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ÀPYÍE 5, i938.
E. o. THALlNGl-:R ì
' »
Filed Feb. l5, 1957
’f f Ill/Imm@
m f5
„aluminium-Ilm:Tin Il I
im! l ) Í ,.
Patented Apr. 5, 1938
Ernest Oscar Thalinger, Webster Groves, M0.
Application February 15, 1937, Serial No. 125,761
1 Claim.
My invention relates to a new and useful im
support, such as the top of a table B. A vertical,
provement in artiñcial trees, particularly of the
Christmas tree variety, and has for its principal
object the production of a highly efficient and
tubular post 2|, which is also preferably chro
the silver tinsel stringlets are preferably of a
are connected by means of an electric plug 26,
which is conveniently detachable from the mem
miiun plated, is screwed into the central aperture
I9 in the blocks IIS and II in the b-ase A, which
5 decorative device of this character composed of a v post may be of any desired height. The top of
the tubular post 2| is of reduce-d diameter as
number of simple parts which may be quickly as
sembled and taken apart. Another object is to shown at 22, for a purpose to be hereinafter de
scribed. At the upper end of the tubular post 2|
form two of the parts of my artificial tree, par
ticularly the central, vertical post and the outer `is a socket to receive a lamp 23 adapted to be in
10 casing wall of the base, of a material that will serted in such end. Wires 24 pass through the
reflect rays of light, thereby adding lustre to the hollow, interior portion of the tubular post 2| and
combination of my tree and the silver tinsel are connected with the socket in which the lamp
23 is placed.
stringlets depending therefrom to make a pleas
The lights I5 in the base portion A are con
ing appearance, particularly under artificial room
15 illumination. The upper face of the base and the nected with an electric lighting system through
outer face of the spiral supporting structure for the wires 25. Both the wires 24 and the wires 25
dark, non-light-reflecting color, the object being
to concentrate the light rays upon the reflecting
ber 21 in the lower end of the tubular post 2|
to which the wires 24 are secured.
An electric
The parts composing my artificial tree are so
plug 28 is attached to the wire 29, and by Virtue
constructed that they readily ñt together to form
a pleasing composite whole. The spiral support
of the same my tree may be connected to 'any
convenient electric light source.
ing band for the silver tinsel stringlets is so sup
The conical spiral band 30 has its smallest di
ameter at the top and increases in diameter to
2 Ul ported that a certain amount of swinging move
ment is permitted to it, causing the tinsel string
lets supported thereby to shimmer in the light
rays. I so form my spiral band as to cause the
silver tinsel stringlets to be ñrmly retained in po
30 sition on said band and not easily displaced.
Fig. 1 is a view of my artificial tree partly in
Fig. 2 is a top, plan View of the supporting base
for my artificial tree.
Fig. 3 is an enlarged, detail view of the upper
portion of the central post of my artificial tree.
Fig. 4 is a detail view of the upper portion of
the spiral band.
Fig. 5 is an enlarged, detail view of a portion of
40 my supporting band.
In the drawing, A designates a base composed
of an outer, cylindrical member III having the
outer face thereof preferably chromium plated.
Attached to the upper portion of the cylindrical
45 member Ill is a block II, preferably of wood, se
cured to the cylindrical member by screws I2. In
the block || is a series of openings I3 adapted to
receive sockets I4 for light bulbs I5, which are
preferably screwed into said sockets. Another
50 block I6 is fitted preferably into a. recess I'I in
the block II and is attached to said block II by
screws I8. A central aperture I9, preferably
threaded as shown at 2D, is formed in the blocks
I6 and II.
The base A is adapted to rest on any convenient
ward the lower portion, having its largest diam
eter at the bottom, the purpose of this being to
form a general tree outline. I preferably form
the spiral band 30 in channel shape as shown
in detail in Fig. 5, the lower flange 3| being pref 30
erably plain, while theupper flange 32 is pro
vided with notches to support the silver tinsel
stringlets 33 in such manner as will not permit
said silver tinsel stringlets to be readily dis
turbed or displaced. While I have shown only 3
a small number of the silver tinsel stringlets,
it is my purpose that such stringlets be lavishly
employed so as to form almost a complete wall
of the silver tinsel stringlets from the lowermost
portion of the spiral band 3Il to the upper por 40
tion thereof.
The upper end of the spiral band 30 terminates
in a cylindrical section 34 which lits rather loose
ly about the reduced diameter section 22 of the
tubular post 2|. The purpose of such loose ñt is
to permit a swaying, or swinging, of the spiral
band 3l), whereby the silver tinsel stringlets may
be- permitted a trembling -movement when the
spiral band 3G swings, which causes the stringlets
to shimmer in the artificial lighting of the room. 50
It will be noted that all of the parts are eX
tremely simple and may be quickly and readily
assembled and taken apart, and that with the
exception of the silver tinsel stringlets, my arti
ñcial tree may be quickly and readily handled, 55
and may be used for an indefinite period Without
destruction of the major elements of my com
I claim:
An artiñcial tree comprising a base, a post ex
in cross-section, the upper ñange of said chan
nel-shaped spiral band being provided with 5
tending upwardly from said base, said post be~
ing provided with a portion of reduced diameter
adjacent its upper end, and a spiral band loosely
mounted on said post at said portion of reduced
diameter, said spiral band being channel-shaped
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