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vApril 12, 1938;.l
Filed April 2o, 1936
lI/ .
April 12, 1938.
s. P. HABAN `
2,1 13,689
' Filed April 20, 1936
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
Patented Apr. 12, 1938
Stephen P; Hallan, Columbus, Ohio I
Application April 20, 1936, Serial No. ‘75,342
2 Claims. (Cl. 311-453)
This invention relates to an improved folding
table structure, and while the invention may be
adapted to many different uses, it is particularly
useful in and has been specifically designed for
5 “ the care of infants, providing improved means for
effecting the elevated support of an infant’s bath
tub or bathing receptacle and associated means
upon which an infant 'may be placed for dressing
and other attention demanding services.
Those having to do» with the care of infants are
frequently obliged to employ makeshift articles of
furniture in the bathing and dressing of infants
and> other necessary duties. Sometimes a bathing
receptacle is placed on an ordinary table, or in
other instances folding card tables are utilized,
so that it will not be necessary for the attendant
to stoop over or to assume a kneeling position in
performing various duties affecting the Welfare of
the infant.
It is therefore a cardinal object of the present
invention to provide an improved foldable or co1
lapsible supporting table which may be quickly
and easily erected to assume an active extended
position, and wherein the table includes, when ex
25 tended, a horizontally supported shelf adapted
for the reception of an infant’s bathing receptacle,
means being associated with the shelf to main
tain the same in a fixed horizontal plane and to
limit the extensibility of the frame structure of the
30 table, to the end of providing a secure,.stable and
substantial construction on which the bathing re
ceptacle may be readily placed and supportedy in
an elevated plane and also one which, when not
in use, may be compactly folded to occupy but a
35 minimum of storage space.
Another object of the invention resides in pro
viding the folding table with a t`op frame carrying
a stretched fabric body, the said top frame when
in use being disposed over the receptacle support
40 ing shelf for support in a horizontal plane in con
nection with the folding frame structure of the
table, so that an infant may be placed on the
fabric body and comfortably and securely sup
ported when receiving various attentions.
A further object resides in the provision v of
means for effecting the support of the top frame
in a substantially vertical position when the same
is not -in actual use or during the period when a
bathing receptacle is supported on the shelf nor
50 mally beneath the same.
Other objects of the invention reside in the pro
vision of a folding table having the general fea
tures and characteristics above set forth and one
which will be light in Weight and simple and in
55 expensive in design.
For a further understanding of the invention,
reference is to be had to the following description
and the accompanying drawings, wherein:
Fig. l is a perspective View of a folding table
structure formed in accordance with the present '
invention and illustrated in its extended, set up or
active position;
Fig. 2 is an end elevation of the table structure,
the inactive position of the top frame being dis
closed by dotted lines;
Fig: 3 is an enlarged horizontal transverse sec
tional view on the line III-III of Fig. 2, disclos
ing the folding leg members and the adjoining
portions of the receptacle supporting shelf;
Fig. 4 is a detail vertical sectional view taken 15
on the plane indicated by the line IV--IV of Fig.
2 and showing one of the shelf-supporting studs;
Fig. 5 is a detail vertical sectional view on the
plane indicated by the line V-V of Fig. 3 and
showing one of the links employed for guiding 20
the swinging movements of the receptacle sup~
porting shelf and for limiting the extensibility of
the pivoted leg members of the table;
Fig. 6 is a similar View disclosing the shelf and
the leg members in their folded or collapsed posi
Fig. 7 is a detail vertical sectional view dis
closing the top supporting frame of the table in
its inactive position;
Fig. 8 is a detail edge elevation of the slidable 30
mounting for the top supporting frame;
Fig. 9 is an end elevation disclosing the top sup
porting frame in an inclined or half elevated
Fig. l0 is a perspective view of the member for
retaining the top frame in the position disclosed
in Fig. 9.
My improved foldable nursery table comprises
end frames, each of which consists of a pair of
bars l pivotally united as at 2 at their points of
intersection. The lower ends of the bars of said
end frames are united and strengthened by means
of longitudinally extending connecting braces 3,
while the upper ends of said bars are similarly
united by a pair of longitudinally extending con 45
necting rods li. By this construction intersecting
substantially rectangular frames are produced of
rigid construction which are pivotally united at
their points of intersection.
Pivoted as at 5 to one set only of the bars I, be
low the upper ends of the latter, is a receptacle
supporting shelf 6, which, when actively posi
tioned as shown in Figs. l and 2, occupies a
horizontal plane, but when inactively positioned
as shown in Fig. 6, depends from the pivots 5 in 55
a substantially vertical plane. To support the
shelf in its active horizontal position, the leg
members I, opposed to the leg members With
which the shelf is pivotally connected, carry, as
shown in Fig. 4, inwardly projecting metallic
studs 'I.
