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April 5, 1938.
2 Sheets-Sheet, 1
Filed >Nov_. 8, 1937‘
‘FIG.’ 6;
W. .{.1N M1.L4.
April 5, 1938.
-c:. J. WAMSER
v 2,113,285
Filed Nov. 8, [19:57
_. 2 Sheets-Sheet 2
FIG. 2.
remixed Apr. 5,1933
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v m'mnonsnassnm sun:v
Charles J. Wsmser, Milwaukee, Wis.
‘Application November 8, 1987,, Serial No. 173,411..‘
,4 Claim. (01. 40-140)
This invention pertains to interchangeable
. Figure 3 is a detailed fragmentary section
signs, and more particularly to electrically il
luminated signs provided with translucent glass
panels and changeable silhouette letters disposed
taken on'the line 3-3 of Figure 2.
Figure 4 is a perspective view of the hinged
panel and letter-supporting frame.
.Figure 5 is a fragmentary detail section
. In signs of the foregoing type now on the through a-frame hinge, as indicated by the line
market, serious dimoulties have been encoun
tered in obtaining access to the illuminating
compartment, and also in the removal and clean
10 ing of the glass panels. Further, such signs are
. so constructed as to accumulate rain, snow, and
ice, with the result that prolonged dripping oc
curs, which is particularly objectionable in signs
or marquees supported over sidewalks or thor
The present invention has primarily for its
object to overcome the foregoing objections by
the provision of an exceedingly simple and at
tractive illuminated changeable silhouette letter
20- sign, in which access can be quicklly had t6 the
Figure 6 is a fragmentary detail sectionpf the
hinged frame taken on the line 8-}! ,of Figure
4; and
Referring now more particularly to the ac
companying drawings, the numeral l designates
a display housing consisting of upper and lower
sections 2 and 3, respectively, secured to a rear
panel! to form an illuminating compartment 5,
in which conventional light sockets 6 are mounted
for reception of incandescent lamps'L- At the
same time it is to be understood that‘other forms
of electric illumination .may be employed ‘without
departing from the principles of the invention.
which materially facilitates installation or re
The bottom wall 8 of the upper section 2, which
is of a hollow box construction, is provided with
a longitudinally elevated portion 9 terminating
ing or replacement, as well as eliminating the ac
cumulation of‘water, snow, and ice. -
Incidental to the foregoing, a more speci?c
object of the present invention residesin the pro
vision of a frame hinged to the sign housing
3 O for supporting a translucent panel and change
able silhouette letters, both being readily in
stalled or' removed without resort to fastening
_With the above and other objects in view,
35 which will appear as the description proceeds,
the invention resides in the novel construction.
combination, and arrangement of parts, substan
tially as hereinafter described, and more par
ticularly defined by the appended claims, it be
ing understood that such changes in the precise
embodiment of the herein disclosed invention
Figure '7 is an elevation of one of the detach
‘able silhouette letters employed.
illuminating compartment without removal of
the translucent panels'or silhouette letters, and
moval of the translucent panels,>for either clean
5-5 of Figure 4.-
adjacent its front edge to form a depending lip
Ill, which extends over the top edge of a panel
and letter-supporting frame ll, provided with
rearwardly projecting ears l2, pivotally connected I
to arcuate brackets i3 secured to the lower wall
d of the top section 2, inwardlyof the lip 10'.
Like the upper section 2 the _lower section 3'
of the housing 5 is also of box formation, the
top wall it of which is inclined outwardly and‘
downwardly intermediate its front and rear
edges. and has formed thereon adjacent its outer
edge a longitudinal, vertioal'lip it, against which
the bottom edge of the hinged frame ll abuts.
From the lip II the wall It is also beveled down
wardly and outwardly to form a water shed.
Considering now in detail‘the hinged frame ll,
same’ comprises spaced vertical bars l8 con
maybe made as come within the scope of the - the
at their upper and lower. ends by longi
_-tu'dinal channels it for reception of the trans
. In the accompanying drawings‘ is illustrated
lucent panels ll. Connected to/the upright bars 45
one complete example of the physical embodi
It, adjacent their forward edges, and in front of .
ment of the‘ present invention constructed ac
the panels III, are parallel channels III for recep- '
cording to the best mode so far'devisedfor the tion of the changeable silhouette letters 2|, pro-,
- practical application of the principles thereof.
,vided at their upper and lower edges with-pro,
In the drawinssr
. V ,Figure 1 is a fragmentary front elevation of a
' .iecting lugs 22, which extend into' the channels I 50
20, the lugs being’preferablyilush with the rear
sign constructed in accordance with _one form of _ face of the letters to bring the same into as close ,
the present invention.
proximity to the panels I! as possible. It will
Figure 2_is‘ an enlarged transverse section ‘ also be noted that the upper lugs ?are-of suf
‘5 taken on the line 2-l(of Figure 1.
ncientlengthtopermitthsletters ll tobe'raisec'.
until the lower lugs 22 clear the bottom channel
20 allowing the bottom of the letters to be swung
hinged frame, it is to be understood that 'any- ‘
number of sections may be provided, depending '
outwardly and downwardly for removal ’ from
upon the length of the sign.
the top channel. Installation of the letters is ac
complished by a reverse action, namely, first in
serting the upper lugs 22 into the top channel,
I claim:
1. An illuminated sign comprising a housing.
having an open side, a longitudinal lip depending
raising the letters and allowing the lower lugs from the top'of said housing adjacent said open
ing, an upwardly extending longitudinal stop on
to drop into the lower channel.
