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April 12, 1938.
Filed Jan. 50, 1956
711/1. "
JOHN 5A/E000/v,
Patented Apr. 12, 1938
I John Sneddon, McKeesport,
Pa., assignor to Na
tional Tube Company, a corporation of New
Application January 30, 1936, Serial No. 61,625
1 Claim. (Cl. '74—501)
grooves l3 and cable clamps l4 whereby a con
This invention relates to a control device and
more particularly one which is operatively con
nected to a remotely situated valve, or the like.
In the operation of billet, plate or skelp heat
furnaces using by-product or nautral gas as
trol cable !5 may be connected therebetween.
This control cable I5 is mounted over suitable
pulleys l5 and carries a conventional turnbuckle
H. A pointer i8 is also carried by the control
cable l5 for coaction with a scale l9 which is
mounted on the vertical standard 8.
A horizontal table 20 is pivoted, as at 2|, t0
the vertical standard 8 and extends immediately 10
above the shaft Ill and segmental wheel I2. This
fuel, the supply thereof is ordinarily carried in
underground mains and the volume controlled by
means of a butter?y valve. This valve is usually
located on the side of the furnace and is there
10 fore not readily accessible to the furnace oper
table 20 carries on its lower surface a rotatable
shaft 23 which extends at right angles to the
shaft ID. A worm 24 is secured to the rotatable
Under certain conditions, the furnace operator
must remain at a station (such as the outlet or
inlet end of the furnace) and cannot take leave
15 therefrom to adjust the butterfly valve. For
example, in skelp-welding operations the welder
must also operate the furnace and for him to
leave his station for valve-adjustments would re
tard production.
While occupying his working station, the fur
shaft 23 for engagement with a worm wheel
segment 25 on the segmental wheel l2. A hand 15
wheel 26 is secured to the outer end of the shaft
23 for enabling its convenient rotation, whereby
the accurate adjustment of the butter?y valve
it may be effected.
nace operator can readily ascertain from the
character of the ?ame in the furnace the need
for regulating the gas volume; whereas the ?ame
cannot generally be observed from the location of
the valve.
It is among the objects of the present invention
to provide means for enabling the accurate ad
justment of valves or the like from remote loca
tions, such as under the conditions previously de
Another object is to not only effect minute
adjustments of a remotely situated apparatus
but also to instantaneously restore it to a pre
determined position when such a need arises.
The foregoing and further objects will be ap
parent after referring to the drawing, in which:
Figure l is a diagrammatic view of the appara
tus of the present invention, part of which is
shown in section.
the line II—-II
Figure 2 is a sectional view on
of Figure 1.
Referring more particularly to the drawing, the
numeral 2 designates an underground conduit in
which there is disposed a butter?y valve 3 for
the ?ow of gas therein.
45 regulating
A segmental wheel 4 is secured to the operating
shaft of the valve 3 and carries an ear 5 to which
there is connected a counterweight 6. As shown
in Figure 1, this counterweight B in?uences the
butter?y valve 3 into its closed position in the
conduit 2.
A vertical standard 8 extends above the ground
level to a height suitably accessible to a work
man at a position adjacent a heating furnace of
the type referred to.
This standard carries a
horizontally disposed rotatable shaft In to which
there is secured a segmental wheel l2. The seg
mental wheels 4 and I2 are provided with cable
In case it becomes necessary to rapidly close
the butter?y valve 4 the furnace operator raises
the horizontal table 20 whereby the worm 24
becomes disengaged from the worm wheel seg
ment 25, and the valve is closed by the counter
weight 6.
While I have shown and described one specific
embodiment of my invention it will be under
stood that I do not wish to be limited exactly
thereto, since various modifications may be made
without departing from the scope of my inven 30
tion, as de?ned by the following claim.
I claim:
A remote control device comprising, in com
bination, an element to be controlled, means for
moving said element into a determined position, 35
a rotatable shaft remotely disposed with respect
to said element, a ?exible cable connecting said
element and said rotatable shaft, a Worm-gear
secured to said rotatable shaft, a second rotat
able shaft disposed adjacent said ?rst-named 40
rotatable shaft and at right angles with respect
thereto, said second-named rotatable shaft be
ing constructed and arranged for manual pivotal
movement toward and away from said first
named rotatable shaft, a worm secured to said 45
second~named rotatable shaft, said worm being
constructed and arranged to mesh with the
worm-gear on said ?rst~named rotatable shaft
and to move into and out of engagement there
with upon the pivotal movement of said second 50
named rotatable shaft, said ?rst-named means
being operable only when said worm is out of
mesh with said worm-gear and means operated
by said ?exible cable and visible from said second
named rotatable shaft‘ for indicating the position 55
of said ?rst-named element.
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