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April 12, 1938.
Filed Aùg. 1o, 193e
Patented Apr. l2,
u I
_ 2,113,660
mmc scaAPEa
*Robert G. Le Tourneau, Peoria, Ill., assignor .to
R. G. Le Tourneau, Inc., Stockton, Calif., a cor
poration of California
Application August 10, 1936, Serial No. 95,148
6 Claims.
'I’his invention relates to wheel and tractor sup'
ported drag scrapers; my principal objects being
same by a cross beam 9, so that said beam and
arms form a substantially non-distortablemnit.
to provide a scraper of this character in which
the wheels and bowl are so mounted relative to
5 `each other and controlled so that a great range
of vertical movement of the bowl may be had;
one in which the bowl may be disposed at a trans
beam in transversely spaced relationship; these
Standards III are rigid with and depend from this
standards supporting wheels II whichare dis
posed outwardly thereof.
One arm 8 is mounted on the adjacent side
plate by a non-adjustable pivot I2. The pivot
verse tilt relative to the wheels so as to make the
. scraper suitable for sidehill work; and one having
10 an eilicient and easily operated means to hold the
point of the opposite arm however is made ver
tically adjustable by the following means: the 10
forward end of said arm projects between the ad
jacent plate I and a bracket plate I3 rigid with
said side plate, and having a block I4 projecting
from its outer face for its full height. The block
bowl in a raised position for transportation, with
out relying on the tension of the control cable
or other operating mechanism.
Aiurther object of the invention is to produce
and bracket plate as well as the plate I are pro
15 a simple and inexpensive device and yet one which
vided with a number 'of vertically spaced sets of
will be exceedingly effective for-the purpose for
holes I5 and the such are 'adapted to receive the
pivot pin I6 of the adjacent arm 8. This pin is of
V structure and-relativearrangement of parts as will course removable and to prevent it from unde
fully appear by a perusal of the following speci ' sired removal, I provide a removable locking pin
which it is designed.
These objects I accomplish by means of such
tication and claims.
extendsV horizontally ' through
In the drawing similar characters of reference
indicate corresponding parts in the several views:
block I4 of the pin I6 as >shown in Fig`.`3, It is of
Figure 1 is a side elevation of the scraper in a
Inf this manner by changing the position ofv the
pivot bolt. I6', and sincethe arms 8 and the wheelsV
form' a rigid unit, the bowl will be set at'diiierent
course to be understood that the block isdrilled
at each pivot' pin hole to receive the locking pin. o
Figure 2 is a sectional elevation of the scraper
in a ~raised transporting pc'isitio?i.V
transverse` >slopes as operating conditions may '
Figure 3 is a fragmentary plan section taken on l require;
the line >3-l3 of Fig'. 1. -
Referring now more particularly ’to the char?
acters'ofref'erence on the drawing,> the bowl of
theA scraper 'comprises side plates I and a back
plate 2, the lower portion of which is disposed
with a forward slope to its lower end and has a
scraping plate 3 across such end and set at the
same slope.- This slope is such that `while the
weight of the dirt in the bowl when the latter is
in a scraping position tends to hold the same
down so as to enable the plate to properly dig into
40 the ground and avoid chattering, while at the
same time such dirt will readily slide oif the plate
when thebowl is lifted the relatively short distance
necessary for leveling purposes. This _slope is
‘substantially 45° to the horizontal.
A cross beam 4 connects the side plates at the
top and front, and a rigid‘braced tongue 5 extends
forwardly and downwardly from said beam cen
trally thereof.- At its forward end the tongue is
provided with a swivel coupling unit 6 adapted'
for supporting connection with the draw bar 'I of
The vertical'movement of -the bowl is controlled
by a single tractor-‘operated cable I8 as -followstlv
secured on end behind the bow1"adjacent thebottom and centrally of its width is a sheave block
I 9, while occupying a similar position on the cross
beam 9 and overhanging the block- I9 is another 35
sheave block 20. AThe cable I8 passes along and
over the bowl from the tractor, about a direction
changing pulley 2| iixed on the top of the bowl
centrally thereof, down to the sheave block I 9 and
then up to the sheave block 20; passing about and 40
between these sheaves to an anchor as at 22 on
the latter. It will thus be seen that by pullingl
on the cable the bowl will be raised. relative to the
Wheels, while lowering of the bowl is effected by
slacking up on the cable and allowing the weight
of the bowl to cause it to drop. vDue to the length
of the arms 8 a relatively large raising andlower- »
ing movement of the bowl may be easily had
4(about three feet at the back being obtainable)
which is suñ‘icient for deep scraping as well as 50
' providing for a high ground clearance of the bowl
the tractor.
when being transported. At the same time the
, Pivoted on the side plates at the front and sub
stantially midway of their height are rigid arms wheel mounting arms 8 do not relatively move
B. ’I‘hese extend to terminations rearwardly of
55 the bowl and are rigidly connected behind the
through any excessively great arc.
