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April 12, 1938.
Filed June 20, 1936
Patented Apr. 12, 1938
William H. Mahoney, Hingham, Mass.
Application June 20, 1936, Serial No. 86,287
1 Claim.
(Cl. 'l2-101)
My present invention relates toI pedestals and
more particularly to mail box pedestals;
The principal object of my invention is an im
proved pedestal for mail boxes and the like;
Another object is a device of the character
above described having novel me-ans for fasten
ing the mail box to the pedestal;
Still another object is a novel means of mount
ing a name plate on the pedestal in combination
with the strengthening bar separating the forked
upper end of said pedestal, and
Other objects and novel features comprising
the construction and operation of my device will
appear as the description of the same progresses.
In the drawing illustrating the preferred em- v
bodiment of my invention,
Fig. 1 is a side elevation of the pedestal;
Fig. 2 is another side elevation of the pedestal
taken at ninety degreesto Fig. 1;
Fig. 3 is an enlarged cross-section taken on
20 the line 3-3 `of Fig. 1, and particularly showing
the method of producing an anchoring means for
nailing a mail box to the top of the pedestal, and
Fig. 4 is another enlarged cross-section taken
on the line 4_4 of Fig. 1. ~
Referring more in detail to the drawing, Ill
indicates a vertical base portion of the pedestal,
a portion of which adjacent the lower end is
usually set in the ground. Connecting with the
lower portion Iß is a forked` or yoked top portion
30 comprising two mail box supporting members II
and I2.l Separating the forked members II and
I2, and forming a combined support thereto
together with a mounting for a name plate is
the horizontal bar member I3. This bar mem
35 ber I3 while forming a rigid support for the
members I I and I2 is provided on the front with
a recess having a back portion Ill, and top and
bottom sides I5 and It respectively.
Within the recess bounded by the sides I4, I5
,and I6 I have provided a name plate I'I upon
which the name of the owner is placed in any
convenient manner, such as afñxing prepared
letters thereto. The plate Il may, if desired, be
of varying lengths suitable to accommodate the
particular name used in any instance or such
plate may extend the whole length of the bar
I3. In the drawing, I have shown the plate ex
tending the whole length of bar I3 but I` may
make this plate of diiîerent lengths to nt the
particular name. The plate I‘I is preferably
made of glass but other material may be used if
desired. Covering the plate I1 is `a second glass
plate I8, the outer surface of which is flush with
55 the outer side of the bar I3. Both plates I7 and
I8 are sealed in the recess bounded by the‘walls
Ill, I5 and I5 either when the pedestal is cast or
afterwards making a water tight insert.
When these pedestals are made to order, as is
the practice at present, I provide a core in the 5
mold the size of the opening represented by the
walls I4, I5 and I5, the length being determined
by the name which is to gc on the name plate.
The core may consist of the two plates I1 and
I8 if desired but preferably a separate core is 10
used, the plates I’I and I 8 being inserted after
the pedestal has been molded.
In Fig. 3, I have shown my preferred appa
ratus for anchoring articles, such as mail boxes
or the like, to the top of the members II and I2. 15
It is important that .a pedestal of the type
illustrated be provided with a more or less per
manent anchorage for articles which may be ‘
placed upon it, and that such articles may be re
moved and substituted for as the case may be. 20
But in order that such articles, as mail boxes
or the like, may be mounted in a more or less
permanent manner, I have designed the par->
ticular anchorage illustrated in the drawing, of
which, Fig. 3 is an enlargement of the preferred 25
form. In Fig. 3, it will be noted that I have
provided a simple conventional coupling 2|
which is threaded to the reinforcement member
22 which strengthens the entire apparatus. The
top of the coupling 2| extends to the top surface
of the members I2, member II being an exact
duplicate. In the upper internal threaded por
tion of the coupling 2 I , I have inserted a Wooden
plug 23. The wooden plug 23 is normally made
with an outer periphery approximately the same 35
diameter of the root of the threads shown in
the coupling 2l and is screwed into the coupling
and cut off as _shown in Fig. 3. The threads of
the coupling hold the wooden plug 23 securely
in place. When an .article such as a mail box,
or other article is mounted upon the pedestal
nails may be driven into the wooden member 23
and headed up on the under side. The top of
the reinforcing rods 23 provide an anvil face
at 2t against which the ends of nails are turned
and hea-ded over making it impossible to remove
the mail box or other device fixed to the pedestal
without cutting olf the nail heads and removing
the member 23. The material comprising the
superstructure of the pedestal is composed of a
plastic material preferably concrete, as indi
cated at I2.
The reinforcement member 22 takes the out
line of the pedestal and ends in the members 2l 55
which combine to form the anchorage members
shown in Fig. 3.
While I have shown my invention in its pre
ferred shape and form yet it is to be understood
that I may vary the size and proportions with~
in Wide limits Without departing from the spirit
of the invention.
:Having thus `described my invention what I
claim as new is:
In a reinforced coiicretepedestal--> for mail
boxes and the like, a mail box anchor construc
tion comprising in combination with a solid re
inforcement rod, one end of said rod being ex
ternally threaded, an internally threaded cou
pling threaded to the threaded end of said solid
rod, the end of said rod forming .an anvil surface
within said coupling, a lthreaded plug threaded 5
in the other end of said coupling for the pur
pose of receiving mail-box connecting members,
the said anvil surface being adapted to turn the
ends of the said connecting members imbedded
.in the~ said plug.
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