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.ßmril12,r193`s.y Í
' 2,113,861 *
Filed. Aug.. 6, 1955
ÁI r
- Patented Apr. 12,` 1938
oosMETrc Homan
4' Hyman R. Segal, New York, N. Y.
u Application August s, 1935, serial No. 34,948
1i anims.
’I'his invention relates to new and usefulim
provements in cosmetic holders and more par
ticularly to holders for lipsticks, eye-brow pencils
and the like.
An object oi.' the invention is to provide a
a pushing operation, however, and experience»v
has shown that the metal ribbon frequently
buckles in the bearing ñanges because of the
-friction involved in advancing the cosmetic stick
along the container.
Most recently has there developed the custom
cosmetic holder which will be simple in 'con->
struction,- convenient and reliable in operation of carrying on the kperson a number of diiierent
cosmetic sticks, not only the eye-brow pencil' in
and particularly advantageous from a manufac
addition to the conventional lip-stick, but at
turing standpoint.ì
least oneA extra lip-stick of a contrastingl shade. 10
Another object is to provide a holder for cos.
metic 'sticks having spaced openings for the sticks, The extra lip-stick accessory is occasioned by the
and which completely encloses and protects the realization that diiïerent kinds of light produce
varying edects upon cosmetic shadesà it ,being
cosmeticwhen the latter vis not in use.
Another object is to provide a cosmetic holder
having opposite openings for cosmetic sticks, and
a simple and positively actuated means which
may be easily operated to project a cosmetic
stick from either opening for use and retract it
into concealed position within the holder after
considered increasingly. important that there be
readily available, for instance, a lip-stick shade 15
suitable for day-time or natural clay-light and
the other shade appropriateior evening or for
artiñcial light.
The present invention contemplates 'the pro
vision of'a' casing of special design in.r a container 20
Another object is to provide in a cosmetic' for a plurality of cosmetic sticks, havingA oppo-A
site openings through which the sticks may be
holder continuons means for moving the 'cos
metic with respect to the holder casing and for extended.- Furthermore, the present device ein»
ploys an endless tape as a carrier for the cos-»
controlling the casing openings.
Another object is to provide a container for
a plurality of cosmetic sticks, which may be oi
diiferent kinds, the container' having a plurality
ci openings for the cosmetic sticks and closure
means for the openings arranged to be actuated
to move the sticks selectively through the open
In the field of cosmetics there has been observed
an increasing demand for cosmetics in stick form.
` Satisfaction of this demand has beenimpeded
35 -somewhat due to theV lack heretofore of con
tainers or holders for the sticks -which would be'
convenient for operation with one hand and at
the same time compact so as to readily ñt into
smallcompartments in ladies” handbags and gar
40 ments.
metic sticks, which is adapted to be actuated to. 25
advance or retract the 'sticks selectively through .
the casing openings and to insure the complete
closing of the openings when not in use.
’ The invention will be more readily understood
by reference to the following detailed description so
taken in connection with the accompanying
drawing forming a part thereof, in which:
Fig. l is a perspective view of the three longi
tudinal sections of a preferred type of casing for
a cosmetic stick container having two open ends; 35
Fig. 2 is a perspective view showing a modi
iied construction oi.’ the sideplates shown in'
.Fig i;
Fig. 3 is a perspective view of a modiiied type
Some attempts to meet requirements ' of casing composed of two vlongitudinal sections;l 40
have been made .and containers have been ccn
structed which not only- completely enclose the
_ cosmetic'whe'n thev latter is not in use but also
include slide means within the container com
45 municati?g with an external lug for actuationl
‘byffthe' user’s iinger to automatically open the
Fig. 4 is a. perspective view of a modified con
struction of side plate for use with the _forms
shown in Figs. l or 3;
l Y
Fig. 5 is a perspective view of the endless cos
metic stick carrier. tape, adapted for use with the 45
casings referred to above;
Fig. 6 is a perspective view of a modified form “
‘container as the Vcosmetic stick is advanced to
of endless carrier tape;
extend from the container for use.
