serial No. 162,025
' 2 Claims. (01. 36-115)
Fig. 9 is a fragmentary sectional view to better
show the manner of assembling and attaching,‘
This invention relates to improvements in
shoes, and particularly to a lady's shoe having
or securing some of‘ the strap members making
parts thereof interchangeable and replaceable so
up the shoe upper portion.
that the color and appearance of the shoe may be
5 changed to suit and conform with the style and
_ '
As illustrated, the shoe sole member Iis made
substantially continuous throughout the sole por- '
color and character of costume or dress, or ac- _ tion and the instep and heel portions, and this
cessories or the like; and, also to follow or-carry sole member I has a lining or ?nishing cover 2 ,
out the desires and preferences or whims of. the
cemented or sewed or otherwise secured on the
\ upper side thereof. ‘To all intents and purposes,
The primary object of this invention is to pro- , the sole member‘ I can be made to follow an out
vide a shoe structure in which the top and the line substantially similar to like portions of an
heel portions can be interchanged and replaced ordinary shoe, and -.this sole member can. be
with respect to the sole structure, to thus give ' shaped in the arch or instep and-in the heel por
different colors and styles and characteristics to tions to substantially conform to the lines of the 15
the same base or shoe sole portion.
Another object is to so construct and associate
Shoe upper attaching ‘tabs 3 and 4 are in-.
and assemble the parts that the top portion can ' tegrally secured on opposite sides of the sole por
be quickly and easily detached and any number tion I, adjacent to the toe part and rearwardly
of interchangeable top portions can be provided adjacent to the location of the ballot the foot. 20
to be applied or attached with the same speed and ' Shoe upper attaching tabs 5 are connected with
the sole portion I in the general location of- the
normal forward edge of a heel structure. The
Still another purpose is to provide detachable
vheel portions together with means for holding and
shoe upper is'fmade up or composed essentially
of strap-like members 6, ‘I, 8 and 9, and a heel 25
strap member 22, detachably connected together
and having their endsdetachably connected‘ with
retaining the heel portion in place with respect
to; the sole portion, to thus permit quick and
ready changing of the heel member, and to yet
insure that the heel portion will remain in place
the attaching tabs 3, 4 and 5.
As shown in Figs. 4_ and 5, the strap members _I
Yet a further object is 'to provide a shoe struc
6 and 1 are of substantially equal length and ‘are 30
ture of this character with which upper portions provided at their ends with portions I I of a snap
30 of different sizes and styles can be interchange
I fastener adapted to be detachably connected-with
when the shoe is in use.
ably fltted, to thus fit individuals having feet pos
sessed of different characteristics, as for instance
09 Cl
a thick or a flat instep portion, and the like.
With the above and other objects in view, some
mating portions Ill of the snap fastener carried
by the attaching tabs 3. The strap ‘I has in its
middle area an extending or stud portion I2 ‘of 35
a snap fastener, and the strap 6 is provided with
an opening I3 through which this extending por
tion I2 of the snap fastener will pass, after the
manner illustrated in Fig. 9. The strap 9 has at
will be apparent to those skilled in the
art, and others inherent in and resultant from
the particular construction, my invention includes
- of which
certain novel‘features of construction and com
one end a mating portion I4 of a-snap fastener
binations and arrangements and associations of
which is ?tted to cooperate with the snap fas
tener portion I2 to hold the two straps G and 1
in crossed relation and to dispose the strap mem
ber! to extend.rearwardly therefrom. The free
in the claims.
In the drawing:
end of this strap member 9 is provided with a 45
is a view in perspective showing a r portion of a snap fastener and the strap 8 has-in
45 vFigure 1
shoe constructed according to my invention.
‘its middle area a mating portion of a snap fas
Fig. 2 is a view in side elevation. _
tener to cooperate with the snap fastener portion
parts which will be hereinafter set forth in con=
nection with the drawing and then‘ pointed out
Fig. 3 is a top plan view 'of the shoe.
on the free end of the strap 9. At its ends, this
Fig. ‘lv is a detail view showing one of the strap
strap portion 8 has openings similar to opening 50
l3 to receive the extending studs of ‘snap fas
-50 members of the shoe upper to ?t over and across
the forward part of the foot.
‘ tener portions III on the attaching tabs 5. '
Fig. 5 illustrates a strap member cooperating
The heel strap member 22 has at its ends snap, .
with the member shown in Fig. 4.
' - fastener portions 23 which ?t or snap and hold on I
FigJIG is a detail front elevation of the heel the portions II) of the tabs 5 to thus connect and 55
holding clip.
Fig. 7 is a view in front elevation illustrating
the detachable heel.
hold the heel strap memberv and also_hold the
ends of strap 8 iniplace.
. I
Obviously, the strap portions 6, ‘I, 8, 9 and 22
, ,
Fig. 8 is a fragmentary perspective view illus
can be
made of'any desired shape or conflgura- _
trating one of the attaching tabs carried by the ___t_lon
and of any suitable material, and can be 80
sole‘ portion.
decorated or ornamented and can be colored to
suit di?'erent requirements of use and different
tastes or desires of the wearer. Also, the strap
portions can be made of various materials, as for
/example leather or fabric where a maximum of
yieldability or stretchability is not required, or of
elastic material or the like, where elasticity is
' > necessary or desirable.
