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April 26, 1938.
-Filed Feb. 26, 1957
/. 6
Mn/ k05.”.
77/03” /f. [/f/C/(SON, .
'19)’ 77/515 /9 tram/15m.
Patented Apr. 26, 1938
Lawrence Erickson and Thora K. Erickson,
Minneapolis, Minn.
Application February 26, 1937, Serial No. 127,909
1 Claim. (Cl. 2-236)
This invention relates to trousers constructions lar to that comprising the body of the trousers
and more particularly to an improved means for
and is an entirely independent strip of material
forming the waist band of trousers to permit it and may include a stiffening strip 8 which is
to be adjusted.
basted or otherwise suitably secured to the waist
In practically every type of men’s ready made band and a waist band lining 9 which is secured
trousers being manufactured today, the waist to the top edge of. the waist band by the cus
band is so constructed that it is practically im
tomary hidden seam l0. It will be noted that the
possible to adapt any certain pair of trousers waist band lies parallel with the body of the
for use either with a belt or with a pair of sus
trousers and its lower edge extends down below
10 penders. People who desire low waisted trousers
the upper edge of said trousers body.
for use with a belt are often dissatis?ed with the
A flap I i is provided inside of the lower edge of
way their clothes are ?tted, and by the same
the waist band and its lining and the top edge of
token, people who prefer high waisted trousers this ?ap is preferably at substantially the same
for use with suspenders frequently have a di?icult
height as the top edge of the trousers body 3.
time securing just what they desire. This is due This ?ap is of a depth suf?cient to conceal the 15
to the fact that manufacturers of ready made lower edge of the waist band regardless of the
clothing attempt to strike a happy medium and position to which the waist band is adjusted, since
consequently many purchasers are dissatis?ed in this construction the lower edges of the waist
with the result.
band and its lining need not be ?nished and would
It is impractical and expensive to attempt to present a rather ragged appearance if not con 20
alter ready made trousers to meet the particular cealed.
desire of the individual customer because of the
As shown in Fig. 2, the waist band is inserted
manner in which the trousers are customarily between the inside of the trousers body and the
flap H and these elements together with the
pocket 5 are secured by a single line of stitching 25
This invention, however, overcomes the dim
culties encountered and provides a trousers con
52 which is preferably exposed on both the in
struction which has long been sought for in the side and outside of the trousers.
industry i. e., a trousers waist band construction
From this construction it can be seen that
wherein the waist band itself may be quickly and when an adjustment in the height of the waist
30 easily adjusted vertically to provide either high band is desired, it is necessary only to rip out 30
waisted or low waisted trousers.
the single line of stitching l2, move the waist
I have also provided a construction which, band vertically either up or down as desired, and
while embodying this desirable feature, does not then run another single line of stitching in place
in any way alter the general appearance of the of the ones originally sewn in the trousers. 'Thus
trousers and provides a construction wherein it is possible to quickly and easily adjust the
there is no undue amount of bunching of material waist band of a pair of trousers without the ex
because of the altered design.
penditure of a great deal of time or money.- Be
These and other objects and advantages of the cause of this, the alteration can be made by the
invention will be more fully set forth in the fol
retailer at the same time at which the trousers
and remainder of the suit are given the customary
40 lowing description made in connection with the
accompanying drawing, in which like reference slight alterations necessary to ?t the clothes to
characters refer to similar parts throughout the the individual wearer, an alteration which has
several views, and in which:
been heretofore impractical because of. the time
Fig. l is a fragmentary view of one side of a
and expense involved.
45 pair of. trousers, showing the general appearance
If desired, the watch pocket may be perma
of my construction, and
nently fastened to the upper edge of the body
Fig. 2 is a section taken on the line 2-2 of
of the trousers so that it will not be disturbed
Fig. 1.
when adjustments are made.
Referring to the drawing in more detail, the
As shown in Fig. 1 the belt loops may either
body portion 3 of the trousers has its upper edge be sewn in with the line of stitching as indicated 50
folded over as at 4. Within this folded portion
by the loop !3 or the loop may be fashioned as
of the body of the trousers is inserted the top indicated at l4, the latter loop being stitched to
edge of the customary side pocket 5. This pocket the body of the trousers below the single line of
is provided with an opening 6 according to cus
stitching utilized for the waist band construc
tion. The arrangement of the belt loop I4 is 55
55 tom. The waist band 1 is formed of fabric simi
a pocket whose upper edge is inserted within said
suggested when the waist band is lowered con
siderably in order that the width of said loop
will not'be decreased to such an extent that it
will not accommodate a .belt of considerable
folded upper edge, an adjustable waistband com
prising an independent strip of material, the lower -
edge of which extends downwardly below and par
allel to the upper edges of saidbody portion and '
said pocket, saidstrip having su?icient material
I It will, of course, be understood that various
to provide for adjustment to greater than normal
arrangement of parts Without departing from the height, and a single line of stitching extending
scope of my invention,’ which; generally stated, throughthe folded edge of said body portion, the
upper edge of said pocket, and said waistband;v
110 consists in a device capable of carrying out the _ said stitching being readily removable to permit
objects above ‘set forth, and in the novel parts and
changes may be made in the form, details and.
. combinations of parts disclosed and de?ned in
the appended claim.
What is claimed is:—
vertical adjustment of said Waistband relativeto
said body portion and pocket.
In a trousers construction,’ a trousers body
portion having an upper edge folded upon itself,
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