Fig. 7 is a perspective -view of a modiiied form
“Heretoiora such devices have employed as the
of endless carrier tape;
_ 50
Fig. 8 is a perspective view of a modified form
ha’ving its edges bearing in flanges formed within ,
th'e casing. A cosmetic stick is fast on one end, of carrier tape;
Fig. 9 is a view in elevation on an. enlarged
, and adjacent the other end is the actuating lug 1
movable' along a ‘slot cut inthe casing of the scale showing a clip'for engaging the cosmetic
container. One'half of the action 0f the slide is
Fig. 10 is a view in'section on a corresponding
struction maybe readily embodied in casings of
scale showing a box for receiving the clip'shown
diii'erent shape, if desired. In the body member
in Fig. 9;
2, midway of the edges I--.8, the rounded end
Fig. 11 is a sectional view showing the double
opening cosmetic stick container> assembled in
closed condition;
Fig. 12 is a view corresponding to Fig. 11 show
ing one end open and in use;
Fig. 13 is a view corresponding to Fig. 12 show
ing the opposite end open and in use, this'iorrn
modiiied to illustrate the use of two opposite iin
ser lugs;
Fig.V 14 isa sectionalv view on the line 2_2 of
Fig. 11, enlarged to correspond in scale with Figs.
9 and 10, illustrating in detail the assembly,
channels .for the endless carrier and the cos
metio box wayí
portions C and ‘I are pierced with alined rectan
gular apertures I8 and Il, respectively. '111e
front portion 3y has an elongated opening or slot
The belt or carrier tape Ii, as shown in Fig.‘5. ì
is a length of ribbon sumdently wide to extend
across'the interior of the casing i, the lateral 10
edges of the tape lying upon the opposite side
plate shoulders M-il which form a loop-shaped
guideway therefore along the entire extent of the
under-surface ot the body member 2. Preferably,
the tape i6 is thin ilèxible metal similar to the
type used in reeled measuring tapes, it being de
sirable that it flex or bend readily in moving on «
Fig. 15 is a sectional view corresponding to Fig.
the rounded ends of the casing but yet be stiif
i4, but illustrating in detail the assembly with
suiiiciently to withstand the pushingfaction tend
the integral side wall of Fig. 3;
ing to cause the tape to ride from or crumple in
the guideways oi’ the container. In the construc
tion shown, wherein there is chiefly employed a
’ Í
Fig. 16 is a sectional view corresponding to Figs.
14 and l5, but illustratingA thë assembly with
grooved side walls shown in Fig. 2;
Fig. 17 is a sectional view corresponding to Fig.. 11, but showing the container with the single
` opening carrier tape of Fig. 7, and a. single cos
continuous or endless tape. it is possible to use a
much lighter weight of ribbon than heretofore,
since pushing pressure appliedgat any point tend
ingA to move the ribbon longitudinally is dis
tributed in pulling force as well, thus all parts of
Fig. 18 is e. view corresponding' to Fig. 16, but the ribbon share, the strain and ruinpling and dis
showing the container with the modified carrier. location of the tape is eliminated.
Preferably, the can‘ier tape is composed of a
'tape‘ of Fig. 8.
Referring to the drawing. in whicirsimilar parts section of material equal to the circumference of
are indicated by identical reference numerals, the side plate shoulders il., Adjacent each end.
‘the preferred embodiment of my invention, the section is formed with >rectangular openings
es shown in Figs. i, 5, 9, 10, 1-1, 12 and 14 of the 22 and 28, suil‘icient material being left in the
drawing, includes an outer casing i comprising form of bearing strips 24 and 26 for continuous
an integral body member 2 preferably having _Support on the shoulders Il. Intermediate the
, straight parallel iront and back portions 3 and 4 ends the tape is provided with a centered Iper
-nietic stick: and
connected by rounded end portions 8 and '3. The
body member 2 is recessed at opposite edges û--l
ture21. v'î'he tape is looped by bringing the ends
together and butt-welding them as at 23. n
to receive side plates 9 and i I which have straight - centered aperture 29 being formed at the weld.
parallel side edges i2-i2 and rounded end edges v A rivet si extends through the aperture 2Q to'
tsj-i3 to ñt the iront and back portions s and 4 fasten the cosmetic stick box .Il upon the inner
and. the end perdons d and i, respectively, of the surface .of the carrier tape I5.