‘ '
Toreleasably latch the hinged/frame . ii‘ in the bottom of said housing inwardly of said open
10 closed position, a spring clip 23 is secured to the ‘ ing, electric illuminating means containedwithin 10
wall ll of the lower section 3 for reception of a said housing, a skeleton frame hinged to the top
catch 24 attached to the bottom channel it inter
of said housing adjacent said opening for swing
mediate its ends, the lip I! being cut out at I!’ ing outwardly, the top of said frame being nor- '
to allow passage of the catch. A thumb-piece 25,‘ mally positioned inwardly of said depending lip,
secured to the lower channel “,facilitates ma
and the bottom of said frame abutting said stop 15
nipulation of the frame.
From the foregoing explanation, considered in
connection with the accompanying drawings, the
purpose and operation of the invention will be
-20 readily apparent, in that any desired arrange
to form a closure for said .opening and prevent
accumulation of water in said housing, a trans
lucent panel detachably carried by said frame,
and silhouette letters detachably mounted in said
frame in front of said panel.
ment of silhouette letters may be positioned on
2. An illuminated sign comprising a housing
the lunged frame I i by insertion in the horizontal ' having an open side, electric illuminating means
channels 20, and due to the opaque material from contained within said housing, a skeleton frame
which the letters are formed, they will be clearly ' horizontally hinged to said housing adiacent'its
25 visible both at night, when the translucent panel open side, said frame comprising spaced uprights
iii is illuminated, and in the daytime.
. connected at their upper and lower ends by hor
Access to the illuminating compartment 5 is
veasily and quickly obtained by merely swinging
' the frame ii outwardly, thus facilitating re
30 placement _of the incandescent lights or illumi
izontal channels, and a pair of spaced horizontal
channels connected to said uprights intermediate
their upper and lower ends, atranslucent panel
detachably mounted in said upper and lower 30
nating elements when necessary. To remove ‘the channels rearwardly of'said pair of horizontal
translucent panel I! for either washing or re
channels, and silhouette letters detachably
placement, the upper channel is is of sufficient , mounted in said intermediate horizontal chan- .
depth to permit the panel to be raised suiliciently nels.
35 to clear the lower channel I 8, after which it can be -
readily withdrawn from the upper channel. Ob
viously, this operation is performed when the
hinged frame“ is swkung outwardly.
It will be ‘noted that an'exceedingly\ simple,
rigid, and inexpensive structure has been pro
vided, wherein the translucent ‘panels and chan
nel silhouette letters are both removably carried
by a hinged frame, all of which facilitates three
operations, namely access to the illuminating‘
4:5. compartment, replacement or removal of the
translucent panels. for cleaning, and the inter .
changing and arrangement of letters.
Also, by the foregoing arrangement, the for
3. An illuminated sign comprising a. housing
having ‘an open side, electric illuminating means
contained within said housing, a skeleton frame
hinged to said housing adjacent its open side
and adapted to swing outwardly and upwardly, a
dependinglip formed on the top of said housing 40
and extending over ‘the face of saidframe, a
longitudinal stop formed on the bottom of said
housing and abutting the inner lower edge of said
frame, means for releasably latching said framev
in normal closed position, a translucent panel
detachably carried by said frame, and silhouette
letters detachably mounted in said frame in front
of said panel.
'_ mation of the housing is materially simpli?ed, m
4.'An illuminated sign comprising a housing
that the usual grooves provided for receiving ‘the, having an open side, a longitudinal lip depend
translucent panels and letter-supporting frames
are eliminated. These grooves are further objec
"tionable in that they form troughs within which
rain, snow, and ice accumulate,‘ causing subse
ing from the top of said housing adjacent said
opening, an upwardly extending longitudinal stop
on the bottom of said housing inwardly‘ of said
opening, electric illuminating means contained
the. present structure rain or snow cannot 'ac_-'
the top of said housing adjacent said opening for
swinging outwardly and upwardly, ,the top of said
frame being normally positioned inwardly of said
depending lip, the bottom of said frame‘ abutting
quent prolonged dripping of the sign, whereas in
'cumulate, in that the lip ll, extending over “the
upper edge of the hinged frame and translucent
panel carried thereby, forms a water shed, while
60 the vertical lip ll, abutting the rear face of the
within said housing, a skeleton frame hinged to
the outer face of said stop, said frame comprising
spaced uprights connected at their upper and
of the sign, and rain or snowcontacting the outer‘ lower ends by horizontal channels, a pair of
face of the panel I! and the letters 2! will readily spaced horizontal channels connected with said
drain oil of the beveled edge of, the lower sec- ' uprights intermediate their upper and lower ends.
1 lower channel It, forms a closure at the bottom
65 tion 3.
,In the event of breakage of the translucent
panels ii, the horizontal channels 2|, as well as
the changeable letters II, will serveto retain the
pieces and prevent their falling‘ outwardly upon
While the invention has been illustrated in
connection with a single translucent panel and
means for releasably latching said frame in nor 65
mal closed position, a translucent panel detach
ably mounted in said upper and lower channels
rearwardly ofsaid intermediate channels, and allhouette letters detachably mounted in said inter
mediate horizontal channelsL
cns'nms J. wsmsna.
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