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April 19, 1938’.
H. c. suGG
Filed May 11', 19:57
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Àpril‘ 19, 1938.
2,1 14,942
Filed May 11, 19:57
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April 19, 1938.
H. c. -suc-sca
Filed May l1, v1957
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Patented Apr. 19, 1938
Henry C, Sugg, Greenville, N. C.
_ Application May r1, 1937, serial 110,142,052
l '_Claim. (Cl. 34--19l
.The present invention relates to new and useful
atmosphere through the end of the barn I which
improvements in means for curing tobacco and is remote from the furnace 3. The conduit II is
has 'for its primary object to provide, in a man .provided with an enlarged intake end >portion
I2 .having mounted therein a blower ,I 3.
ner as hereinafter set forth, an apparatus of this
Communicating with the inner jacket 9 is a dis- 5'
5 vcharacter embodying anovel construction, com
. bination and arrangement of parts through- the
medium of which a constant flow of fresh, Aheated
air‘throughthe tobacco may be had.
Other objects of the invention are to provide a
10 tobacco curing apparatus of the character de
scribed which will be comparatively simple in con
charge or return conduit Il which extends hori
zontally below the conduit I I in parallelism there
with. Also, the conduit Ilextends above the flue '
6 in parallelism therewith. Communicating with
the conduit Il are braïnches ‘I5 having upturned 10 free end portions I6 on which spreaders I'I arev
mounted. .A damper I8 is provided inthe conduit.
I4 adjacent theinner jacket 9. The reference
numeral I9 designates a damper inthe conduit
All ofthe foregoing and still »further objects v II. At a pointl diametrically 'oppo‘site the con-[15
duits II and I4, the inner jacket ‘9 communicates
‘and advantages of the invention will become ap
with the outer jacket I0 through an openi
parent from a study of the following ,specifica
tion, taken in connection with the accompanying .Any suitablemeans maybe provided to permit
drawings wherein. like characters of reference des _ access to be had to the burner 44.
Mounted longitudinally beneath the roof 2 of
ignate corresponding parts throughout the sev
struction, strong, durable, highly eñicient - and
reliable in use, compact and which may be manu
factured and installed at lowcost.
eral views, and wherein:
the barn I is a. Ventilating conduit 2l having con
nected thereto oppositely inclined intake branches
Figure 1 is a View principally in vertical longi
tudinal section through an embodiment of the
Figure 2 is a view in horizontal section, taken
substantially on the line 2-2 of Fig. l.
Figure 3 is a cross sectional view, taken sub
stantially on the line 3-3 o_f Fig. 1.
Figure 4 is a cross sectional view, taken sub
30 stantially on the line 4-4 of Fig. 2.
Figure 6 is a, .horizontal sectional view, taken
Figure 'I „is a view principally in side elevation,
showing a modification.
'I'he Ventilating conduit 2| is further pro
ing outlet 23 which. extends through the roof 2 25
and which is provided with a damper 24’.
It is thought that the operation of the inven
tion will be readilyapparent from- a consideration
of t_he foregoing. The'tobacco to be cured is hung
inthe _usual manner at the desired elevation- 30
Figure 5 is a view in vertical section through
the upper portion of the ventilator.
substantially on the line 6-6 of Fig. 1.
. vided, at >an intermediate point, with an upstand
above the floor of the barn I; With the burner
4 in Operation, fresh air from the atmosphere is
blown throughI the conduit Il into the outer
jacket I0 and'in this manner said air is pre
heated. 'I'his air then enters the inner'jacket
- 9 through the opening 20 where it is brought to
Referring now to the drawings in detail, it will
the desired .temperature an‘d from which it en
be seen that the reference numeral I designates
a tobacco barn of .suitable dimensions having a
ters the conduit yll. , 'I'his heated air is then dis
v40 peak roof 2. Installed in-the barn I, preferably
adjacent one end_thereof, is a‘ furnace or other
suitable heater 3 which is provided with an oil
. burner or coal stokerl.
