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April 19, 1938-v
Filed May 13, 1957
3 mmmwmmge
Patented Apr. 19, 1938
roar. m'mc'roa
Herbert 0. Edwards, Massillon; Ohio, assignor to, a ,
The Timken Roller Bearing Company, Canton,
. Ohio, a corporation ofvohio"
Application May 13, 1931‘, Serial No. 142,406
SClaims. (Cl. 299-1073)
This invention relates to fuel injectoraparticu > the portion thereof located‘inwardly of the an
larly hydraulically operatedfuelinjectors for
nular chamber "I.
compression-ignition oil engines. It has for its
By the arrangement described, when sufficient
principal objects to provide for simplicity and
pressure is exerted by the injection pump or other '
5 che'apness of construction of such devices, to
facilitate assembly and disassembly of the parts,.
and to obtain other advantages hereinafter ap
pearing. The invention‘ consists in the fuel in-..
je'ctor and in the construction, combinations and
10 arragements of parts hereinafter described and
device (not shown) on the oil in the annular
chamber ‘I, which surrounds the tubular valve 3,
such pressure operates to 'compress said tube so
- that the wall thereof will move inwardly away
from the annular rib l0 and thus open up an
annular passageway to the annular chamber 6', 10
from which‘ the oil escapes through the annular
In the accompanying drawing, which forms discharge ori?ce 8 at the discharge end of the
part of this speci?cation and wherein like symbols ‘nozzle. when the pressure is relieved, the tubu-v
refer to like parts wherever they occur,‘
‘ lar valve expands against the rib l0, thus shut
Fig. 1 is a view of the outer or discharge end . ting off the flow of vfuel through the nozzle. The
shape of the rib‘ 9 or the radiused or beveled
of a fuel injector embodying my invention, ’
Fig. 2 is a central longitudinal section on the
line 2-2 in Fig. 1, '
Fig.3 is a cross-section on the line 3-3 in
20 Fig- 2; and
Fig. 4 is an enlarged central longitudinal sec
tion of the discharge end portion of the injector.
The pressure operated fuel injector illustrated
in the accompanying drawing comprises a cylin
25 drical nozzle member or portion I having a cy
lindrical bore 2 extending axially therethrough
from end to end thereof. Mounted in the bore 2
of the nozzle is a valve member in the form-of a
outer end of the valve member may be changed
to obtain the ‘desired spray characteristics. The
pressure at which the nozzle will open vmay be
determined by the wall thickness of the tubular 20
valve member and by the tightness of its ?t in
the annular rib ll. The pressure which com
presses the tubular valve also tends to expand
the nozzle body; but said body‘ is preferably made
heavy enough to resist suchexpansion.
' 25
The above valve construction is simple and
economical to manufacture; it can be readily as
sembled and disassembled; and it dispenses with
. thin-walled cylindrical tube 3 that ‘preferably ex
the more expensive spring-loaded plungertype
30 tends from end to end of ‘said bore. Said bore
is provided at the inner end of the nozzle'with
a ?at-bottomed enlargement or counterbore-l;
valves heretofore used with hydraulically oper- '
ate'd fuel injectors.
What I claim is: '
1. A fuel injector comprising a nozzle member
end ‘of said nozzle with an enlarged cylindrical having a cylindrical bore therein and a cylindrii
cal tubular member mounted in said'bore, said
as head portion 5 that seats within‘ said counter
members, cooperating to form therebetween .a
continuously open' annular discharge ori?ce at
The valve receiving bore 2 of the nozzle l is ,en
‘larged intermediate betweenits ends to form two ' the outer ends thereof ‘and. an annular pressure
. longitudinally spaced annular-chambers‘ 6 and ‘I, space located inwardly of said annular discharge
40 respectively, around the hollow cylindrical valve oriilce and separated therefrom by “an annular
vand the tubular valve member is formed at said -
The chamber 6 is a relatively short_ land on one of said members that' has a nor
chamber that is located adjacent to the discharge mally fluid-tight surface contact with the cylin
‘end of the nozzle and opens into an annulardis- - drical surface of the other of said .members that
member 3.
charge ori?ce 8 formed by an accurately deter- _
permits relativeendwise expansion and contrac-.
45 mined clearance space between the valve mem > tion thereof with changes; of temperature, said
' : her and aninternalvannula'r rib or land 9; The
‘chamber 1 is a relatively longchamber that is
f‘normally separated from the relatively short
chamber.‘ by an internal annular rib or land
.50 II and is supplied with fuel by one or more pas
sageways II that lead from an annularvgroove '
I! in the inner or inlet end of said nozzle and
.open into the chamber ‘I at the inner end there
of. The valve member 3 has a light press-?t in
55 the innermost annular rib II of the bore and in
annular pressure space being adapted to be sup‘
plied with‘ ?uid under pressure sui?cient to. cause‘
relative radial movement of said annular land
and the portion of the member having surface
contact therewith and thereby permit the fuel
to pass therebetween. ,
2. A fuel injector comprising a'nozzle member '
having a cylindrical bore therein and a cylin
drical tubular member mounted in said bore, said '
members cooperating to form a continuously open
annular discharze'oriiice at the outer ends there‘
01' and an annular pressure space located inward-.
‘ly of said annular discharge ori?ce, said bore
having an annular land therein that has a nor
~mai1y ?uid-tight surface contact with the outer
periphery of said tubular member so as tov'nor
maily cut on communication between said an
nular pressurespace and said annular discharge
qriiice while permitting endwise expansion and
mounted in said bore
cooperating therewith
to form an annular pressure chamber therebe
tween, said bore having two axially spaced an
nular lands therein, the outermost land being‘
spaced from said tube to form therewith a con
tinuously open annular discharge ori?ce and the
innermost annular land having a suri'ace contact
with the outerv periphery of said tube (that nor- -
mally cuts oil! communication between ‘said an
contraction oi’ said tubular member relative to , nular. pressure space and said annular discharge
said annular land, said annular pressure space ori?ce while permitting said tube to elongate and
"beinz' adapted to be‘ supplied with fluid under
contract endwise with changes of temperature,
pressure sumcient to compress said tubular mem
sald annular pressure space being adapted to be
ber radially and thereby permit passage of the ' supplied with ?uid under- pressure su?lcient to
15 fuel between said tubular member ‘and said an
compress said tube radially and thereby permit
nular, land.
passage of the fuel between saidvalve member
'3'. A fuel injector comprising a nozzle havin:
a cylindrical bore therein and a cylindrical tube
and said innermost annular rib.
v .
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