Cosmetic sticks 32 and 33. which may repre
sent lip-sticks’of light and dark shades respec 4,5
0n the inner surface and spaced from the pe
riphery' thereof, the side plates s and ii eachV tively, are secured together, their
by .means of a light wire clip i4. The clip Sii
have a smooth, continuous shoulder id. As
‘chown in Figs. 1i and 14, the shoulders id-“M are
inwardly i'rom the inner surface of the
may be U-shaped, 'with the web apertured to re
ceive the stick, and the wingsv äß--âdhaving in
member'îi o. suillcient distancev to siccom-- wardly-pointing prongs 31 which are'embedded
modate for easy traverse therebetween an endless in the bese of each stick.. ‘I'he retaining box i'i
can-ler belt i6 for a cosmetic stick box I?.
the side plates Sand 4I I are forced, glued
v or otherwise suitably secured in the recesses 8_8,
the side openings of the body member 2 are en*
tirely ciosed._` tThe described three-piece casing
may be made, for example, of die casting or
moulded plastics; the latter method, especially.
enabling the achieving of very attractive eifects
by means of contrasting colors in the materials of
the body «member and the side plates. . In either
case, the¿construction promotes economical man
is an'open-ended rectangular casing correspond
ing- with the internal dimensions of the container
between the _opposite courses of the tape I8. and
has inwardly extending upper and lower 'ñanges
38 and 38 which engage the clip u to iix the cos
'metic vsticks against movement from the box.
Assembled within the. container as shown in Fig.
‘11, the cosmetic sticks are centgred longitudinally
of the container, the carrier tape i8 is fitted in
the 'guidewsys formed by the shoulders IMM
and the rectangular openings 22 and 23 in the-
ufacture, since the bodyA member may be pro- Atape lieaiong the backportion loi’ the body
duced in larger quantities in a particular finish, member. The centeredaperture 21 of the tape `
‘ and the side plates made in smaller quantities of is fitted with any suitable operating element such
; >as a linger lug ll, which is headed over. the front
various nnishes.
portion 3 of the body member and has a shank
'» The invention essentially includes a plurali
ot openings in the container
to Figs.
11, 12
A . 13,i the
which may be caused to project cosmeticv sticks, 42
to the en'd that the containercosmetic supply
'might- aiford the requisite variety, such as lip- . the cosmetic sticks are centered within the con
Stick and eye-brow pencil, or two/li’p-sticks oi' tainer as shown in Fis. 11,'ftheend apertures ‘i8
dlßerent shades. The-drawing illustrates such Y and I9 in the outer
openings provided in >the »present elongated or
type of container. although Such con
.bein'g tightly closed v
by the tape I8 andthe @ser lug Il >being* posi
»tioned midway of the ends of» the elongated slot- 25 v
it oil-set -to lap the other end, and joining the
2/I/on the front of tne container. Assuming that
/it is desired to use the lighter 11p-stick az, the
' applied to press the lug 4I upwardly. >Pushing
endsby a lap-weld as at 56. The tongue 54 is
apertured at 51 forriveting thereto a cosmetic
box 58. Although the modiiled construction is
along the shoulders I4-I4 to the position shown
it is employed. For example, the extra thickness
-container is held in the hand. and the thumb
perhaps stronger than the preferred butt-weld;y
of the lug 4I is »translated into a combined push
ing and pulling force which slides the tape evenly some additional changes may be necessary when
on the inner surface of the carrier ribbon caused
in Fig. 12, wherein it will be noted that the rec
by the provision of the tongue 54 requires that
the box 58 be smaller than the box I1 in order to
fit the standard casing. To provide suitable bear
tangular opening 22 coincides with the casing
10 aperture -I9 andthe box I'I engages the end of
the container casing to extend' the lip-stick»32l
After use, the lip-stick 32
is drawn back into the container and the aper
ture I9 tightly closed by- sliding the lug 4I back
15 to the longitudinal center of the slot 2|, the tape
sliding along the shoulders I4 and the portionr
having the-rectangular opening 22 returning to
normal position at the back portion 4. When it
is desired touse the darker lip-stick 33, the finger
ing for the box. 58, the casing may be formed as
shown in Figs. 2 and 16, wherein it will be noted
that side plates> 59 thereof are relatively thick as
compared to the ’preferred form, and have, on'
their- inner surface,- a, longitudinal channel Si in
which the box 58 may be moved upon operation
of the carrier ribbon. Side plates of the modi
fied character may be employed whenever the
lug 4I is pressed downwardly, causing' thetape . cosmetic box used is relatively smaller than the
to slide to present the rectangular opening 23 to box I'I, and the thickness» of the side plates 59
coincide with the casing opening I8, and advanc ` and the depth of the channel 6I will be adequate
ing the lip-stick 33 therethrough to‘position for to center the cosmetic box in the path extending
use. After use the container may be closed by between the endopenings of the casing.
