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Ap ' 5, 1938.
2,113,005 _
Fiied July 31, 1936
Patented Apr. s, 1938
Newell R. Smith, Bloomfield, N. J., assignor, by
mesne assignments, to Radio Corporation of
America, a corporation of Delaware
Application July 31, 1936, Serial No. 93,534
7 Claims. (o1. cam-27.5)
My invention relates to mounts for electron shield from the lower ends of the electrode side
discharge devices, particularly to multi-purpose' rods of the upper section. A rectangular in
devices employing two or more independent elec
sulating plate or spacer 22 bears snugly in the
trode assemblies in one envelope.
The conventional multi-unit radio tube com
prises one self contained electrode assembly, or
section, usually of the unit mount type of con—
struction, supported upon the upper end of longi—
tudinal' support rods rising from the stem and
10 with another electrode assembly or section at the
lower end of the envelope supported directly on
the stem. The electrodes ‘and shields of the lower
section which usually are individually supported
upon lead-in wires extending through the press
1 5 are di?icult to assemble and to maintain in ?xed
spaced relation.
According to my invention the elements of the
lower section, which may for convenience be
referred to as a double diode, is constructed as
_,0 a unitary assembly of electrodes and shielding
A box-like shield receives the electrodes
and insulating spacers and is adapted to be easily
' and economically assembled in the mount.
My invention is de?ned with particularity in
the appended claims, but one embodiment thereof
is described in detail in the following speci?ca
tion and accompanying drawing in which:
Figure 1 is a front elevation, partially in sec
tion, of an electron discharge device embodying
30 my invention, and
Figure 2 is an exploded perspective View, partly
in section, of a double diode assembly embodying
upper portion of the shield against recessed por
tion 2| and insulating plate or spacer 23, slightly
longer in one dimension than the shield, is at
tached 'to the lower edge thereof by ear ‘exten
sions 24 from the box. In the bottom of recess 2|
and in lower spacer 23,are registering openings
25 and 26 to receive the lower end of the cathode 10
with emitting surface l0. 'I'wo coaxial tubular
anodes 21 and 28 are each positioned concentric
with emitting surface l0 and held upon two pairs
of support rods 29 and 30 between the insulating
spacers. For convenient attachment to the sup- 15
port rods the anodes may have integral exten
sions 3| and 32, notched to provide offset por
tions so the extensions of one anode may if de
sired lie in one plane and at an angle to the
plane of the other anode extensions and be at- 20
tached to diagonally opposite support rods. To
longitudinally space the two coaxial anodes, each
extension may conveniently be of a width at its
end adjacent the support rods slightly greater
than the total length of the two coaxial anodes. 25
Each anode is thus securely held in place upon
two opposed support rods which are held in ?xed
spaced relation to the cathode and to the sides of
the box shield. Each anode is connected through
one of its support rods to a lead-in wire of the 30
header. This assembly of anodes is not only
rugged in construction but is easily manufactured
my invention.
and assembled with the upper section -of the
The mount assembly shown in Figure 1, which . mount. In assembling the mount, the shield
is particularly adapted for a metal envelope, containing the diode anodes and their insulating 35
comprises a stem or metal header I with electrode spacers, is attached to support rods 9 near the '
lead-in wires 2 sealed gas tight in glass beads in stem, preferably by welding opposite faces or
eyelets 3. The upper electrode assembly com
extensions from the faces of the shield to the
prises insulating spacers ! and 5 which support rods, and the upper assembly of electrodes is
between them the cooperating cathode 6, grid 1 then added by threading rods 9 through holes in 40
and anode 8, and which are mounted upon sup~ insulating spacers 4 and 5 and inserting cathode 6
port rods 9 joined‘ at their lower ends to the the proper distance to bring emitting surface I0
header. In this tube the cathode of the indirectly in registry with the diode anodes, the lower
heated type extends below lower spacer 5 and is spacer 5 coming into fiat engagement with the
coated at ID with electron emitting material for upper face of the shield. In addition to rugged- 45
supplying space current to an assembly of elec
ness-and simplicity of manufacture the electrode
trodes constructed and supported in accordance assemblies constructed in accordance with my
with my invention.
