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April 19,1938.
. w
Filed May 13, 1937
F73. 1.
I ' I
Arthur Rosch,
bg JVljgyAttorneg
‘ Patented Apr, ?g, i?g
. _THR®
Arthur Bosch, llirieseiang, near Nansen, Germany,
assignor to General Electric 60m
'1' a corpo
ration all New York
y 13,1937, S
The present invention relates to throttle valves
No. lid2ad53 '
which contact the valve seat it in closing posi- '
tion of the valve and in opening position e?ect
throttling of elastic ?uid ?owing from the inlet
erative relation with a valve seat formed on the l l2 towards the outlet is. The valve disk is indi
g casing. In the ordinary type of throttle valve cated in Fig; 2 by dash-dotted lines it in opening 5
position. The arrangement, as stated above, is
heretofore usedthe throttling of elastic ?uid ?ow
ing therethrough was e?ected at a single throttle such that throttling is effected in a plurality
point so that the velocity of ?ow, especially where of steps or stages from the inlet channel i2 to
high pressures had to be throttled, that is con- wards the outlet channel i3. Simultaneously
la siderably decreased, e?'ected powerful expansion with the throttling, the elastic ?uid is permit- 10'
noises, resulting in considerable vibration of the ted to expand whereby the velocity of the elastic
?uid on its flow from the inlet it to the outlet
valve and the elements associated therewith.
The object of my invention is to provide an it, that is through the passage formed between
of the type which includes a valve casing with an
inlet and an outlet and a ‘disk member in coop
' improved construction of throttle valves of the > the valve seat, and the valve disk, is maintained
"I type above speci?ed whereby the pressure reduc
tion of elastic ?uid may be accomplished in a
single valve without causing unbearable noise and
vibration thereof.
This is accomplished with my invention by the
a provision of a plurality of expansion chambers
formed on one of the seat-forming casing and
disk members so that the expansion of the elas
tic ?uid may proceed in stages from compartment
to compartment and the ‘velocity of ?ow of such
25 ?uidis reduced at the individual throttle points.
The noise produced during expansion is consid
erably reduced by shaping the- movable valve
member and the valve disk so that for any valve
lift the velocity of ?ow is substantially the same
so at each throttle point.
For a better understanding of what I believe
to be novel and my-inventionL attention is di
rected to the following description and the claims
substantially constant and thus noise and vibra- 15
tion are . substantially eliminated. '
What I claim as new and desire to secure by
Letters Patent of the United States is:-—
i. Throttle valve having a casing with a coni
cally shaped outwardly curved seat portion in- 20
creasing gradually in cross-section from‘ the in
let towards the outlet, and a single conically
shaped valve disk conforming to the shape of
the seat witha plurality of annular grooves form
ing expansion chambers increasing incross-sec- 25 g 1
tion from the inlet towards the outlet to pro
duce successive expansion of 'the elastic ?uid
?owing therethrough without increasing the ve
locity of the ?uid, the valve parts being so curved
that the width of the outlet opening will be sub- 30
stantially equal to the axial movement of said
valve disk.
2. Throttle valve having a casing with a coni
appended thereto in connection with the accom-. ' cally shaped seat therein, said seat comprising
' an outwardly ?aring curved portion and a_?at 35
35 panying drawing.
In the drawing. Fig. 1 is a sectional view of a ' tapered portion at the inlet edge thereof. a sin
throttle valve embodying my invention, and Fig.
gle conically shaped valve disk conforming to
2 represents an enlarged detail view of Fig. 1.
the shape of said seat portions, the curvature
of said seat and disk being such that the width
of the outlet opening will be substantially equal 40
to the axial movement of said disk, said valve
disk having a ?at tapered face portion to coop
erate with said ?at tapered seat portion and a
The arrangement comprises a casing member
40 it which forms an inlet channel I! and a dis
charge channel It. The casing portion connect
ing the two channels I! and It forms a valve
seat M for a movable valve member with a
v stem i5 and a disk It in cooperative relation
45 with the seat I‘. The seat id, as shown in Fig.
2, is conically shaped and has curved walls’ so
that the space ‘de?ned by the seat increases
gradually in cross-section. The surface of the
disk ' I 8 is shaped to conform to the shape of
50 the valve seat. In addition the outer surface of
. the disk It has a plurality of annular grooves ‘
l1, which grooves form expansion chambers in
creasing in volume from the inlet l2 towards the
plurality of narrow annular faces on the curved
ally in cross-section from the inlet toward the so
outlet to produce successive expansion of the
elastic ‘?uid ?owing therethrough without in-'
the velocity of the ?uid.
' _
outlet it. The disk portion intermediate adia
; cent grooves ll‘ form annular projections it
portion thereof spaced progressively farther 45
apart from said ?at tapered portion toward the
outlet edge of said disk de?ning therebetween
and with the ?aring seat portion a plurality of
annular expansion chambers increasing gradu
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