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Filed Aug. 14, 1936
Patented Apr. 19, 1938
Bernhard Hochberg, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Application August 14, 1936, Serial No. 95,948
1 Claim. (Cl. 2-231)
This invention relates to improvements in pro
tectors for rnen’s` trousers and has for its principal
object the provision of an improved liner struc
ture which is attached to each side of the inside
5 crotch portion of the man’s trousers for the pre
vention of soiling or discoloration, occasioned by
involuntary urinal leakage of the wearer.
Protectors of this character are generally
known in the art but they for the most part have
10v been constructed in such a manner as to. be ill
ñtting and uncomfortable to the wearer. Ac
cordingly, it is one of the objects of the present
invention to provide an improved protector con
structed of two separate portions, one for attach
15 ment to each side of the crotch portion of the
trousers, the individual portions being shaped in
such a manner as to readily ñt trousers of any
size or character. The protector is adapted to be
stitched or otherwise secured to the trousers, and'
20 is designed to prevent discoloration and conse
quent weakening of the fabric.
In trousers and like garments, the leg portions
thereof which are contiguous to the crotch, are
subjected to a considerable amount of friction by
25 the rubbing together of the two surfaces of ma
terial as one walks.
When wear begins to occur
at this point, it extends rapidly, and it is a fur
ther object of the present invention to provide
means for reinforcing this crotch portion in such
30 a manner as to greatly increase the effective
life of the trousers.
A still further object of the invention is the prol
vision of an improved trouser protector which
may be secured to the inner portions of the crotch
35 of the trousers in such a manner as to be entirely
unnoticeable when viewed externally.
In the drawing:
Fig. 1 is a front elevation of a man’s trousers,
the View showing in broken lines the position of
4O the trouser protector when stitched in place;
Fig. 2 is a plan View of the two portions of the
blank which constitute the preferred embodiment
of the invention; and
Fig. 3 is a rear perspective view of the protector.
It will be noted from an examination of Fig. 2
that the embodiment consists of two irregularly
shaped portions or sections I0 and II which are
stitched together along the seam line l2, which
seam line when in place in the trousers occupies
50 a position adjacent to the transverse seam line
on the crotch of the trousers. These two portions
are preferably made from rubberized material
having a fabric backing, the rubberized surface
facing the inner portion of the trousers. Each of
55 the portions Ii! and II are some-what differently
shaped in order to more perfectly fit the adjacent
portion of the trousers. The portion I0 is formed
with a substantially straight edge I3 at the base,
a curved side edge I4, and a curved inner edge I5
which is relatively closely adjacent to the median
line a-a. The two curved edges I4 and I5 ter
minate in a straight edge Iii which occupies a
generally horizontal position when the tapered,
narrow upper portion Il’ is suitably stitched to the
inner fly portion of the trousers.
The adjacent portion II, which is positioned
on the right hand side of the trousers, is formed
with a base edge I 9, a curved outer edge 20 and a
curved inner edge 2I, the edge 2I having a some
what greater curve than the edge Iâ and the
inner portion thereof is substantially twice as far
from the median line a-a as is the inner portion
of the edge I5. Likewise, these curved edges 20
and 2| terminate in a short straight edge 22,
thereby forming the narrowed portion 23.
It will
be noted from an. examination of Fig. 2 that the
upper edge I6 which defines the terminal of the
narrowed portion I'I, extends further beyond the
median line a--a than does the edge 22, all in
order to cause the protector to fit the trousers in a 25
more satisfactory manner. The edges of the pro
tector may be either reinforced with a tape 24
or, in the event that a less expensive construction
is desired, the edges may be simply pinked.
Fig. 3 is a rear elevation showing the position
of the protector when the same is stitched to the
garment. The lower ends of the portions Il) and
I I are adjacent to the seat portion of the trousers
and accordingly occupy a generally horizontal
position, whereas the narrowed portions I'I and 23
are substantially vertical and the opposed edges
I5 and 2| become substantially parallel to each
other. The portion II is, as. aforesaid, secured to
the right hand section 26 of the trousers. 'I'he
inner edge 2I of this portion is stitched along a
line which corresponds generally with the mar
ginal edge 21 of the inner fly portion when the
trousers are closed. The inner edge I5 of the
portion E0 is stitched to the left hand section 29 of
the trousers along a line which corresponds with
the marginal edge 28 of the right hand fly section.
In other words, when` the trousers are closed, the
protector covers the entire crotch portion thereof
except the relatively narrow strip of the inner iiy 0
portion which serves as the base for’ the buttons.
The stitched edge I2 joining the two portions
I0 and II may be suitably secured to the trans
verse seam. in the crotch portion of the trousers.
It is not necessary to secure the outer curved
edges I4 and 20 to the trousers, although this
may be done if so desired. By forming the inner
curved edges l5 and 2| in the manner shown, the
protector, when stitched in place in the trousers,
assumes a perfectly ñat position and closely hugs
the garment. It is also yieldable to accommo
date the Various movements of the wearer and is
generally inconspicuous in appearance.
It will be appreciated of course, that the two
sections of the blank constituting the prese-nt in~
10 Vention which is illustrated and described here
in may be considerably modiñed both in shape
front portion of a pair of trousers, said protector
comprising a plurality of blanksy of rubberized
material stitched together along a substantially
straight line of seam, each of said blanks having
a base portion provided with curved upwardly
extending outer side edges and concavely curved
upwardly extending inner side edges, the inner
and outer curved edges of each blank converging
together to form a progressively narrowed exten
sion portion of the base portion, the upper ter
minals of the extension portions overlapping each
and size without departing fr0-n1 the spirit of the other when the blank is lying ñat, said protector
invention. Also, the blank maybe made from a ‘ being adapted to be secured adjacent to the crotch
wide variety of materials, preferably those of seam of the trousers along said line of seam join
a waterproof nature. Therefore, the invention ing the blanks, the base portion being adapted to
is to be broadly construed and not to be limited follow the curvature of the body and the upward
except by the claim appended hereto.
ly extending portions being adapted to be secured
What I claim is:
to the upper front meeting portions of the trou~
A trouser protector adapted to be secured to the sers.
inner surface of the crotch portion and upper
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