invention are e?’ectively shielded electrostatically,
An assembly of diode plates adapted to cooper— and electronically to reduce interaction between
ate with electron emitting surface l0 and better the two sections of the mount.
shown in the exploded view of Figure 2 comprises
Since many modi?cations may be made in an
a box-like shield 20 which may as desired be electrode assembly constructed according to my
either open or closed on its sides is preferably invention without departing from the scope there
of nickel, and has an indented or recessed por
of, it is desired that my invention be limited only
tion 2|, which serves to space the top of the by the prior art and by the appended claims.
I claim:
spacers attached to said support rods, a cathode
1. In combination in an electron discharge de
extending between said spacers and below the
vice, an envelope. a stem closing one end of said
envelope, parallel support rods attached to and
projecting from said stem into said envelope, a
box-like shield with opposite ends secured to said
rods and having an opening in the top, an elec
trode assembly resting on the top of said shield
and secured to said rods, said assembly having a
cathode with its lower end pro] ecting through said
opening into said shield, and a tubular anode
in said shield concentric with the lower end of
said cathode, said anode having radial extensions,
said extensions being insulatingly secured to the
top and bottom of said box.
2. An electron discharge device comprising a‘
stem, two support rods projecting from the stem,
9. box-like shield secured to said support rods
near the stem and having an opening in its top,
an electrode assembly mounted on said support
rods and comprising a spacer resting on the top
of said shield, and a cathode with an electron
emitting surface projecting into said box through
said opening, spaced insulating discs held in said
25 shield, a tubular anode in said shield concentric
with said emitting surface of the cathode, and
means for securing said anode to said insulating
3. An electron discharge device comprising in
a stem, parallel support rods pro
‘ jecting from the stem,'a rectangular sheet metal
box with its ends secured to said support rods
and having an opening in the top, an electrode
assembly attached to said support rods and rest
lower spacer, a rectangular box-like shield at
tached at opposite ends to said support rods and
bearing at its upper side against said lower spacer,
two insulating discs in said shield transverse to
said rods, two anodes surrounding the lower end
of said cathode and secured in spaced relation
to said insulating discs.
5. An electrode assembly comprising a metal 10
box-like shield, two insulating spacers at oppo
site sides of said shield, a cathode between said
spacers, two tubular coaxial anodes surround
ing the cathode between the spacers and each
having two radial extensions, each extension be
ing as wide at the ends as the distance be
tween said spacers, and means for securing said
extensions to said spacers, the'plane oi‘ the ex
tensions of one anode being at an angle to the
plane of the extensions of the other anode.
_6. In combination in an electron discharge
device, a rectangular metal box, two insulating
plates secured to opposite sides of said box, reg
istering openings in said plates and the sides oi’
said box, a cathode extending between and titted
in said openings, two coaxial anodes held in
spaced concentric relation around said cathode
between said plates, and two pairs of side rods,
each rod being parallel to said cathode and en
gaging said plates at its ends and spaced around 30
said openings, each anode being secured to al
terhate rods.
7. In an electron discharge device having in
combination a rectangular metal box, two insu
ing on the platform formed by the top of said
lating plates secured to opposite sides of said .box,
box and comprising a cathode with and an emit
registering openings in said plates and the sides
of said box, a cathode ?tted in said openings,
two coaxial anodes held in spaced concentric re
lation around said cathode between said plates,
and two'pairs of fastening means for securing
each anode to said plates at spaced points around
said openings, each anode being secured to al
ting surface projecting into said box ‘through
said opening, an anode in said box concentric
with said electron emitting surface of the oath
40 ode, said anode having extensions insulatingly
secured to the walls of said box.
4. A_multi-unit mount for electron discharge
devices comprising a stem and two upstanding
support rods, two transversely spaced electrode
ternate fastening means.
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