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29, 1938.
w‘ HARRis
Filed Jan. 7, 1956
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March 29, 1938,
Filed‘Jan. '7', 1956
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‘94 {3%
29, 1938.
Filed Jan. 7, 1956
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Patented Mar. 29, 1938
Julian W. Harris, Tulsa, Okla.
Application January 7, 1936, Serial No. 57,994 -
1 Claim.
(C1. 15-257)
This invention relates to certain new and use
ful improvements in electric cable winding and
reeling devices, for wheeled electrical or other
power driven devices and particularly adapted
for use in connection with vacuum cleaners
adapted to take up slack in the cable when the
vacuum cleaner is being rolled in reverse direc
tions over a rug or surface.
The primary object. of this invention is to
10 provide a cable take-up device associated with a
vacuum cleaner in such a manner that the cable
cleaner illustrating an embodiment of this in
vention applied thereto;
Figure 2 is a fragmentary sectional view show
ing the ?exible drive shaft between the wheel axle
of the vacuum cleaner and the gear mechanism;
Figure 3 is a detail sectional view showing the '
clutch connection between the flexible drive shaft
and gear mechanism;
Figure 4 is an enlarged vertical cross-sectional
view illustrating the winding and reeling drum 10
and showing the manner in, which the same is
01' a portion thereof will be stored when the vac
geared to the ?exible traction drive;
uum cleaner is being used thereby preventing the
cord from becoming entangled with objects such
5—5 of Figure 4, illustrating the electrical con
as chairs and tables.
A further object of this invention is to provide
traction operating means for reeling and unreel
ing the electric cable which supplies the vacuum
cleaner motor with current from the domestic
20 outlet plug and said means is controllable to es
l-ablish a direct drive between the traction wheels
of the vacuum cleaner and the winding drum or
by operating a simple lever the gearing may be
disconnected and placed in a neutral position
whereby said vacuum cleaner may berolled across
the ?oor without effecting the winding and reel
ing of the electric cable.
A further object of this invention is to provide
a traversing guide whereby said cable may be
evenly wound and unwound upon the drum and
said traversing guide is also controllable by the
shiftable gearing which connects the traction
wheel drive with the reeling and unreeling drum.
A still further object of this invention is to
provide a casing or housing for the winding and
reeling drum preferably formed of hard rubber
or other material having an attractively ?nished
surface which may be conveniently secured to
the operating handle of a vacuum cleaner with
out detracting from the operation or appearance
A still further object of this invention is to pro
vide means for controlling the operation of the
gearing, from a position adjacent and conven
Figure 5 is a cross-sectional view taken on line
nection between the cable and the lead wire con
meeting the electric motor of the vacuum cleaner;
Figure 6 is a fragmentary cross-sectional view
through the casing illustrating in detail the con
struction of the traversing guide for the purpose
of winding and unwinding the electric cable upon 20
the drum;
Figure 7 is a cross-sectional view taken on line
i--'I of Figure 4, illustrating the gear set for en
gaging the ?exible drive with the winding and
unwinding drum and said gearing is illustrated as 25
being in its neutral position;
Figure 8 is a similar view illustrating the gear
set placed in position for directly connecting the
?exible traction wheel drive with the cable wind
ing and reeling drum; and
Figure 9 is a transverse cross-sectional view
taken on line 9—9 of ‘Figure 4, illustrating the
gearing arranged for reversing the drive between
the flexible drive shaft and reeling and unreeling
In the drawings, wherein for the purpose of
illustrating the invention and wherein like ref
erence characters will be employed to designate
like parts throughout the same, the reference
character 5 will generally be employed to desig
nate a casing preferably‘ formed of hard rubber
and the casing is cylindrical and provided at one
end with a disk-shaped closure, 6. The casing'5
may be secured as by meansv of a strap band ‘I to
ient to the handle of the vacuum cleaner within - the handle ,8 of a vacuum cleaner A as shown 45
easy reach of the operator whereby reverse mo
tion may be imparted to the winding drum or
the same may be disconnected from‘ the traction
wheel drive as desired by or at the will of the
Other objects and advantages of the invention
will become apparent during the course of the
following description, taken with the drawings,
Figure 1 is a perspective view of a vacuum
in Figure l.
‘The vacuum cleaner A is provided with the
usual head 9 adapted to be supported upon the
floor by means of rear rollers I0.
The usual dust receiving bag or collector II 60
is- also carried by the handle 8 in a well known
conventional manner.
Rotatably mounted within the cylindrical cas
ing 5 is a drum l2 having a'reduced portion l3
at one end- and a similarly reduced portion M at
the opposite end and said reduced portions are in bearings formed in the handle 3 as at 5|. The
Journalled- in bearings | 5 andv l5 carried by the arm 45 of the yoke 45 is provided with a bearing
end walls of the casing 5.
