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April 19, 1938.,
>Filed July 14, 1957
Patented Apr. 19, 1938
Gertrude O’Brien Brcck, Springfield, Mass.
Application July 14, 1937, Serial No. 153,595
1 Clainl.
This invention relates to improvements in bibs
(Cl. 2-49)
The straps 6 extend from the body in spaced
and more particularly to an improved bib which
is not only more absorbent than those hereto
relation and may extend from either side of
the strip 2 or from the marginal edges thereof.
fore known but is arranged to have four differ
5 ent surfaces, any one of which may be presented
at the front of the bib.
1t is one of the principal objects of the in
vention to provide a bib which is so constructed
that when its front becomes soiled it may be
10 manipulated to present another and clean sur
face to the front.
It is another object of the invention to pro
vide a bib which is of relatively soft foldable
material and which may be easily attached
15 around the neck of the wearer. The bib of the
invention is simple in form so as to be economi
Preferably they extend from points around the
cal to manufacture.
Various other objects and advantages of the
invention will become more apparent after a
20 reading of the following description and refer
ence will be had to the accompanying drawing,
Fig. 1 is a plan view of the bib of the inven
tion; and
Fig. 2 is a perspective view showing how the
bib is to be worn.
Referring now to the drawing more in detail,
the invention will be fully described.
There is a relatively elongated body 2 and
30 while it may be formed of various materials, it
is foldable as well as inherently soft and ab
sorbent in nature. Light-weight cotton fabrics
have been found particularly suitable.
The shape of the body may, too, be varied
35 but it is preferably generally rectangular in
shape, as shown. The opposite end portions of
the body 2 are cut away to have neck portions
fl and these are so located that the body may
be folded upon itself, as shown in Fig. 2, with
40 the neck portions in substantial alignment.
It will be appreciated that when folded upon
itself, either side of the folded body may be to
the front, so that when one side is soiled, the bib
may be turned around so that the other side is to
45 the front. Furthermore, when both of the sides
just mentioned are soiled, the body 2 may be
reversed and folded to present either of the two
new sides to the front.
It is desired to have some means for not only
50 attaching the bib to the wearer but also for hold
ing the body in folded positions. This means
may be varied in form but preferably consists
of a pair of loops 8 adjacent one end of the
body and a pair of straps 6 adjacent the other
55 end of the body for slipping through those loops.
cut-out 4 as shown.
The loops 8 are also associated with the strip
2 in spaced relation and preferably adjacent the
opposite cut-out 4. It is desirable that they be
spaced apart approximately the same distance
as the straps 6 and thus when the bib is in
folded position the straps may be slipped through
the loops, as shown in Fig. 2, so that the oppo
site end portions of the strip 2 are held in ad
The strap 6, as well as the loops 8, may be 15
made of various materials preferably cloth tape
of conventional form. The straps 6 are of such
length that they may extend around the neck
of the baby and be tied at the back.
It will be seen that the strip 2, being folded 20
upon itself, provides a body of double thickness
and consequently one which is doubly absorbent.
This is particularly desir-able since babies, as is
well known, often drool and emit considerable
It should also be pointed out that the flap por
tions which are formed at opposite ends of the
strip by the cut-outs 4 are adapted to lie up
beside the baby’s head when it is in bed. This
serves to protect the bed-clothing or pillow.
While I have described the invention in great
detail, it is not desired to be limited to such de
tail as many modifications may be made therein
without departing from the spirit and scope of
the invention.
What it is desired to secure by Letters Patent
of the United States is:
A bib of the class described comprising in com
bination, a single elongated sheet of flexible
material foldable transversely intermediate its
opposite ends so that the opposite end portions
thereof may be brought into contiguous relation
with either side of either end portion outermost,
said opposite end portions being provided with
inwardly-extending open ended cut-outs adapted
to coincide with one another when the sheet
is in its said folded position, and means asso
ciated with said end portions at opposite sides
of said cut-outs cooperatively related for se
curing said contiguous end portions together and 50
about the neck of the wearer said means in
cluding a pair of tapes and a pair of loops at
opposite sides of the cut-outs.
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