When it ls desired to transport the scraper I 55
have provided a means to enable the bowl to be
I held in the necessary raised position without
having to- maintain the cable Il on a tension.
This means comprises a link 23 pivoted on and
depending from the underside of the beam l and
lugs 24 mounted on and projecting rearwardly
from under the sheave block i8. The lugs and
the lower end of the link are drilled to receive a
coupling pin 25. Therefore when the bowl has
10 been raised by a pull on the cable sumcient so
that the hole in the link when swung between the
lugs alines with those in the lugs, the pin ß may
be projected thereto and the tension on the cable
may then be released. The weight of the bowl will
15 then be entirely supported by the link and since
the bowl is then of course empty and the link is
__on a tension besides being ina central position
relative to the width of? the bowl, said link will
easily support its load without undue strain.
2,0 From the foregoing description it will be readi
ly seen that I have produced such a device as
L'. substantially fulfills the objects of the invention
as set forth herein.
While this specification sets forth in detail the
25 present and preferred construction of the device,
still in practice such deviations from such detail
may be resorted to as do not form a departure
from the spirit of the invention, as defined by the
Having thus described my invention, what I
claim as new and useful and desire to secure by
Letters Patent is:
l. A drag scraper comprising a bowl having
side plates, means to support the bowl at the
35 front from the ground, arms pivoted on the side
plates adjacent their forward ends and projecting
beyond the rear end of the bowl, a cross beam
_rigidly connecting said arms rearwardly of the
link, said 1R88 and link having holes adapted to
match'when the bowl is raised a predetermined
distance and a coupling pin adapted for remov
able placement through the holes. .
3. A drag scraper comprising a bowl having
side plates, means to support the bowl _at the
front from the ground. arms pivoted on the side
plates adjacent their forward ends and project
ing beyond the rear end oi' the bowl, a cross beam
rigidly connecting said arms rearwardly of the 10
bowl, ground engaging wheels mounted in con
nection with said _cross beam, a sheave mounted on
the bowl behind and toward the bottom thereof
centrally of its width, another sheave mounted
on the cross beam ‘in alinement with the‘bow'l
sheave, a direction changing pulley on the back
of the bowl at the top, and a pull cable extend
ing over the pulley from in iront, down to and
over the bowl sheave and up to and over the
cross beam sheave to an anchor adjacent one of 20
said sheaves.
4. A drag scraper comprising a bowl having
side plates, altongue rigid with and projecting
forwardly from the bowl and adapted at its
front end for swivel connection with a tractor,
arms extending along the side plates outwardly
of the bowl to a termination rearwardly of the
same, a member rigidly connecting the arms at
their rear ends, wheels supporting said member
from the ground', pivot connections between the 30
arms and bowl. 'and means to adjust the pivot
connection of one arm vertically.
5. A structure as in claim 4 in which said last
named means comprises a bracket plate mounted
ion the adjacent side plate ofthe bowl land over
lapping the front end of the adjacent arm, a
block rigid with and -projecting outwardly from ,
the bracket plate, said block, bracket plate ¿and
bowl, ground engaging wheels mounted in con
nection with said cross beam, and means be
tween-_ the cross beam and the bowl below the
side plate having vertically spaced sets of match
ing holes. a pin for removable placement through
Sgam to control the raising and lowering of the
removable placement through the block and pin.
8. AdragscrapercomprisingabowLmeansto
2. A drag scraperl comprising a bowl, means- support the bowl- at the front» end from the
to support the bowl at the front en_d from the ground. arms pivoted on the bowl adjacent its
ground, arms pivoted on> the bowl adjacent its
forward end and projecting beyond the rear end
, of the bowl, wheels mounted in connection with
the arms, Va-crossbeam connecting the arms rear-`
wardly of the bowl, means to raise and lower _the
bowl. a link mounted on and depending from the
cross beam.- lugs mounted on and projecting reu-~
wardly: from the bowl in alinement with the
forward end and projecting beyond the rear end
ofthebowhwheelsmountedin connectionwlth
cross beam and bowl belcw‘said beam, and
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