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April 5, 1938._
Filed April 26, 1937
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Patented Apr. 5, 1938
Robert E. saduer, cincinnati, ohio
Application April 26, 1937, Serial N0. 139,017
2 Claims. (Cl. 91-18)
This invention relates to dispensing devices
for sanitary articles and has special reference to
dispensing means for dispensing Wet sanitary
level of the top of the trough I6 the partition I‘I
pads or sheets.
-is provided with a small feed Aopening 20 which ,
One important object of the invention is to
provide a novel general construction of a device
forthe purpose set forth which can be inexpen
sivelyv constructed, is simple in construction and
_ without moving mechanism and is indestructible
I9 which not only forms the casing bottom but
also constitutes the tank bottom. Just below the
communicates with the trough.
The pads or pledgets consist of an envelope 2|
of transparent water proof material such as the
commercial. product known as “glassine”, each
envelope being open at its rear edge.
Each en- ~
10 from ordinary use.
velope is ñlled with water-soluble absorbent ma- 10'
A second important object of the invention -is ' terial 22, such as cellucotton or the like and this
to provide a novel device of this kind for holding filling 22 projects out of the envelope 2I slightly.
_a pile of pads of absorbent material and mois
These pads are of proper size to fit the casing in
tening the lowermost pad automatically _so that
15 when the moist bottom pad is withdrawn for use
front of the partition I‘I and lie flat on the tank -
top l5 with the projecting part of the cotton of 15
the pad next above is automatically moistened.
the pad resting against the partition I'I. These
A third important object of the invention is
to provide a simple device wherein, by a novel
construction, the bottom pad of a pile of flat
¿o pads of absorbent material will be wet by capil
lary attraction from one edge across the whole
pads are piled one on the other in the casing and,
when thus arranged, the cotton of the bottom
With the above and other objects in view,- the
invention consists in general of certain novel
details of construction and combinations of parts
hereinafter fully described, illustrated in the
accompanying drawing and particularly claimed.
In the accompanying drawing like characters
of reference indicate like parts in the several
views, andz-
Figure l is a front elevation of the invention.
Figure 2 is a section on the line 2_2 of Fig. 1.
Figure 3 is a section on the line 3-3 of Fig. 2.
In the embodiment of the invention as shown
;,-, in the present drawing there is provided a ver
tically elongated casing made of metal or other
suitable material, having va front wall II), rear
wall I2 and side walls I I. In the front Wall I0
there is a delivery opening I3 of general in
4u verted V-shape, this opening having a straight
bottom edge I4 extending between the side Walls
II from one wall to the other. Extending rear
wardly from the front Wall level with the edge
I4 is a tank top I5 which terminates in spaced
.l5 relation tothe rear wall l2. The rear part of this
tank top I5`is downwardly arched to form a
transverse trough I6 extending from side wall to
side wall. From the rear edge of the trough I6
a partition Il extends upwardly so that it is
pad rests in the trough I6.
'I'he metal top I8 is a suilicient barometric seal
when the cover I8 is in place. The edge portions 20
of the upstanding water leg extend up a suñicient
distance so that when the c_over I8 is placed in
position it actually contacts the entire perimeter
-of the water leg opening. If desired, an aux
iliary sealing means, such as a water-proofed
plug, may be inserted in the upper end of the
upstanding water leg after the tank has been
. In use, the casing is filled with padi or pledgets
and the tank ñlled with water, antiseptic solu
tion or other suitable liquid, the top I8 being
immediately closed. A certain amount of the
liquid will run into the trough and when it rises
above-the opening 20 it will stop ñowing. 'I'he 3
absorbent material of the bottom pad will rest,
at its projecting edge, in the liquid in the trough
and the liquid will be absorbed through the Whole
mass 'of absorbent material in this' bottom pad
by capillary attraction. The bottom pad may 40
now be drawn out through the opening I3 Where
upon the pile of pa‘ds will drop and the next pad
will be moistened.
When the level of the fluid falls below the
opening 20 a bubble of air enters the tank and 45
a little additionatñuid flows out into the trough
so that the latter is always kept ñlled to\ the
proper height to effectual y wet the bottom pad.
It is to be noted that t ese pads afford means
5u spaced from the rear Wall I2. This partition ex
for thoroughly and sanitarily cleansing the bòdy „o
tends from side wall to side Wall of the casing
land thus forms an upstanding tank leg. A casing
top I8 is removably ñtted on the casing to her
metically closethe top of the tank leg when in
:,r, position. The casing is provided with a bottom
oi the user.
There has thus been provided a simple and`
eilicient device of the kind described and for the
purpose specified.
It is obvious that changes may be made in the 55
small ilow opening, and a closure for said leg j
form, construction and proportions of the inven
closing the upper end of-the same hermetically.
tion without departing from the material prin
2. The combination with a casing‘having a
ciples involved. It is not therefore desired to
confine the invention to the exact form herein ' stationary bottom for supporting a stack o! ab
shown and described but it is desired to include . sorbent pads, said bottom having a recess therein
for receiving nuid lfor absorption by the lower
most pad of a stack of pads supported on said
Having described my invention what I claim as bottom, said recess having an opening in its wall
new and desire to protect by Letters Patent is:A above its bottom for permitting fluid flow to said
1. In adispensing device, a casing having a recess, said casing having an opening aligned 10
front wall provided with a withdrawal opening, with said bottom whereby a pad supported' on
a tank in said casing having a lower body portion said bottom may be removed laterally, and a iluid
, all such as come within the scope ot the appended
provided with a top forming a pad support, said
top being level with the bottom edge of said
opening. said tank having a rear upstanding leg
and -having a transverse trough in front of said
leg and communicating with the leg through a
supply reservoir, sealed against barometric pres
sure and discharging into said recess through
said opening.
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