52 on one end thereof which encircles the throw
The drum i2 is adapted to have wound thereon 49 so'that rotation of the crank 55 will .e?'ect the
a ?exible electric cable I1 and one end of the movement of the yoke 45 and'cause'the idle gear
cable is adapted to pass through a slot l9 formed 42 to be moved into and out of mesh with the GI
in the wall of the casing and may have its ends gears 45 and 4| whereby a direct drive will be
provided with an appliance attachment plug for established between the ?exible shaft 35' and
connection with a conventional outlet wall socket. winding and unwinding drum i2.
10 The opposite end of the cable |l may be ?xedly
The crank 55 is provided with a crank throw
connected to the drum and the conductors l9 and
25 may be electrically connected to collector rings
2| and 22 spaced apart by insulation 23 and 24.
53 to which is attached a connecting rod 54 as
at 55 and the opposite end of the connecting rod
54 is attached to an operating ?nger piece 55
mounted adjacent the grip Portion of the handle
and 25 extend into the drum through passages 5 as clearly shown in Figure 1;v Said ?nger piece
formed therein and through the bearing portion operates in a slot 51 formed in the handle 5 ad
H in axial bores and connect the connector rings Jacent the motor control switch 55 to which may
2| and 22 by lateral connections.
be connected the cables 25 and 25 encased in a
Electric communication is established between housing 55a. The cables may then be connected
the cables i9 and 25 and the take-o? cables 25 to the electric motor which is mounted on the
and 25 leading to the electric motor of the vacu-a suction head of the vacuum cleaner 9.
um cleaner by means of collector brushes 21 and
Reverse gearing is provided for causing the
25 respectively which have their ends anchored to drum l2 to operate or rotate in a reverse direc
the detachable head 5 of the casing 5 and their tion from the‘ drive shaft 35 andv includes a gear
inner ends presented in electric contact with the 55 adapted to mesh with the gear 4| and such
collector rings 2| and 22. A cover plate 29 houses gear 551s rigidly secured to a shaft 5| on the 25
5 the cables 25 and 25_and is secured ‘to the detach- . opposite end of which is provided a smaller gear
able head 5 by means of machine screws 35.
52, both gears being mounted in a yoke 53 having
Secured to the lower portion of the cylindrical slots 54 for-receivingthe shaftii. An arm 55
30 housing 5 is‘ a detachable gear casing 3| having connects the yoke 53 as at. 55 to a throw 51 of the
an annular ?ange 32 for receiving the lower end crank shaft 55 whereby saidiyoke 53 may be 30
or bottom of the cylindrical container 5. As moved toward and away from the gears 45 and
shown more clearly in Figures 2 and 3; a tubular 4|. The yoke 53 is extended as at 53’ and be
boss 33 surrounds an opening and depends cen
tween the arms of the yoke there is provided a
trally from the bottom wall of the gear casing 3|v gear 59 mounted on a pin 53 which vgear is in
and in which boss a bearing 34is journalled that mesh with the gear 52 and is adapted to mesh 35
As shown in Figure 5, the wires or conductors l9
has a key socket 341: in its lower end. A ?exi
ble shaft 35 is rotatable in the tubular casing
35 and forms communication between the axle
support for the rear wheels |5 of the vacuum
cleaner and the rotatable bearing 34.. The upper
end of the ?exible shaft 35 has a key portion 350
adapted to be received in the key socket 34a in
the bearing 34 and the lower end of the ?exible
shaft 35 extends through the bearings for the
wheels I 5 as at 35b with one of the wheels I 5 se
cured as at 350 to the shaft section 35d.
The 'key portions 35a and 34a constitute clutch
elements that are engaged and disengaged with
each other by means of a pair of clamp levers 35d
pivotally supported as at 35c on a collar 35! fixed
to the ?exible shaft casing 35, the levers 35d
being tensioned as at 35;! to move the hook ends
35h thereof into selective reception in spaced
notches 35i formed in the outer side of the tubu
lar boss 33;
Rigidly secured to the reduced bearing portion
l3 of the drum I2 is a gear 45 which is adapted
to be driven by the drive gear 4| secured to the
upper end of'the bearing‘ 34 and said gears 45
and 4| are connected and adapted to be driven
in the same direction by means of an idle gear 42
mounted upon a pin 43 having sliding movement
within slots 44 and 440 formed in the bottom
wall of the casing 5 and the bottom wall of the
gear casing 3|‘ and whereby said idle gear 42 may
be moved-toward and away from the gears 45
Means is provided for shifting the idle'gear
70 42'and includesa yoke 45 embracing the idle
gear and said yoke, is provided with a stem 45
extending through .an opening 41 formed'in the
cylindrical casing 5 and into the handle 5 through
an opening 45 and connected to one throw of a
75 crank 49 having ‘the stub shaft 55 journalled
with the gear 45 when the ‘crank 55 is moved by means of the connecting rod 54 to cause the shift
ing of the yoke with the resultant movement of
the gear 59 into engagement with the gear 45. 40
It is to be understood that the gear 52 is smaller
in diameter than the gear 55 whereby said gear
55 may mesh with the gear 4| but the gear 52 _
will not engage the gear 45 ,_so,_-that,,rthe shaft
35 may rotate in one direction and the drum l2 "
may be rotated in the opposite direction.
