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April 19, 193s.
Filed April 4, 1956
Patented Apr. 19, 1938
Pearl Y. Smiley, Kitchener, Qntario, Canada, as
signor to The B.' F. Goodrich Company, New
York, N. Y., a corporation of New York
Application april 4, i936, serial No. '12,125
4 claims.
This invention relates to` shoes having a fur
trimming about the top of the upper.
Heretofore shoes have been provided With'fur
around the margin of the upper.
Such fur trim-
ming has been doubled in V-shape about the
margins and sewed thereto. It has been found
that such fur trimmings become compressed be-
tween the shoe and the limb, causing the fur to
become matted and. worn. When the fur be-
(ci. 's6-7.3)
By this construction, the fur is deflected away
from the limb so as to prevent contact of the
fur with the stocking. The extension of the
upper beyond its outer covering provides a grip- l
ping element by which the shoe may be drawn 5
onto the foot without loosening the fur.
I claim:_
n ,
1. In an overshoe, including an outside mem
ber and an inner lining forming parts of the
o comes wet it soils the stockings of the wearer due ' upper; a trimming strip of fur stitched to the 10
to contact therewith. When the wearer attempts
to draw the shoe onto the foot the unprotected
inside of the upper by a row of stitching passing
through the outside member adjacent the upper
and inadequately supported fur is often grasped
and pulled from the shoe.
The principal objects of this inventon are to
provide a structure and method of constructing
such shoes which will overcome these dìsadvantages, and to provide simplicity of construc-
edges of the same, said strip being folded to lie
over the upper edges of- said outside member and
to extend down along' the outside member, a l5
second row of stitching passing through said out
side member adjacent the lower edge of said fur
strip, said inner lining projecting above the upper
stitched portion of the fur strip for purposes
Other objects will appear from the following
description and the accompanying drawing.
Of the drawing;
Fig. 1 is a perspective view'of the completed
2. An article of footwear comprising a sole, an
upper attached thereto and having a facing and
a lining secured to each other near the sole but
shoe in its preferred form.
Fig. 2 is a sectional view taken on line 2-2 of
unattached over an area adjacent their free
margins and an ornamental trimming attached 2,
Fig. 1, the lower portion ofthe shoe being broken
over the free margin of the facing, the unat
tached portion of the lining extending between
Fig. 3 is a fragmentary sectional view taken the trimming and the limb of the wearer so as
on line 3-3 of Fig. 2.
to protect the stocking from contact with the
Referring to the drawing, the numeral I0 trimming and terminating short of the top of the
designates the fabric outer covering of the shoe, trimming so as to be concealed thereby.
the numeral l I a layer of rubber, and the numeral
3. Ari' article of footwear comprising a sole, an
I'2 the fabric lining. These three layers are vul- upper attached thereto and having a facing and
canized together throughout the upper‘ of the a. lining secured to each other near the sole but
shoe except above the line I3, above which the unattached adjacent their free top margins, and
outer covering Il) is separated from the other an ornamental trimming attached over the free
components of the upper. Above the line of _top margin of the facing, the unattached portion
separation I3, a layer I4 of fabric is applied to. of the lining extending upwardly between the
the layer of rubber Il. The fur edging l5 is trimming and the limb of the wearer so as to
stitched to the upper edge of the covering I0 protect the stocking from contact with the trimas at I6, the fur strip being doubled over the ming and terminating below the top of the trim
upper edge of the covering.
' ming so as to be,\concealed by the trimming.
In order to shield the fur 'from contact with
4. An article of footwear comprising a facing
the stocking, the plies Il, I2, and I4 are extended and a lining forming par‘s of the upper, a trim
5 above the fur-trimmedcovering I0, and abinding ming strip-of fur-like n 4aterial attached to the
I1 is applied'thereto. This construction is con- inside of the facing, said strip being folded over
tinued along the edges of the vent in front -of the upper margin of the ‘facing and being secured
the shoe in a modified form, the fur being applied thereover, said lining projecting above the bottom
about the edge of the outer covering and the
O outer covering being attached to the other- layers
of the upper by a line of stitching I8;
of the trimming strip but terminating below its
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