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April 12, 1938.
Filed May 12, 19:57
Patented Apr. 12, 1938
Otto Eidinger, Chicago, Ill.
Application May 12, 1937, Serial No. 142,301
4 Claims.
This invention relates particularly to an im
proved adjustable collar fastener adapted for use
in connection with a shower-proof cape or the
The primary object of the invention is to pro
5 vide an improved adjustable collar that may be
?tted snugly to the neck of any wearer and pro
tect the clothing of the person from injury from
treatments administered in beauty parlors and
the like.
The invention is illustrated in a preferred
embodiment in the accompanying drawing, in
Figure 1 is a broken perspective view of a cape
provided with the improved collar; Fig. 2 is a
15 View similar to Fig. l but showing the collar in
open position; Fig. 3 is a broken sectional view
showing how the fastener may be attached to a
collar by means of a grommet, taken as indicated
at line 3 of Fig. 2; Fig. 4 is an elevational View
20 of the fastener before it is attached to the collar
(Cl. 2-127)
In the modi?cation shown in Fig. 5, a fastener
I9 is provided with a pair of slots 20 which leave
a tongue 2| which may be slipped over the col
lar band, as will be readily understood.
In the modi?cation shown in Figs. 6 and '7, a
fastener 22 is provided with an integrally formed
resilient arm 23 which forms a spring clip to be
pressed over the collar band.
In the form shown in Figs. 1-5, it is immaterial
as to which end of the collar is placed inside
against the neck of the wearer, but in using the
type shown in Figs. 6 and '7, the fasteners, though
similar, must always be applied in the same rela
tion with respect to the inside and outside of the
The foregoing detailed description has been
given for clearness of understanding only, and
no unnecessary limitations should be understood
therefrom, but the appended claims should be
construed as broadly as permissible, in View of
the prior art.
I claim:
band; Fig. 5 is a modi?ed form of fastener; Fig.
1. An adjustable collar for a garment com
6, an elevational view of another form of fastener; I
and Fig. '7, an end elevational View of the device prising: a fabric collar band secured to said gar
shown in Fig. 6.
ment and provided at each end with a rigid fas
As shown in Figs. 1 and 2, a cape 8 may be tener having a downwardly open slot adapted to
formed of water-proofed silk, rubber, or the like, slip downwardly over the collar band and form
and is usually provided with a special flounce 9 an adjustable overlap around the neck of the
which has its top edge portion joined to the top wearer.
edge portion of the cape by means of a binding
2. An adjustable collar for a garment compris
strip of similar fabric Ill. The assembly is ing: a ?exible collar band formed of a plurality
stitched together to form a collar band indicated of thicknesses of fabric stitched together and
generally at H. The fastener l2, shown in Figs. secured to said garment, and a reversible rigid
1-4 inclusive, comprises a ?at strip of rigid mate
fastener at each end of said collar band having
rial which may be of metal, “bak-elite”, or the a downwardly open slot adapted to embrace an
like, and preferably has its body portion l3 per
intermediate portion of said band and tension
forated, as indicated at M, so‘ that it may be at
the band around the neck of a wearer, the body
tached to the end of the collar band I l by means portion of each fastener being perforated and
of a suitable grommet l5. The end portion of secured to the band by means of a grommet.
3. A shower-proof cape provided with an ad
the fastener is slotted, as indicated at l6, and
preferably one of the edge portions of the slot is justable collar comprising: a ?exible fabric collar
serrated, as indicated at IT, to provide a better band provided at each end with a metal fastener
gripping surface therein. To attach the gar
having a downwardly open slot adapted to slip
ment to a wearer it is merely necessary to throw over the intermediate portions of the said collar
the cape around the shoulders of the wearer and band and form an adjustable overlap around the
45 slip‘ one of the fasteners over an intermediate
neck of the wearer and double the thickness of
portion of the band from the inside. The other
the material at the overlapped edge portions of
fasten-er may then be snapped on to- an adjoin
ing portion of the collar so that no loose ?aps are
the cape.
4. A device as speci?ed in claim 3, in which one
left to hang down against the neck of the wearer.
50 This action causes an edge portion of the cape
I8 to overlap and prevents injury to the clothes
of the wearer through this portion of the cape.
n, "
of the inner edge portions of the slot is serrated 50
to grip the fabric.
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