The heel portion of the sole member I has a
securing clip I 6 rigidly connected therewith
and adapted to receive and hold the heel member
15. This heel clip I8 is provided on opposite sides
10* heel
with the inwardly-disposed and opposed ribs or
?anges l1 and is, adapted to fit and hold within
15 the grooves or ways It and 20, when the heel
member I! is located on the lower side of the sole
portion and is moved rearwardly between these
?ange portions i1 and it. To prevent rearward
- displacement of the heel member I5, I provide a
retaining ?ange 2i, and to insure that the heel
.member l5 will be held substantially rigidly in
place, I may make the ?ange portions ll‘ and I8
slightly yieldable to permit the heel portion to
be forced into place and to then retain this heel
the particular foot of the individual wearer. with‘
the heel members I! made and constructed to be
readily attached and detached, it is possible to
change the heel to suit the color or other char
acteristics of a changed upper portion, and it will
be appreciated that heel members I! of different
heights and di?erent tread sizes and different
shapes or designs can be interchangeably ?tted ‘
and used.
Although snap fasteners are particularly de
scribed and illustrated, other forms and types of
fastenings can be used, the primary purpose be
ing to provide fastenings that allow and'facili
tate ready detachment and attachment and in
terchanging of the strap members.
While I have herein shown and described only
certain speci?c embodiments of my invention and '
have suggested only certain possible modi?ca
tions, it will be understood and appreciated that
many other changes and variations can be made
in the form, construction, arrangement, assem
bly and association of the parts, in the mate'
rialsused, and in other respects, without departr
ing from the spirit and scope of my invention.
I claim:
al displacement. Of course, the heel member I!
1. A shoe comprising, a sole member, a plu
can be made of any desired material or can be
rality of upper attaching tabs carried in pairs.
?nished in any desired and approved manner.
In the use of my improvedshoe structure, the at opposite edges .of the sole member with a for;
ward pair adjacent to the toe end of the sole and
.' 30 ‘fastener portions ll of the several strap mem
-bers can be retained on the fastener portions theintermediate pair adjacent to the ‘forward
‘ ill on the attaching tabs 3, I and 5, and the shoe end of the instep and a rear p'air'adjacent to the
rear of the instep, fastener portions on each of
upper can then be entirely removed, to be re
the tabs, a pair of toe arch-straps associated in
placed at any desired time, or leaving‘ the shoe diagonally
crossed relation, mating fastener por- ,
35 sole portion available for fitting and attachment
tions on said straps
25 portion or member II against casual or accident
of a shoe upper structure of di?'erent character
or color or style or material, as may be desired
' by the individual user and wearer. Also, the heel
member II can be moved forwardlyto disengage
40 the attaching portions of this heel member from
the attaching portions of the heel clip l6, and
, detachably connecting the 35
crossed straps each with one end attached to a
forward tab and the other end attached to one
of the intermediate tabs, a transverse instep
strap, fastener portions on the transverse instep
strap detachably connecting said strap with the
rear attaching tabs to arch over the instep in‘
‘then the heel can be readily removed, to bere
front of the ankle, and a longitudinal vinstep
placed at any time desired, or to have substituted . strap connected at its forward end with’ said toe
therefor a heel of di?erent size or height, or of arch straps substantially at the point of crossing,
45 material, or color, or ?nish, or other character
of said straps and connected at its rear end with
As has been stated or intimated, the strap por
"tions of the upper can be made of any desired
the arched up portion of the transverse instep
2. A shoe comprising, a sole member, a plu
' and approved material, pf any color and ?nish, or
rality of upper attaching tabs carried in pairs
desires and requirements of individual distribu
ward pair adjacent to the toe end of the sole and
the intermediate pair adjacent to the forward end
of the instep and a rear pair adjacent to the
rear of the instep, fastener portions on each of
the tabs,'a pair of toe arch straps associated
so other characteristics can be embodied to suit the
. tors or merchandisers, and of'~di?.'erent wearers
‘or v users. For example,'a shoe store or dealer
can have a plurality of sole portions I of stand
55 ard and perhaps neutral appearance, or ofv var
} ious huesor colors, and then whenindividual re
I quirements are to be met,- the accessory portions,
consisting of the straps I and 1, I, I and 22 and
the heel II, can be supplied and assembled. Ifv
the strap portions i and ‘I and I be made of dife
ferent lengths, individual ?ttings of considerable
accuracy can be made to accomplish a neat and
accurate ?t upon a full or slender foot, and by
providing straps 22 of diiferent lengths and
widths neat and accurate ?ttings at the heel can
be accomplished. Further, by making these strap
portions of elastic‘or yielding material, a self
conforming and self ?tting upper structure can
.~ be provided. The length of the strap 9 can be
70 varied to throw the strap I higher or lower across
the top of the instep of the foot, and in other‘
manners variation of the length and connection
of the-strap portions can be made to suit and fit
at opposite edges of the sole member with a for- '
in diagonally crossed relation, mating fastener
portionson said straps detachably connecting the
crossed straps each with one end attached to a
forward tab and the other end attached to one'of
the intermediate tabs, a transverse instep strap.
fastener portions on the transverse instep‘ strap
detachably connecting said strap with the rear
attaching tabs to arch over the instep in front
of the ankle, a longitudinal instep strap connected
at its'forward end with said toe arch strapssub
stantially at the point of crossing of said straps
and connected at its rear end with the arched
up portion of the transverse instep strap, and a
heel strap detachably connected at its ends with
said rear attaching tabs and arching upwardly
to catch over the rear of the heel of a wearer.
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