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Àpril 5, 1938.
Filed Feb. 19, 1937
/Nz/EA/TUR `
Patented Apr. 5, 1938
ATENT crevice
Sidney B. Klahn, Portland, Oreg.
Applicatien February 19, 1937, Serial No. 126,583
3 claims.
(c1. 15o-Li)
projects through the front Iû. A leather hasp
25 having a slot 2B is secured to the front I0
directly below the staple 24. Directly above the
deposit bag.
base 23 is secured a stiffening plate 21 which may
The main object of this invention is the con
be of any suitable material. A slot 28 is formed
5 struction of an improved form of deposit bag
which Will be simple to manufacture, easy to through the front It) and the plate 21 and regis
ters with the staple 24 when the bag is ina closed
open and close by an authorized person, but diñi
cult to gain access thereto by an unauthorizedy position. The center flap lll is also provided`
person without showing that it has been tampered with a slot 29 which is directly opposite the slot 28.
vIn order to close the bag, it is first necessary to 10
move one of the flaps I6 to the position shown
' The second object is to construct a bag of the
in Fig. 3 and then to move the other flap i6 to
character described which will be durable in con
struction and inexpensive to manufacture and the position shown in Fig. 4 and to then fold the
center ñap lli downwardly over the staple 24 and
These and other objects are accomplished in then place the hasp 25 in position over the staple 15
the manner set forth in the following specification 2li» after which a lock 3l? is placed in the staple
as illustrated in the accompanying drawing, in 24 or a suitable seal is substituted for the lock.
It can be seen that when the bag is closed as
Fig. 1 is a front elevation of the bag in open stated that it Will be impossible to open the bag
This invention relates generally' to bags for
containing valuables, and particularly to a bank
without mutilating it or opening the lock or de
Fig. 2 is a rear elevation of the bag.
Fig. 3 is a front elevation of the bag showing
one corner ñap folded to a partially closed posi
stroying the seal.
is to provide safe carriage for valuables against
Fig. 4 is a fragmentary front elevation showing
both corner iiaps folded to a partially closed
tampering only since it is obvious that if anyone
desired to take the contents of the bag, it would 25
be a very convenient way of taking them, by
taking the bag itself or by cutting the canvas bag
open with an ordinary knife. The bag herein de
Fig. 5 is a fragmentary elevation showing the
folded ñaps turned engaging the staple and the
lock in position.
Fig. 6 is a side elevation showing the locked bag.
Fig. 7 is a transverse section taken along the
line 1-1 in Fig. l.
Fig. 8 is a transverse section taken along the
line 8--8 in Fig. l.
Similar numbers of reference refer to similar
parts throughout the several Views.
Referring in detail to the drawing, there is
shown a bag consisting of the front I@ and back
Il which are joined by the seams l2 and i3. On
the upper portion of the back H is ñxed a tri
angular center ñap Hl whose base I5 is parallel
with the bottom seam I3.
Also attached to the back Il are the corner
It will be understood that the nature of this bag
scribed is intended only to prevent tampering
with the contents as Stated.
While it is desirable to make the parts I0 and
l! out of a heavy fabric and the parts I4, I6, 23,
25 and 2l out of leather, they could, of course, be
made out of any other material Without departing
from the spirit of this invention.
I claim:
l. A device of the class described, comprising
an open mouthed bag of flexible material having
triangular sti?fening flaps mounted in the corners
of the open end, each of said flaps having a slot 40
formed therein parallel with the open end, said
flaps being adapted to fold diagonally against one
side of said bag in a manner that their slots will
register, said bag having a slot formed through
stiffening flaps l5 which are somewhat triangu
opposite sides thereof adapted to register with 45
lar in shape and their edges il form a folding
line with the edges I8 of the center ñap lll. The
edges IS of the flaps IE are substantially paral
lel With the seams l2. The edges 2B have formed
thereon the projection 2l which contains the
slot 22. -It will be noted that the slots 22 of the
two ñaps I6 register when the flaps are in the
the flap slots while they are in register, a staple
projecting from one side of said bag adapted to
extend through the flap slots and through the bag
and to project therefrom and means for pre
Venting the Withdrawal of said staple from said
slots said bag being rectangular in outline when
2. A device of the class described comprising
an open mouthed bag of flexible material having
a staple base and a stiffening plate mounted on 55
position shown in Fig. 4.
On the inside of the front I0 is secured a staple
55 base 23 to which is attached a staple 24 which
one side thereof, the adjacent edges of which ` allel to the side edge of the bag and the third
form a folding line normal to the length of the side forms a diagonal line extending from the
bag, said staple plate having a staple projecting
therefrom, said bag having a slotted hasp disposed
adjacent to said staple, said bag and stiffening
plate having slots therein adapted to register with
said staple when the mouth of the bag is folded
along its full Width along the line between said
staple plate and stiiîening plate and corner
10 stiffening íiaps at the outer corners of said bag
having slots therein adapted to register With said
staple when said flaps are folded against said bag
in a manner to make the slotted edges thereof
3. A device of the class described comprising a
canvas bag having an open end having triangular
corner stiifening ñaps secured to the outermost
corners thereof, one side of which is parallel to
the open edge of the bag and another side is par
middle of the open edge to a point along a side
edge, each of said ñaps having a slotted projec
tion formed thereon extending beyond the open
end of the bag, a triangular center ñap secured
to one side of the mouth of the bag between the
corner flaps, a stiffening plate mounted on the
opposite end of said bag, said bag stiiïening plate
and center ñap having slots formed therethrough 10
adapted to register with the slots in said pro
jections when said projections are made to over
lap, a staple securedto said bag adapted to pro
ject through all of said slots, a hasp attached to
said~ bag adapted to engage said staple and a lock 15
for the projecting end of said staple, said bag
being characterized by having a rectangular
shape when open or closed.
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