' As the ?nger piece 55 is operated to shift the
double gear 42 and reversing gears 55, 52, and
59 toward and away from the gears 45 and 4|,
either a direct drive may be established between 50
the ?exible shaft 35 and drum '|2 or the drum
l2 may operate or rotate in a reversev direction
with respect to the shaft 35. ‘This is‘ necessary
when it is desired to wind the cable |‘I upon the
drum 12 when the vacuum cleaner is being 55
moved toward the outlet plug andfaiter the clean
ing operation has been completed and it is de
sired to store the cable I‘! within thew-‘casing or
housing 5 so that the cleaner may be stored.
The cable I‘! may be guided upon the roller i2 60
by means of a traversing guide including a re
versing screw shaft 15 having its ends journalled
in the bottom wall of the cylindrical casing ‘5
and the top wall 5 and one end of the‘reversing
screw shaft is provided with‘ a gear-1| adapted 65.
to mesh with'the gear 4|.so1that the guide nut
12 may travel from end to end- with'respect to
the reversing screw ‘I5. The guide nut 12 is pro
vided with an arm 13 having an opening 14 for »
the passage of the. ?exible cable .l'l'land the nut
'12 is retained in place by means of an extension
‘I5 adapted to travel in- a longitudinal groove
'i'l formed in a rib ‘I5 on thevinterior‘wall' of the
casing .5.
As the traversing screw isrotate'd, the. guide‘ 75
nut 12 may strike the end of the casing and
be reversed in a fashion well known in the art.
In operation, the free end of the cable l‘l may
be attached to a wall outlet socket by means
of an appliance connection and the switch 58
may be closed to cause current to ?ow to the
motor in the suction cleaner head 9. As the vac
uum cleaner A is moved along the surface of the
?oor rotation‘is applied to the drive connection
10 between the supporting roller [0 and drum I!
which will cause the cable II to be played out
and retracted as the cleaner is moved toward and
away from the wall outlet plug. This is eil‘ected
only when the gear 42 is in mesh with the gears
15 40 and ‘I so that there is a direct drive between
the ?exible shaft 35 and drum [2 and should it
be desired to wind the cable I‘! within the hous
ing 5 upon the drum I! after use of the vacuum
cleaner, the reverse gearing 62 and 68 may be
v20 brought into engagement with the gears 40 and
U whereby the vacuum cleaner may be moved
toward the wall outlet plug or over the ?oor sur
face with the result that the cable will be wound
upon the drum and stored in the casing B. If
25 it is desired to operate the vacuum cleaner with
out employing the use of the drum l2, the ?nger
piece 56 may be operated to cause the direct drive
gear 42 and gears 60, 62 and 68 to be moved out
of engagement with the gears 40 and ll. When
30 the gears are in the above position, the winding
drum l2 becomes inoperative and the cleaner may
be used in the conventional fashion. While the
cable take-up device has herein been described
as associated with a vacuum cleaner of one type,
the invention in its broad aspect may be designed
for association with a vacuum cleaner-‘of any
character, and may also be used with a wheeled
machine, that may be electrically or otherwise
It is to be understood that the form of the
invention herewith shown and described is to
be taken as the preferred embodiment of the 10
same and that various changes in the shape, size
and arrangement of parts may be resorted to
without departing from the spirit of the inven
tion or the scope of the subjoined claim.
I claim:—
In combination with aivacuum cleaner or other
wheeled electrically driven device having an elec
tric motor, a handle and a supporting wheel, a‘
casing secured to the handle, a cable receiving
drum rotatably' mounted in the casing, a gear 20
carried by one end of the drum, a drive shaft
having one end adjacent the drum gear and
adapted to be driven by the supporting wheel,
a gear on the drive shaft, direct and reverse
driving gears adapted to be moved into and out 25
of engagement with the drive shaft gear and
cable drum gear, means on the handle for con
trolling the movable gears, and a traversing guide
parallel with and adjacent to the drum, and a
gear on one end of the traversing guide adapted 30
to be driven from the gear on the cable drum.
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