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April 5, 1938.>
G. A. wooDMAN
Filed May 29, 1956
«um ~ dl. M
Patented Apr. 5, 1938
George A. Woodman, Chicago, Ill.
Application May 29“, 1936, Serial No. 82,506
3 Claims. (Cl. 308-47)
This invention relates to journal box lids such the parts in the positions occupied immediately
as are used with journal boxes of railway cars and after installation of the lid;
Fig. 2 is a view, similar to Fig. l, showing the
the like, and the primary objects of the inven
parts in operative position;
tion are to effectively retain such lids in box
Fig. 3 isa fragmentary front elevation of the
5 closing position and to facilitate installation of
the lids on the boxes.
The lids for railway car journal boxes serve to
prevent dust and other foreign matter from
entering the box. However, a broken or other
10 wise damaged lid may be discovered while a car
is enroute or when the car is in a yard remote
from the repair or machine shop, and unless the
lid may be expeditiously replaced it is necessary
to send the car to a repair or machine shop which
15 is expensive and otherwise objectionable. Hence,
devices as shown in Fig. 1; and
Fig. 4 is a sectional view taken substantially on
the line 4--4 on Fig. 1.
The form of my invention shown in the ac
companying drawing is associated with a frag "10
mentally illustrated journal box 4 which may be
of any >approved form or construction and’which
has an opening 5 at its outer-end and a lugy 6
on its upper wall.
An upper inclined bearing face ‘I and a front ¿l5
it is advantageous to enable replacement of a
vertically disposed bearing'face 8 are provided
broken or otherwise damaged lid when found and
therefore occasion may arise where it is desired
to install a new journal box lid under conditions
'20 where a variety of tools are not readily available
on the lug 6 intermediate its ends and these faces
are interconnected bya projected rounded edge 9.
is to enable installation of a journal box lid by
The lid, generally indicated by I2, includes a
marginal depending'flange I3 that overliesthe
and consequently another object of my invention
means of simple, readily available and easily
transportable tools.
`It is essential, however, that journal box lids
be effectively retained in box closing position and
to this end it is customary to apply pressure on
the lids by the use of relatively strong springs.
If' such springs are permitted freedom of action
30 during installation of the lids with which they
are associated the installation must be effected
against the action of the springs and this usually
requires special tools. It is therefore still another
object to render the spring or other means which
35 holds a journal box lid in closing position ineffec
tive during installation of the lid whereby in
stallation of the lid Will be expedited.
More speciñc objects of my invention are to re
tain followers associated with the spring or other
40 lid pressing means in retracted position and there
by compress the spring or the like until installa
tion of the lid is effected and to retain such fol
lowers by devices which may be easily removed
after installation of the lid has been effected.
A still further object is to cause the spring to
be so compressed when the lid is in a position
intermediate the open and closed positions thereof
that the retaining device may be installed or re
A transversely extending groove II) is provided
at the lower edge of the bearing face 8 whereby f l0. 0
a shoulder I I is defined at the top of the groove I0.
sides and bottom edge of the box about the open
ing I I and an inwardly extending flange I4 that
projects into `the groove I0. A housing I5 is pro
vided on the lid at the top and intermediate the
side edges thereof. - A follower I5 is mounted in
the housing I5 and has a cylindrical projection
I1 on the outwardly disposed face thereof about =
which one end of a coil spring I8 is disposed,
the opposite end of said spring bearing on the
outwardly disposed wall I9 of the housingA I5.
The follower IB is provided with a bearing face
20 that is adapted to engage the bearing face 8 v
when the lid is in box closing position shown in
Fig. 2 and the follower also includes a shoulder
2I which engages the shoulder II when the face
2U engages the face 8.
The action of the spring I8 on the follower I6 «
urges the bearing face 20 and. shoulder 2l on
said follower into engagement with- the bearing
face 8 and shoulder> II on the lug 6 whereby the
lid, whichy includes bearing lugs 22 and 23 dis
posed at opposite ends of the luglì and pivotally
mounted on the pintle 24 passed through the bear
ing lugs 22 and 23 and lug 6, is’urged into po'si
tion to effectively close the opening 5. When the
lower end of the lid is grasped and the lid is
moved without the use of tools whereby installa
tion or removal is facilitated.
One form of my invention is illustrated in the
pivoted about the pintle 24, the bearing face 2U 50
accompanying drawing wherein
inclined upper edge 1 whereby the lid is firmly held
in open position during inspection of the journal
Fig. 1 is a fragmentary vertical sectional view
of a journal box and the lid therefor showing
and shoulder 2I ride up over the bearing face 8
and rounded edge 8 into engagement with the
or lubrication thereof and the like.
