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April 19, 1938;
_ '
Fiied June 5', 19:57
144F010] 72/44?’- (HZ/0N5
Patented Apr. 19, 1938
_ 2,114,870‘
Harold Stuart Calkins, Wayland, Mich.
Application June 5, 1937, Serial No. 146,639
2 Claims. (Cl. 150-—-1.5)
This invention relates to golf bags and ac
cessories therefor. It is particularly directed to
a golf bag accessory at the open end of the bag
from one of the split edges, when moved to fully
open position.
The lower portion of strap l4 receives the up
for keeping the golf clubs from knocking together . per end of the golf bag. Within the upper por
tion of said strap and above the golf bag is a disc
5 when Within the bag.
An object of this invention is to provide a golf
or plate 20 of resilient, compressible or ?exible
bag with accessory of the character described for material such as sponge rubber. The periphery
of disc 20 contacts the inner surface of strap I4
holding the golf clubs upright and against move
ment whereby the stayed bag will stand up on ‘ and maybe vulcanized or otherwise attached
thereto. The strap I4 forms a'depending skirt
10 any fairly level place.
on plate 20 receiving the upper end of the golf
Still another object of this invention is to pro'
vide an accessory of the character described bag.
Said disc or plate 210 is formed with a plurality
which may easily be detachably attached to 'golf
bags now in use.
of spaced vertical through openings 2|, arranged
'Yet another object of this invention is to pro
vide a strong, rugged and durable golf bag ac
cessory, which shall comprise few and simple
in any suitable manner, preferably in circular 15
rows of equiangularly spaced openings, with an
additional central opening, so that the openings
parts, be relatively inexpensive to manufacture,
will be fairly equally distributed or balanced.
The openings are preferably circular and of such
and which shall yet be practical and efficient to
a high degree in use.
Other objects of this'invention will in part
be obvious and in part hereinafter pointed out.
The inventionraccordingly consists in the fea
tures of construction, combinations of elements,
25 and arrangement of parts which will be exem
pli?ed in the construction hereinafter described,
and of which the scope of application will be in
dicated in the following claims.
dimension that when the handle of a club is in
serted therethrough into the bag, the handle will
be gripped by a yielding resilient pressure, as
seen in Fig. 1.
In said ?gure there is shown a golf club 25 in
serted into the bag through an opening 2| and 25
held against slipping out or side-sway. When
more than one club is inserted in to the bag, the
clubs cannot knock together, thus preventing in
In the accompanying drawing, in which is .jury to the clubs and rattling.
30 shown one of the various possible illustrative em
bodiments of this invention,
Fig. 1 is a side elevational view of the upper
part of a golf bag provided with an accessory em
bodying the invention, with parts broken way in
35 cross-section; and
Fig. 2 is a top plan view of the golf bag and ac
Referring now in detail to the drawing, I0 des
ignates a golf bag which may be of usual con
struction, and provided with an accessory I I em
bodying the invention, assembled therewith in the
novel manner hereinafter described.
The golf bag Ill comprises a generally cylin
drical wall l2 having an upper rim edge I3. My
improved accessory II for holding the golf clubs
against knocking together and in upright position, comprises a cylindrical strap M of rubber
or any other suitable material, having a longi
50 tudinal split 15 extending upwardly from a low
er edge, substantially half way up. At the upper
end of split i5, is a slot H5 or enlarged opening,
crossing said split. The edges at the split H‘) are
provided with complementary fasteners l1 actu
55 ated by slider 18. The slider I8 is detachable
As shown in the drawing, the usual carrying
strap 26 of the golf bag I0 passes through the slot
H3 adjacent the point where the upper end of
said strap is attached to the golf bag. The slider
actuated fasteners I‘! close the slot l6 and hold
the accessory H on the golf bag. The accessory
H may be removed by pulling the slider I8 down
and detaching the same from one of the edges
of the split l5.
With my improved accessory the weight of the 40
clubs in the bag is balanced, so that the bag
may stand upright on any fairly level place.
It will thus be seen that there is provided a
device in which the several objects of this in
vention are achieved. and which is well adapted 45
> to meet the conditions of practical use.
As various possible embodiments might be
made of the above invention, and as various
changes might be made in the embodiments above
set forth, it is to be understood that all matter 50
herein set forth or shown in the accompanying
drawing is to be interpreted as illustrative and
not in a limiting sense.
Having thus described my invention, I claim
as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent:
1. In combination, a golf bag, and a plate
made of ?exible, compressible material attachedto
the upper open end of the bag and entirely cov
ering said open end, and being formed with
spaced, through openings to receive golf clubs.
and a depending skirt on said plate receiving
the upper end of said golf bag, said skirt having
a split extending up from its lower edge, and a
slot crossing the upper end of said split, a car
rying strap on said golf bag passing through said
slot, and means for fastening together the edges
of said split.
2. An accessory for a golf bag comprising a
?at circular disc of sponge rubber, and a skirt of
rubber vulcanized to the periphery of said disc
and depending therefrom, said skirt having a
split extending to the bottom edge thereof, and
an enlarged opening at the upper end of said
split, and means for attaching together the edges
of said split.
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