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2,114,009 _c
Patented apela, 193s
¿_y, Santa Crus,
Application .ministryy ses,l _1935. serial No. 3,431
Renewed Maxell 14, 193s
Figure `1 shows a vertical central section
through a glass bottle-having my aging means
The present invention .relates to' improv ents
in agingmeans for liquor and similar beverages,
`which after vmanufacture have to go through an
extended ïperiod of ' ripening or aging for the re
mnval of harmfull component parts -of' the orig
inal product of manufacture. This aging proc->
Figure 2 a vertical central ‘section through a
_ glass bottle-having a' modiiied aging stick and
ess is carried on, at the present time, inwooden>
barrels;l there being a'certain'--interaction be
a modified attaching means for the same
Figure 3 a sideelevation of an aging stick de
tached from the bottle, -the aging stick-being
slightly modified;
tween the wood and the liquor 'which tends to
lFigure 4_ a side elevation of a still further modi;ì ‘.0
eliminate _the harmful, gase's. But, as 'conducted
_at the present time.
the > chemical process of __ _
fled form of aging stick. and
_ __ .
Figure 5 a horizontal section through the aging
aging is' 'very slow 'and .usually extends over a. _ stick of Figure 4 as seen from line 5_5.
It is also well known that when the'liquor is
-placed in 'a container of different material, such
While I have s_hown only'the preferred forms
of my invention-I wish to 'have it understood if'
-that various changes or modifications may be
as a .glass bottle or .tin can, the agingv process is `made within the scopeof the claims hereto atl1
arrested, the presence ofthe right kind Vof wood. tached'wlthout departing-from the spirit of the
and 'thc aeration offered b_y a wooden barrel.'
however slight, Abeing necessary requisites for '_ _ invention.
‘Referring to the drawing 1n detamtile bottle l 20
shown in Figure 1 -may 'be ofî-v any suitable form.
It is shown in the vdrawing asls'qua're. in cross-f- _
' vention'toprovide an aging' means for liquor ' section but any other suitable forlnmight be
Proper 38h18- ' .
il; is theprlnelpal object or _tnegpresent _la-'Í
that :may vbe
in connection with a glass
bottle, tin can _or any other kindof'container
made' of impervious'matcrial and that will tend
substituted, ‘a flat'form being less desirable than
a square or roundform. It-is shown as made o_f g5
'glass but a metal -container may be' substituted
l to speedup the aging process vin view of the _ without 'interfering-with the idea -of the inven- `
fact that thev aging means isA in more» intimate
contact with'the body of the liquor and is con
' The aging means comprises an aging stick ~2,
"structed in‘such a manner that much more sur- - ‘.- made of Whiteoak and charred, which extends 30
¿face is available for a certainquantity'ofliquor. centrallyinto the bottle from the neck I thereof.
It is further’proposed in this invention to pro ' The stick is preferably vgrooved' or perforated to
.fvide the aging means. in such v'a manner that a. _ increase the surface thereof and this may be ao
certain amount of circulation sets in immediate
complishedin many different ways without- de
' ly,` whereby the liquor is made to pass the-aging _ parting from the spirit of the invention. In the 35
Us. means continually -and whereby new amounts of
form shown in Figure l a' central bore 'l .extends
'liquor'are brought into contact with theag'il'lg4
_ means in a'continuous process.
'_ .aft-_ is further proposed to _provide
top ofthe bottle. A series of transverse
a' `cartilla. ` theports i extend through the stick', the ports pref
of _ aeration for the otherwise .impervious
Pfoontainer _whereby harmful gases liberated as. a
of 4the aging process'may be discharged
the containenwithoutallowing. any of 'the
"It _is further Proposed to 'provide .the aging
Í'fineans as-a-part-of-the closure for’the container
' -whercby
manipulation of the aging means
f. [ifo milch facilitated. .
'ï'r’frtfls' _rurther' proposed »t0 »müde ß.“ ’lungi
erably ' ternating so thatr each is disposed »at 40
right-an les to its neighboring ports.
. >
In tlieAform shown in Figure 3 a_ spiral _groove
I is cut into the outside of the stick while the-
-central bore may connect with .the outside
through one or` more ports ‘l near the upper end _45
of the stick.
'111e stick, shown in .Figure ' 3 is
similarly constructed except that annular paroi_ lel grooves. I areprovided instead of thespiral
groove l. " And finally in the form shown in Fig- _
that while it speeds uvthe $81118, Stm 'ures 4 and-5, longitudinal 'grooves s' areprovlded 5°
menatunl process which seem to be the to increase .the surface area. _
one in which -liquor ases> proverb;
. >`'lllnctlicrand other objects ofthe invention will
l. r
`from the bottom to withinclose proximity of ' `
in ¿
inl which
- The sticks are secured in the bottles in such
a manner that while making a liquid tightcon
taine‘r provision -is __defor a :slight _amount
of aeration allowing gasesliberatedby the aging 55
process to escape. In the form shown in Figure
for coaction with the ñrst shoulder in'closing the
1 the neck 3 of the bottle is provided with an ` container and meansbearing on top of the stick
internabshoulder I0 and the aging stick is pro-vided >with an enlarged head Il forming a shoul--,
der I2 made lforcoaction with the shoulder I0 in‘
the like having a neck and a shoulder in theneck,
compressing a sealing medium such as the cor
a stick of aging wood projecting into the con
for urgingthe shoulders-together. _.