In order that the lid will be effectively held
either in the closing position illustrated in Fig. 2
or in its open position above described, the spring
I8 exerts appreciable force on the follower I6,
and by referring to Fig. 2 it will be apparent that
it would be necessary to compress the spring I8
to permit the pintle 24 to be passed through the
bearing lugs 22 and 23 and the lug 6. This would
require the use of special 'clamps or other tools
10 and would make installation of the lid, which is
otherwise satisfactory, quite difficult other than
in a. repair or machine shop.
out the use of any special tools wherefore the lid
may be installed in railway yards or while in
transit or in other places remote from a repair
or machine shop.
While I have illustrated and described a se
lected embodiment of my invention it is to be
understood that this is capable of variation and
modification and I therefore do not wish to be
limited to the precise details set forth but desire
to avail myself of such changes and alterations as 10
fall within the scope of the following claims.
I claim:
,1. In a journal box which has an open side and
I have therefore provided means whereby the
follower I6 may be held retracted from engage' 4a lug thereon including bearing faces, the com
ment with the bearing face 8 and shoulder II bination of a lid pivotally mounted on the box 15
during installation of the lid and this retraction and adapted to close the open side thereof, a
of the follower I6 effectively compresses th'e'spring housing on said lid, a follower in said housing and
I8 and eliminates the necessity of installing the having a bearing face thereon adapted for en
lid against the action of said spring. To this gagement with the bearing faces on said lug,
20 end an opening 25 is provided in the outer wall I9 ' means‘for urging the bearing face on said follower
of the housing I5. A post 26 is passed through into engagement with at least one of the bearing
this opening and is secured vin the cylindrical boss faces on said lug to thereby retain said lid in
I1.` Near the outer end of the post 26 a trans
box closing position, a member on said follower
verse opening 21 (Fig. 3).»is provided through
extendible outwardly of said housing, and means
engageable withthe >portion of said member ex
tended beyond said housing for retaining said
follower in retracted position during the, installa
tion of said lid on said lug and thereby prevent
the urging means from interfering with the in
stallation of said lid.
2. In ajournal box which has an openvside and
a lug thereon including bearing faces of which
which a cotter pin or other. readily removable re
taining means may be passed. When the opening
21 »is in position outwardly ofy the wall I9 the
cotter pin 28 is passed therethrough and the fol
lower I6 is then held retracted and the spring I 8
,30 compressed. Hence, installation of the lid may
be effected without interference from the spring
I8. When, however, the lid has been installed
on the lug 6, the cotter pin 28 or other removable
device is removed from the opening 21 whereupon
v35 the spring I8 urges the follower I6 toward the
lug 6 and the bearing face 20 willengage the
bearing face 8 and the shoulder 2I will engage
the shoulder II when the parts are positioned
as shown in Fig. 2 and therefore the lid is ready
for use.
one is projected from the other to form a cam,
the combination of a lid pivotally mounted‘on
the box and adapted to close the open side there 35
of, a housing on said lid, a follower in said hous
ing and having a bearing face thereon adapted
for engagement with the bearing faces on said
lug, a spring for urging the bearing face on said
follower toward the bearing faces on said lugs,
means on said follower extending outwardly of 4.0
said housing for retaining said follower in a re
tracted position during installation or removal of
the lid and thereby prevent the urging means
The projection of the rounded edge 9 is such
that when the bearing face 20 is engaged there
with, when the lid is in a position intermediate its
open and closed positions, the post 26 is forced
45 outwardly against the action. of thev spring I8
into such a position that the opening 21 is out
ward of the wall I9 and the retaining device 28
is disengaged from said wall. Therefore, the
said housing outwardly thereof to secure the re
taining means in position to hold the follower in
retaining device may be removed from or installed
-retracted position,A` engagement of the ~bearing
.5.0 in the opening 21 without the use of tools and
this facilitates installation and removal of the
lid. Of course, the retaining device 28 could be
driven out of the opening 21 when the lid is in
open or 'closed position if so desired.
From the foregoing it will be apparent that I
have provided a journal box lid'with which a
relatively strong spring or otheranalogous means
may be associated to effectively retain the lid in
box closing or in open position and that I have
60 provided for compression of this spring so as to
enable installation of the lid without interference
from the spring. However, the arrangement is
such that when~ the iid has been mounted on the
box the spring may be readily rendered effective
65 by removing the device which holds the spring
compressed. It will therefore be apparent that
installation of the lid may be carried out with
from interfering with the installation of said lid, 45
and a removable retaining device engageable with '
face on said follower with the projected bearing 150
face on said lug- spacing said retaining device
from said housing to thereby enable installation
and removal of said retaining device.
3. yA journal box lid including a housing having
a follower therein engageable with the bearing `55
lug on a journal box or the like, a spring in said
housing and adapted to urge said follower into
engagement with said bearing lug, a post on said
follower extended through said spring and out
wardly of said. housing, and means engageable
with the part of said post extended outwardly of
said. housing for holding said follower in a re
tracted position to thereby maintain said spring
in compressed condition during installation of a
lid on a journal box or the like.
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