These studs are so arranged that they
underlie the free edge portions of the shelf 6, to
prevent the shelf from sii/inging downwardly
when disposed in a horizontal plane. To lock the
10 shelf Ii in its active position, and to prevent ex
tallic plates I4 carrying pivoted bails I5, and these
bails are adapted to receive tapes I6 which are
connected with the under side of the frame I2,
the bails I5 and the tapes I6 serving to guide the
top frame or shelf when it is being moved from
one position to another.
If desired, a handle I'I
may be connected with one of the longitudinal
edges of the top shelf or frame, as in Fig. 1, so
that it may be conveniently grasped to facilitate
its actuation.
cessive spreading movement of the leg members
As shown in Fig. 9, the top frame or shelf may
of the end frames, the studs 'I pivotally carry be tilted to assume an angular position with re
metallic locking links 8, arranged at each of the spect to both horizontal and vertical planes and
longitudinal ends of the shelf. The outer ends of retained in such a position of adjustment by the
15 these links are, as shown in Figs. 5 and 6, pro-~ use of one or more supporting rods I8. The lat
vided with bayonet slots 9 which receive the ter has its opposite ends offset or laterally bent
shank portions of headed pins I D carried by and ' as at I9 to engage with openings provided in one
projecting longitudinally from the side edges of of the bars I and the frame I2. In its angular
the shelf.
position, the top frame or shelf may serve as a
By reference to Fig. 5, it will be noted that when shade, protecting the eyes of an infant from in 20
the table is extended and the shelf 6 horizon
tense light while an infant is placed in a basket
tally positioned, with its free edge resting on the or the like and positioned on the lower shelf 6. ‘
studs 1, the pins I0 will be located in the shorter
While the folding table structure described is
portions @a of the slots 9, thereby retaining the particularly adaptable for use in nursery service,
25 pivoted leg members against further separation in
it is also capable of many other widely different 25
an outward direction and positively retaining the uses and I contemplate its use in such augmented
studs 'l beneath the shelf 5. However, when it capacities. The foldable table is essentially of
is desired to collapse the table in order to lower ' simple construction and easy and convenient to
the shelf 6 and to compactly fold the leg mem
actuate. Its construction particularly lends it
30 bers of the end frames, it is merely necessary for
self to the obtaining of lightness from the stand 30
the attendant to oscillate the links 8 slightly in point of weight, so that when collapsed, it may
an upward direction, so that the pins I0 will be
be readily carried without difficulty from place
aligned with the longer portions 9b of the slots 9, to place for convenience in handling and posi
so that further separation of the bars I of the tioning the same and by persons of slight physical
35 end frames will be permitted, allowing the free strength.
edge of the shelf 6 to clear the studs "I, and there
What is claimed is:
by enabling the end frames to be collapsed to
1. A folding table structure comprising a pair
occupy the relative position shown in Fig. 6, with of leg frames pivotally united at their points of
the shelf depending from the pivots 5. The shelf intersection, a supporting shelf pivotally con
40 S may be used advantageously in the support of nected to one of said leg frames for swinging 40
an infant’s bath tub or receptacle and is of sub
movement about a horizontal axis, stop members
stantial and sturdy design, as are its supporting carried by the other of said frames and engage
members, to readily sustain the weights adapted able with the free edge of said shelf to retain the
to be supported by it.
same in a substantially horizontal plane, a link
The table further includes a top frame or pivotally carried by the leg frame provided with
shelf, indicated at I I, of greater area `than the said stop members, and a pin projecting from the
lower shelf 6, and which is adapted to comfort
side of said shelf and engageable with a recess
ably and securely sustain an infant in a reclin
formed in the outer end of said link and limiting
ing position while receiving various cares. The the separation of said leg frames.
50 shelf II comprises a rectangular frame I2 to
2. A folding table structure comprising a pair 50
which is secured a sheet of stretched fabric I3.
of intersecting pivotally united leg frames, a
Normally, the frame I2 of the top shelf rests on shelf pivotally carried by one of said frames, in
the rods or brace members 4 in a substantially wardly extending stud means carried by the other
horizontal plane. However, when the lower shelf of said frames for supporting the free edge of
55 is in use, the said top frame or upper shelf is said shelf in a substantially horizontal plane,
dropped so that it will assume the vertical posi
link means pivoted at one end to said stud means,
tion disclosed by dotted lines in Fig. 2, so that said link means being provided with an inclined
the lower shelf and receptacles carried thereby slot terminating at its inner end in an upwardly
Will be conveniently accessible. To guide the directed branch, and pin means carried by said
60 movements of the top` frame or shelf from in
shelf and positioned in said slot.
active to active positions, or vice Versa, one of the
rods or braces 4 is provided with a pair of me
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