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April 12, 19.38.
Filed Nov. 1, 1937
m/rfrv TOR:
?erzfru de M. 0 aziaaey.
Patented Apr. 12, 1938
Gertrude M. Delaney, vDetroit, Mich.
Application November 1, 1937, Serial No. 172,064
3 Claims.
‘The present invention relates to improvements
‘in‘appliances adapted for bath tubs ‘and has more
.particular reference to a certain combination
attachment ‘whereby a washbasin and cabinet is
comprised in a unitary structure adapted to be
positioned ‘upon the top of a bathtub and near
the head thereof and permanently secured there
to in :this ‘manner.
One of the objects of the invention is to pro
ill) ‘vide a structure of this class that is particularly
adapted to houses and buildings of more moderate
‘value so as to economize in space by eliminating
the ‘necessity of the customary space required for
:the washbasin in the bath room.
Another advantage of the invention is that it
is arranged so as to offer all of the conveniences
heretoforederived from the bath room wash
basin and medicinal cabinet and in addition to
being very compact, it is designed so as to pre
sent an attractive appearance, and the exterior
?nish thereof will be consistent with the color
scheme employed for the bath room.
With the foregoing in mind, it will become
readily apparent that the invention possesses
further advantages, all of which will be clearly
revealed during the course of the following de
tailed description, illustrated throughout the ac
companying drawing‘, and more fully pointed out
in the appended claims.
With reference to the drawing:
Figure 1 is a transverse section of a typical
bath tub- showing the invention as normally ap
plied thereto.
Figure 2 is a longitudinal section taken through
the center of the complete invention.
Figure 3 is a reduced isometric view of the com
plete structure.
(Cl. 4-4)
the lower portion of said metal being formed
with an inwardly extending ?ange 5 curved trans
versely so as to conform to upper edges of side '
walls of the bath tub A as shown in Figure l, and
the means for securing the structure to the tub
in this manner may be of any approved method.
A top ‘6 is provided which is also composed
of a suitable sheet metal and is hingedly secured
to the body or cabinet as at l and formed with
?nger hold 8 therein where located.
Washbasin 9 is formed by a depressed portion
of the top 6 and has water outlet l0 with stopper
B therefor, and in this manner the water in
basin 9 will be. drained directly into tub A and
to drain pipe C therein.
The outlet indicated at D is the over?ow dis
charge for tub A. The ?oor of the bath room
is shown at E, and the wall of the same is indi
cated at F.
Faucet G is of the conventional type but is
elongated and is adapted to pivot upon the wall,
and whenv top‘ 6 is lifted the faucet is moved back
near the wall as in Figure 1. When it is de
sired to use basin 9 the faucet is moved to ap
proximately the position shown in Figure 4,‘ and
tub A is ?lled with water by moving the faucet
to the position as shown by the dotted lines in
this View.
Faucet G is controlled. by hot water valve H
and cold water valve J.
‘ In this manner the faucet is readily applicable
to washbasin. 9 or for the bath.
Referring more particularly to Figure 2 it is
clear that sheet metal partition H is provided
as shown thus e?ecting chamber l2, which may
be used for medicinal purposes, or for any useful
purpose consistent with bath room requirements.
Figure 4 is a top plan View of a portion of the
Figure 5 is a top plan view of the cabinet por
A very important feature of the chamber is the
fact that door l3 which is hinged to the cabinet
where indicated and at M, is looked from withinv
the cabinet when top 6 is open, and this is ac
washbasin portion of the structure.
In further disclosing my invention, it is under—
stood that certain elements shown and. described
located. The purpose of having latch l5 upon the
inside surface of the door is to prevent a small
tion of the structure and in section as indicated.
Figure 6 is a transverse section through the
Pm .1
as directly associated with the same but not a
part thereof, will be designated by consecutive
alphabetical letters, while the invention proper
will be characterized by the customary reference
The invention comprises'a structure preferable
composed of a suitable sheet metal and having
front I as indicated in Figure 1, and it is under
stood that front I, ends 2, top portion 3 and
back 4 are formed of a single piece of metal, and
complished by the provision of latch 15 where
child from opening the chamber while being in
tub A or otherwise, and probably removing from
the cabinet some dangerous drug, or in fact any
article that the child should not have in its pos
various articles may be conveniently placed (
within chamber I2 and likewise removed there
from by lifting or opening top 6.
A hook or bracket (not shown) may be ar~
ranged upon the wall for purpose of holding top
6 in an open position, also a mirror may be se
cured to the underneath surface of said top so
that it may be conveniently used when the top is
cabinet open at its top and having end walls and
front and back walls, ?anges extending inwardly
2. In a device of the character described. a.
The structure may be complete within itself
along lower edges of said end walls and curved
and may be attached to the bath tub, or it may be
incorporated as a part of the tub in the original
transversely for maintaining the ?anges upon side
walls of a tub and supporting the cabinet upon
manufacture thereof if preferred. Either method,
would be equally as advantageous for the pur
the tub transversely thereof, a partition in said
cabinet de?ning a chamber between the partition
and one end wall of said cabinet, a. flange along
In conclusion, there is still another advantage the upper edge of said partition, a top for said 10
of the invention and one not to be overlooked, and cabinet extending longitudinally thereof and hav
that is due to the fact that it is extremely simplev ing one end hingedlymounted adjacent the last
and being composed of sheet metal, it may be mentioned end wall of the cabinet, said top when
manufactured at a cost that would justify an
lowered to a closed position resting upon the
exceedingly low selling price, which lends to the ?ange of said partition, and a basin carried by
value of the invention from a commercial view
said top and depending therefrom into the cabinet
between the chamber and the other end of the
Having thus fully described my invention, what cabinet when the top is in its closed position.
I claim as new is:
1. In combination with a tub and a spigot over
one end of the tub pivotally mounted for swinging
movement from a position transversely of the
tub against a wall of a room to an extended posi
tion for use longitudinally of the tube in over
hanging relation to an end portion thereof, a
cabinet removably supported upon said tub across
the said end thereof, a top for said cabinet hinged
at one end for swinging movement transversely
of the tub from a lowered position to a raised posi
30 tion, and a basing carried by said top and depend—
ing therefrom within the cabinet at one side of
the pivotal mounting for said spigot, said spigot
being of a length adapting it to be swung from a
position against the wall across the cabinet and
over the basin to an extended position in which
its discharge end is disposed beyond the cabinet
for delivering water into the tub.
3. In a device of the character described, a
cabinet open at its top and having end walls and "
front and rear walls, means for supporting said
cabinet across a bath tub, a partition between
the front and rear walls de?ning a medicine
chamber between the partition and one end
wall, an entrance for the chamber being formed 25
through the front wall, a door movable into and
out of position for closing said entrance, a fas
tener for said door Within the chamber and ac~
cessible only through the top thereof, a cover for
said cabinet hinged at one end adjacent the last 30
mentionedv end wall of the cabinet, and a wash
basin carried by said cover and extending into the
portion of the cabinet between the medicine
chamber and the opposite end wall of the cabinet
when the cover is closed.
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