Fig. 13 illustrates a construction identical with
moving the lug 4I upwardly to the center of the»
the preferred form, except that an elongatedslot 2I, the tape sliding around to return the lip
. to its fullest extent.
guide slot 62 extends longitudinally in theback
- stick box to thecenter of the container and mov
portion of the container casing. The shank of a
ing across the end of the container to close the
aperture I8,
The above-described preferred construction has
supplementary finger lug 63, similar to the lug
4I for operating the endless tape, extends through
the slot 62 and is secured in a centered aperture
64 formed at a butt-weld B6. Such provision of
finger-operated elements on both front and back
of the container is a convenience to the user in
35 plates a number of modiñcations which, under _ that either or both elements may be pressed to'
‘certain conditions, will be found to contribute‘to open or close the container, and renders it un
p necessary to position a single face of the con
the advantages of the invention.
The modiñe'd form of casing shown yin Fig. 3 _ tainer to the user’s thumb.
been found to be highly economical to manufac
ture because of its- simplicity, and has proven
satisfactory in point of reliability and conven
ierìce in use. However, the invention contem
is very similar to the casing illustrated in Fig. 1,
40 _but differs therefrom in that a side wall 44' is
cast integral with'a main body member 43». The
casing assembly is completed by the addition of
a side plate 44, which is received in suitable re
cesses 46--46 in the edge of the main' body mem
ber 43. -The side plates -or walls 42 and 44 are
provided _with internal shoulders", correspond
ing’ tothe shoulders I4 of the preferred embodi
~ ment, for accommodating the endless carrier _tape
(not shown). ACasting a side wall integral with
the body member enables a _marked economy in
_ manufacturing cost; however, a qualifying factor
An important advantage of the constructions
described above, in which is significant the pro
vision of spaced openings for cosmetic sticks in
the casing of the container, is that the casing is
capable of use in combination with a variety of
styles of cosmetic supply and carrier tapes there
-for. For example, there is a recognized demand
vfor a container suitable for high-grade adver
tisin'g purposes. Figs. 'l and 17 show a modified
construction practicable for such a use. The end
less tape 68 is identical with the preferred tape
I6 previously described except that it has but one
rectangular aperture 59 therein. The ,single
aperture $9 is sumcient when but one cosmetic
is the consideration that the integral construc-v
tion limits the variety of ornamental effects ob ' stick li isfastened tothe tape 68, as by a. rivet
12. When assembled as shown in Fig. 1'?, both
tainable otherwise. In other respects the modi
openings 'I4 and 'i6 are closed bythe tape
55 ñcation of Fig. 3 is identical with the preferred casing
68'. When the operating lug ‘I'I is moved down
form, and ñtted >to lreceive the described operat
wardly, the tape is slid around to' present the
ing elements for action as outlined above.
Fig. 4 illustrates a modiñed side wall or plate. aperture 69 to the upper casing opening ‘i4 and
simultaneously cause the stick 'l l to project there
suitable'for use with the casing constructions de
~60 scribed above. It differs from the prior forms in through for use. The stick 1I may be retracted
and the opening ‘i4 closed by pressing the lug ‘l1
that the side plate 5I carries on >its exterior a
mirror’ 52.- The plate 5I is formed with a groove upwardly and restoring the tape to the position
53 which receives the mirror, and any suitable- shown in Fig. 17. During this cycle of operation
known means may be employed to retain the the lower casing opening 'I6 -remains closed by
the continuous web of the tape B8 sliding thereby.
65 mirror in place therein. The mirrored construc
When suitable advertising or other type of legend
, tion is particularly convenient-to the user, inas
is printed o'? engraved on the tape as at 18, Fig. 7,
much as the lip-stick is frequently applied with
out the benefit of a convenient hand mirror, and . actuation of the lug 'I1 will cause said legend to
the small glass on the outside of the container move across the lower opening-16, the latter act
ing as a scanning window for the legend.
70 enables ample inspection when the cosmetic is
Figs. 8 and 18 illustrate a simplified form of
-being properly distributed after application.