Extendinghorizontally adjacent the floor of the
barn I and- connected to the upper portion of the
' furnace 3 is a flue 6.
of the barn/I through the discharge branches I5. 40
_'36 is a damperin branchesY I5 used in securing ,
an even temperature in the barnA I. After being
A blower 5 is provided l. discharged from the branches I5 the heated ’air
for the burner 4, said blower being located on
45 the outside of the barn I.'
tributed substantially evenly in the lower portion
Branches 1. are connected to
ñows upwardly through the - tobacco into _the
Ventilating conduit'2l from which it is returned 45
to the atmosphere through the outlet 23. , As
the conduit II lis located immediately above the V
conduit Il, the temperature ofthe incoming fresh
air will be raised> before it enters` the outer _jacket~ I0. -Also, the conduit II functions as a guard to 50
50 through one of the walls of the barn I. >
Enclosing the furnace 3 are spaced inner and ` prevent inñammable matter from falling on the
hot air conduit Il. The construction and ar- Y
outer >~jackets 9 and I0, respectively.A Communi
‘ eating with the outer jacket I0 is a fresh air inlet rangement' of the flue 6 and- the branches 'I there-'
conduit II which, as illustratedto advantage in of is such that the heat from the exhausting prod
55 Fig. 1 of the drawings, communicates~ with the _uctsw of combustion from the furnace 3 will be 55" y
, the ñue 6 and merge with an outlet 8 which passes
utilized to assist in warming the interior oi’
the barn l. ` Of course, the ñow ci’ air may be
conveniently controlled as desired through the
medium of the dampers I8, I9 and 36. It will
thus be seen that an apparatus has been provided
whereby a constant ñow oi' fresh. warm air
through the suspended tobacco in the barn l will
be had.
In the modification shown in Fig. 'l of the draw
ings, the reference numeral 25 designates an elon
gated furnace oi’ brick or other suitable construc
through the passage I9 where it is brought to the
desired temperature and from which it is dis
charged into the barn through the branches 23.
In addition to curing tobacco, the apparatus may
also be used for drying fruits and vegetables.
It is believed that the many advantages of a to.bacco curing apparatus constructed in accordance
with the present invention will be readily un
derstood and although preferred embodiments of
the invention are as illustrated and described,
it is to be understood that furthermodiñcations
tion in which a suitable burner is provided. AA
iiue 26 is connected to one end of the furnace
25. Mounted on the furnace 25 is an elongated
and changes in the details of construction may
be resorted to which will fall within the scope
of the invention as claimed.
15 casing 21 of suitable metal having mounted 1on-l
What is claimed is:
In a drying chamber, a horizontally arranged
inlet pipe having one end in communication with
the atmosphere. heating means i'or heating the
air leaving said pipe, an outlet pipe for the heated
air paralleling the first pipe and located under
the same, branch pipes leading from the outlet
gitudinally therein a horizontal partition 28 pro
viding intake and discharge passages 29 and 90,
respectively. The intake passage 29 is provided
with an enlarged, longitudinally projecting intake
end portion 30. The partition 29 is spaced from
one of the end walls of the lcasing 21., as at ll.
to permit the air to enter the discharge passage
3l from the intake passage 29. Extending hori
zontally in opposite directions from the discharge
25 passage 39 are branches 32 having upturned free
end portions 33 provided with spreaders 3l. A
-blower 25 is provided in the enlarged intake end
`llloi’ the passage 29.
In operation, fresh air from the atmosphere en
80 ters the passage 29 of the casing 2T through the
enlarged intake end portion 29 of said passage
29 and is preheated, This air then iiows back
pipe and having their outer ends extending up
wardly, dampers in the branch pipes for control
ling the flow of heated air therethrough, hoods.
covering the upper ends of said upwardly extend
ing portions of the branch pipes for distributing
the heated air through the chamber, an outlet
pipe leading from the top ci' the chamber, pipes
extending along the top of the chamber and lead
ing into the outlet pipe.
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