2. In combination, a container for liquor and-
ring I3 therebetween. This cork ring may als '\j tainer and having _a head with a shoulder adapted
for coaction with the ñrst -shoulder' in closing the
stick due to absorption of moisture. The top of A`eontainer and means bearing on the top of the
10 4the head of the‘aging stick is covered ‘by the
stick for urging the shoulders together, the latter
_ allow of slight expansion of the head of the. aging
threaded cap I 4, a washer I5 of slightly lporous
means including a cap forming a second closure
It will _ for the. container and arranged to allow of leak
material, such as über, being interposed.
then be seen that the washer I0 coacts with the .
aging stick in forming a liquid- tight seal for
15 the bottle,__while at the same time gases liberated
by the aging process may rise' through the porous
aging stick to the cap .and may escape through
the porous washer I5 and between the, threads‘>
of the cap and the bottle.A
Int'he form shown in Figure 2 a slightly modi- _
fied form is used, serving'the same purpose. In
. this form the shoulders I0 and I2 are provided in
the same manner and bear on the sealing ring
age of gases passing through the-stick.
3. An aging member for liquor or the like com`-~
prising an elongated stick entirely of aging wood
having a longitudinal bore extending from one
end thereof to a point spacedfrom- the other enc
and having transverse portsl leading from vthe
bore to the outside. of the stick.
4. An aging member for liquor or the like com
prisingl an elongated stick entirely of aging wood
having a longitudinal bore extending from one
I 3, while the top of the aging stick is rounded,
end thereoi to a point'spaced from -the other enr.`
and having'transverse ports leading from the bore
as shown at I6 and thus spaces the cap I4 Vfrom
to the outside of the stick, and having' grooves cut
the top edge of the bottle sumciently to allow
into the outer surface thereof. ‘
will be readily understood from the foregoing de
scription. -The aging stick itself with its Shaped
5-. In combination. a container for liquor or the
like having a closure and a shoulder below the
closure, an aging stick- projecting into the con
tainer and having a shoulder- 4for coaction with -
surface oiîers a large area for reaction with the
the vcontainer-.shoulder and a washer interposed
4liquor in aging the latter.
certain amount of circulation is set up, the liquor
rising through capillary attraction in the, central
between the two shoulders forv preventing the es
cape of the liquor, the closure being madeto bear
on- the stick for urging its shoulder 'upon _the
bore and discharging through the lateral ports'
gases to escape.
The manner in which my invention operates
At the same time ’a
in a continuousjslow process whereby new liquor
. 6. In combination, a container for liquor or the
comes in contact with the aging stick continually . like havingv a closure and a shoulder below the
and whereby the aging process is speeded up.
closure', an aging stick projecting into Athe con»
While the seal at the shoulders prevents any tainer-and having «a shoulder for coaction with
splashing out of the liquid, the aging stick itself, the container shoulder, anda washer interposed .
' which is porous allows gasesto escape through
the top and the cap,does not hermetically seal
the bottle.
between the two shoulders for preventing' the
escape of the liquor, the closure being made t9
lbear on the stick for urging- its shoulder upon the
washer, there being suiilcient clearance between
The saving that may be effectedv by’the use
of my aging means is apparent, The handling , the container and the closure to allow gases ris
of liquor in barrels is expensive and takes up ing through the stick to escape.
much space at the place of manufacture..v Where
'7. In combination, a container for liquor and
my aging means is„used the liquor may be filled the like having a neck and a; shoulder in the neck,
into the bottle or can immediately, the bottles _ a s_tick' of aging wood having a. head _ñtting in
may be dated and packed in cases and distributed _the neck with a shoulder adapted torest on the ,
throughout- the country to be stored in ware
houses. The dating of the bottles givesv the ad
vantage of advising the consumer yhow long'the
former shoulder, a washer interposed between
the shoulders, a cap for the container arranged
to bear on the head of the aging _stick for urging
liquor has been aged and once theA proper aging the' head upon the shoulder in the neck, the
period has been established the user can' be sure " stick projecting into the liquor and having a lon- .r
-that the liquor' is properly aged.
' 'gitudinal bore extending from its free end to a
My aging means may be use‘d for any kind of - point spaced from the head and having transverse
liquor, whiskey, brandy,.fortifled wines, gin, etc.
_For gin the wood shouldbe charred all- the way
passages extending from the bore to the outside
of the stick whereby the liquor is made to circu-~
through so that the white vcolor of the gin may
late through the stick and Ygases are allowedV to
not be changed. .
escape through the head of the stick, the cap
`being secured to the container neck with suilicient
- l1. In combination, a container for liquor and clearance to allow the gases to escape therebe--`
I claim:
the like having a neckand a shoulder. in the neck,
a stick of aging wood projecting into the con
tainer andihaving a head _with a shoulder adapted
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