In lieu of the preferred butt-weld method of
double-opening, single-stick container wherein
joining the endsl of the carrier tape, Figàü depicts
an alternative method including the forming of
a tongue E4 on'one end of the tape and'
end openings B3 and St. A measurable saving in
the cosmetic box 8| having> therein a single cos
metic stick d2 is provided'ï'with opposite casing
manufacturing cost is achieved by substituting
for the endless tapes of the above-described
forms a non-continuous -carrier tape I6. A cen
tered aperture 81 is formed on one end of the
tape 86 to the inner surface oi which the cos
tore, be limitêd‘except by the scope of the ap
pended claims.
.- WhatI claim is:
1. In a >container for cosmetic sticks„a cas
ing having a pair of opposed stick openings there
metic box 8i is secured, as by a rivet 88 engaged . in, guide means'within the casing extending be
inthe aperture 81. The tape 86 travels between tween said stick openings, a pair of opposed cos
continuous shoulders 89 on the side plates and metic sticks extending respectively toward said
the casing body member 9|, which latter may be openings, an endless tape in loop formation on
identical with the preferred body member 2, Aand the guide means for carrying the sticks and pro it'
has a centered aperture 92 to secure an operating
vided with openings to register with 4the casing
openings to permit projection therethrough of ,the
lug 93 slidable in the 'casing slot 9d. The aper
ture 92 is adjacent the free end 8B of the carrier sticks, said sticks being disposed interior of said
tape 8S but spaced therefrom suiilciently to allow looped tape, and means exterior of said looped
tape for ’moving the tape between the casing
the end Se to close the upper casing'opening B3
openings to advance and retract the sticks with
when the cosmetic is not in use. Referrlngto
Fig. 18, when the> operating lug 9s is pushed to respect thereto.
2. In a container for cosmetic sticks, a cas
the lower limit of the slot 9d, the cosmetic box 8l
is pushed to the upper opening ‘83, the tape end ing having a pair of opposed stick openings there
Q3 sliding therefrom to vpermit the cosmetic stick` in, guide means within the casing extending be
tween said stick openings, asupply of cosmetic
82 to he extended therethrough. When the iin
ger lug et isvrestored to the upper end of the _inI stick form extending toward said openings,
slot ed, the cosmetic stick is retracted within an endless tape in loop formation on the guide
the holder and the opening t3 is closed by the» means for carrying the cosmetic stick normally
‘ tape end @t sliding thereacróss. During the . closing both openings, and provided with open
described cycle of operation, it will be noted that ings to register with the casing openings to per
the lower casing opening ed is always closed by mit projection therethroughoí the sticks and
the tape d6. If desired, any suitable indicta‘or means for moving the tape on said guide means
legend @inlay be placed on the tape intermediate to open one of- the' openings and advance one of
its ends for displaythrough the opening dit, or the sticks therethrough.
3. A combined closure means and cosmetic stick
the tape may he left blank. In the construction
here described, thedug t@ applies a pushing- force carrier :for cosmetic ‘stick‘containers comprising
on the tape to extend the cosmetic through the an endless loop formed of an elongated section
opening t8 in the initial operation as well as in „ with ends butt-welded, the carrier being charac
the nnal operation when the freel end te is ad- , terized by the' provision therein of an aperture for
the accommodation oi a cosmetic stick.
vanced to close the opening d3.
4. A container for cosmetics in stick form in
Although the foregoing description refers to
cluding in combination, a casing having an open
the double end cosmetic stick as 4.comprising dif
ferent shades or materials, the double end stick ing at each end, a member for retaining a cosmay be oi one shade, in which event the double metio supply and movable in said casing between
end case has'the advantage oi’ sparing the user said casing openings, a ñexible member in said
the usual inconvenience of getting a certain end casing operatively connected to said retaining
toward the tóp oi the hand.
vision of the . member for movement of the cosmetic toward
either of said openings to project therethröugh
double-opening c
permits ejecting the one
shade, double-end lip stick from either end oi and for movement of the cosmetic inwardly of
- the casing to withdraw the same from either ci
the casing.
