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April 12, 1938.
‘Filed Jan. 29, 1956
@razyas 12 6
Patented Apr. 12, 1938
Hector Fridolin Baerfuss, Thun, Switzerland
Application January 29, 1936, Serial No. 61,359
In Austria June 1'7, 1935
1 Claim. (01. 292-281)
The present invention is a hasp fastening for
When closing the trunk the head 5 .of the
trunks, boxes and the like and its object is to stud 4 of the movable strip I is introduced into
provide a simple, cheap and safe locking device the hole Ill of plate 6 and pressed down until the
adapted to be sealed if needed and not easily arms of spring 9 have snapped together behind _
5 damaged when the trunk is handled.
head 5. The trunk is thenv locked and may be °
A constructional form of the invention is de
sealed by a cord having a lead attached thereto
scribed and shown in the accompanying drawing. as sealing means I5 drawn through the loops l4,
Fig. 1 'is a plan view of the fastening.
I6 to obtain the required security against an illicit
Fig. 2 is a side View of the fastening.
Fig. 3 is a side view of the movable hinge.
The fastening according to the present inven
Fig. 4 is a plan view of a fastening plate.
tion may be called a safety fastening. The lock
. 5 is a side view of a fastening plate.
ing members are sealed directly, but the locking
Fig. 6 is a section on line A——B of Fig. 2.
does not depend on the seal. Being sunk into a
. 7 is a spring with crossed arms.
recess of the wall of the trunk and being hidden r
Fig. 7a. is a side view thereof.
by the hasp the locking members will not suffer
. 8 is a spring with parallel arms.
. 8a. is a side view thereof.
. 9 is a view of a transport box.
The movable hinge strip I is hinged by means
20 of a pin 2 to a fast strip 3. On the inside! of the
movable hinge strip I a shoulder stud 4 having
a conical head 5 is ?xed and besides a flat spring
I2 attached at one end and standing off from
the plate I with the other end. Two plates 6 and
25 ‘I set apart at a certain distance from each other
and held together to form a pocket are sunk into
the front side of the trunk and inside of this
pocket a U shaped spring having the ends of its
legs projecting to the outside of the pocket is
30 held in position by a pin 8. This spring bears with
its two arms against a stop pin I9 which keeps
said arms separated from each other in close
proximity of round openings I 0 provided in plates
6 and ‘I. When closing the hinge strip the head
35 5 is pressed against the two arms of the U-shaped
spring 9 the latter are spread apart, snap in
behind the shoulder I I of the head 5 ?xing there
by the movable hinge strip I and locking up the
box. On the inside of the fastening strip a spring
40 I2 is ?xed. The free ends I3 of arms of the
spring 9 are extended into a recess provided in
the trunk wall outside of the base plate 1, loops
I6 being provided in said ends, which will regis
ter when the trunk is closed with a loop I4 formed
45 by the rolled up end of the movable strip- I.
The opening of the trunk is effected by pressing
the ends I3 of the spring 9 together to release
the head 5. In this moment the hinge strip I
is repelled by the spring I2 of the hinge strip I
50 so that a self acting opening of the fastening takes
from handling during transport and the opening
can always be effected without any tools.
Applicant is well aware that U shaped springs
or spring controlled clamps closing upon a head
ed stud have already been used before and were 20
released either by hand or by a pressure upon
certain parts of the structure. Applicant does not
claim such mechanism as such, but the combina
tion of a particular form of such a spring with 25
a hasp fastening for trunks and with means
to protect the same against rough handling dur
ing transport.
What I claim is;
In a hasp fastener for trunks, boxes and the 30
like of the kind having a. hinge strip the movable
member of which may be locked by spring arms
embracing a shouldered head and in combina
tion, the movable member of the hinge strip hav
ing a loop formed at its extreme end for sealing 35
purposes and a stud provided with a conical and
shouldered head ?xed to the inside of said mem
ber, a pocket formed of two plates held at a
distance from each other, with holes in said
plates to receive said stud and struck into the 40
front wall of the trunk, a pivot inserted between
said plates and a V shaped spring held by said
pivot and arranged to embrace said stud with its
legs which extend to the outside of the pocket
to permit being gripped when opening the hasp, 45
and a stop pin between the plates and between‘
the legs of said spring to keep the legs of the lat
ter separated to permit introducing the conical
head of said stud, all substantially as described. 50
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