Mounting the cosmetic sticks by means of clips Y
in boxes to he attached to the carrier tape is
said openings, said iiexible member closing said o
openings when the cosmetic isV moved inwardly
therefrom and being provided with openings to
particularly advantageous from the manufactur
ing 4standpoint becausey it permits assembling
register with the casing openings to permit pro- ‘«
small lots of various makes or diñerent shades
jection therethrough of the cosmetic supply.
of cosmetics after complete largelots oi the cases
are made.
in assembling containers of the types shown
principally in Figs. i and 3, one side wall may be
left oil.’ while the push button is attached to the
tape an" other assembly work Within the case is
"ew of the mechanic. Assembly within
the case oeing completed, the container may be
completed by'- merely fitting the second side plate
in place to fully close the container.
The exterior'of the container may be provided
with any suitable scheme of contrasting colors or
indicia whereby the user may readily determine,
without `opening the container, at which end a
cosmetic' stick of a desired characteristic is lo
cated. For instance, if the sticks 32 and 33 are
lip-sticks of light and dark shades,vrespectively,
, 5. A container for cosmetics including a cas
ing having an opening at each end, side walls
for the casing, continuous sho'uiders on theside
walls deñning a guide-way between the open
ings, a cosmetic supply, and continuous flexible
means'positioned on said shoulders for m'ove
ment of the cosmetic supply toward eitherof said
openings to project therethrough and for move
ment> of the cosmeticsupply inwardly ‘of the case
to withdraw the same from either of said open
ings, said continuous iiexible means closing said
openings when the cosmetic is moved inwardly
therefrom and being provided with openings to
register with said casing openings to permit pro~
jection therethrough of the cosmetic supply.
6. In a container o! the class described, a cas
ing having openings at opposite ends, a cosmetic
supply in said casing. a ilexible member in said
then the opposite ends of thecasing may be casing secured to said cometh: supply and mov
marked “L” and “D” to correspond therewith.
able between the openings. nid flexible member
It should be understood that the disclosed or; - normally closing said casing "openings and being
rangements are susceptible ci various modiiica
>provided with openings to 'regiiter with. said' cas- `
Itions without departing from the spirit of the
invention, and the invention should not, there--
ing openings to permit extension therethrough of
the cosmetic supply, and means for
moving the ñexible member to extend the cosmetic
supply through said openings.
' '7. A container for a cosmetic supply including
a casing having an opening at one end, an endless
carrier in said casing for movement of said
cosmetic supply toward and away from said open
ing, said carrier normally closing said casing
opening'- and being provided with an aperture to
register with saidvcasing opening upon movement
openings, said carrier member having portions
positioned in said guide-ways and being pro
vided with apertures to register with the casing
openings to permit projection therethrough of the
cosmetic supply.
10. A container _for a cosmetic supply, including
a casing having an lopening at one end, a re
tainer means for the cosmetic supply movable in
said casing, a flexible tape in said casing for
10 of the cosmetic supply Atoward said opening to \ moving the retainer means toward and away fromsaid opening, said tape' normally closing said
, permit the- projection therethrough of the cos
metio supply.
casing opening and being provided with an open
8._A combined closure means' and cosmetic
stick carrier for cosmetic stick containers com
15 prising an endless loop, the carrier beingl char
acterized by the provision therein oi' 'an apertur
for accommodation of a cosmetic stick.
' 9. A container for a >cosmetic supply including
a body member having openings at opposite ends
20 for the projection of ‘said cosmetic supply, oppos
ing side walls for said body member, a continuous
shoulder on the inner face of eachof said side
walls and spaced from said body member to deñne
therewith a guide-way, a channel in the inner face
25 of each of said side walls and extending in the
directionof said opening, a cosmetic supply re
taining member positioned in said channel, and a
carrier member normally closing said openings
connected to said cosmetic retaining member for
movement thereof toward and away from said
ing to register with said casing opening to permit ‘
the extension therethrough of the cosmetic supply
’ and said tape being .so associated with'said re
tainer means as to simultaneously exert both
a pushing and a pulling force thereon, and means
exterior of the casing for moving'said tape.>
11. A container for a cosmetic supply, includ-à
ing a casing having openings at opposite ends, an 20
endless carrier in said casing for movement of said
cosmetic supply toward and away from said open
ings, said carrier normally closing said casing
openings and being provided with openings to
register with said casing openings to permit the 25
extension therethrough of the cosmetic supply,
and means for selectively moving the endless
carrier to extend the cosmetic supply through said
casing openings.
` .
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